Seeed Studio and PNY Join Forces to Accelerate Edge AI Solutions For Smart Cities and Spaces

Seeed Studio is proud to partner with PNY Technologies, Inc., a global supplier of components and NVIDIA solutions for the artificial intelligence, HPC, data center, and professional visualization markets. The partnership represents a convergence of Seeed Studio’s expertise in AIoT hardware, particularly as an Elite Partner in the NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem, with PNY’s comprehensive edge AI platforms tailored for Smart Cities & Spaces. The collaboration is designed to enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and streamlined deployment of advanced AI technologies for developers and businesses worldwide. At the Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, we showcased highlighted NVIDIA Jetson hardware and aggregated solutions at the PNY booth. 

Integrating AI and IoT for Smarter Spaces Solutions

Seeed Studio offers an extensive range of AIoT hardware suitable for advanced perception systems, including sensors, networking gateway, and edge computing hardware. When integrated with PNY’s end-to-end platforms, which encompass various hardware and software components, this partnership promises to revolutionize the management and deployment of AI at the edge, fostering the development of smarter, more innovative environments.

reThings Series, powered by NVIDIA Jetson, offers edge devices in various form factors. These devices are designed for power efficiency, high AI performance, and hybrid connectivity, and feature an excellent cooling design for scalable production deployment. Fully compatible with NVIDIA’s software stack, these advanced embedded AI systems offer fast, next-generation AI product development across industries – from smart cities, security, and industrial automation to smart factories – and are ideal for advanced robotics applications across these sectors. Learn more about Seeed’s reThings hardware powered by NVIDIA Jetson.

Integrating powerful NVIDIA Jetson hardware with software platform for security & safety

PNY’s platforms aggregate edge AI solutions tailored to Smart Cities & Spaces, incorporating Seeed’s Jetson hardware and software components to facilitate the efficient deployment and management of AI technologies. PNY’s collaboration with Remark AI’s Safety & Security Platform (SSP) incorporates Seeed’s hardware to deliver AI-driven video analytics for safer smart cities, offering real-time, high-accuracy modules for applications such as loitering detection, violence behavior analysis, unattended object detection, vehicle identification, and number plate recognition. Also, PNY works with A.I. Tech to deliver a total solution to meet the needs of modern cities to analyze vehicles and people flow as well as detect dangerous situations, such as stopped vehicles, queues, U-turns, vehicles running red lights, and so on, managing parking areas and detecting fires or abandoned garbage.

Leslie Liao, VP of Edge Computing at Seeed Studio, shared their vision for the collaboration: “We’re uniting Seeed’s AIoT hardware expertise with PNY’s comprehensive platforms for Smart Cities & Spaces, making advanced AI accessible, streamlined, and efficient. This collaboration empowers developers globally, catalyzing smarter environments and showcasing our commitment to lower the threshold of cutting-edge technology to a global AI ecosystem.”

Youssef Nadiri, Product Manager of Smart Cities and Spaces at PNY technologies, expressed PNY’s vision regarding collaborating with Seeed Studio. “We greatly appreciate Seeed Studio’s profound expertise in AIoT. Furthermore, we were impressed by their capacity to leverage the latest advancements in Edge AI technology from NVIDIA and make it accessible to early adopters through comprehensive tools, enabling hands-on experimentation. Therefore, we highly value our collaboration in empowering organizations to leverage the latest breakthroughs in Edge AI technology and succeed.”   

For additional information on this transformative partnership and to explore the future of AIoT and smart city solutions, visit Seeed Studio’s website and PNY Technologies’ website.

About Seeed Studio

Seeed has been serving the global developer community since 2009, by providing open technology and agile manufacturing services, with the mission to make hardware more accessible and lower the threshold for hardware innovation. With Shenzhen’s vast resources, trusted technology, and distribution partners around the world, Seeed strives to be the most integrated platform for creating hardware solutions for IoT and edge AI applications.

About PNY Technologies

Founded in 1985 in the United States, with an EMEA office in France, PNY celebrates over 35 years of success as a provider of electronic solutions for several high-growth markets. For over 20 years, PNY has fostered a special partnership with NVIDIA and supplies the latest GPU technologies for the embedded and gaming markets, as well as professional applications, which gives PNY a unique position in the market as the supplier of choice for all NVIDIA components and solutions.

PNY Technologies provides leading AI solutions, spanning from Edge Computing to Data Center platforms. Empowering organizations to seamlessly adopt AI and paving the way for a transformative era. Smart Cities’ challenges are numerous from enhancing urban mobility, and reducing CO2 emissions to redefining city security and implementing smart waste management. PNY is a world-leading aggregator of edge AI solutions for Smart Cities & Smart Spaces. We offer end-to-end platforms that integrate various hardware and software components, streamlining the deployment and management of artificial intelligence at the edge.

With facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, PNY can provide its customers, all around the world, the power of a global supplier, as well as local technical, commercial, and logistics expertise

Seeed NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem

Seeed is an Elite partner for edge AI in the NVIDIA Partner Network. Explore more carrier boards, full system devices, customization services, use cases, and developer tools on Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem page.

Stands at the forefront of global hardware innovation, we commit to making technology accessible to all. Specializing in IoT and AI, Seeed offers a spectrum of open hardware, design, and agile manufacturing aimed at lowering the threshold of hardware innovation.

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