Seeed Monthly Wrap-up for April 2024

Seeed Monthly for April 2024 highlights 10 groundbreaking news stories, 8 product and tech updates, 3 “Co-Create with Seeed” campaigns, 9 Seeed Wikis and 6 inspiring community projects.

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Welcome to the latest Seeed Monthly for April 2024! Prepare for 10 groundbreaking news stories,  8 product and tech updates, and 3 “Co-Create with Seeed” campaigns that will leave you in awe. Boost your knowledge with 9 Seeed Wikis, offering expert insights. Dive into the vibrant open-source community with 6 inspiring projects. Discover the power of technology and join the journey into the world of Seeed!

📰 I. News that You Don’t Wanna Miss


01. Meet SenseCAP Watcher, The World’s First Physical AI Agent to Revolutionize Space Management

Meet SenseCAP Watcher, a physical AI agent for smarter spaces. As the world’s first AI-powered IoT device to revolutionize space management, the standalone SenseCAP Watcher can assist you to monitor a designated space, detect any activity that matters, and notify promptly – all based on voice commands! Find out more here.

02. Seeed at Embedded World 2024

Seeed Studio has exhibited at embedded world 2024, one of the premier events in the embedded systems industry. The trade show tok place from April 9th to 11th, 2024 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. At Booth 4-551, Seeed Studio proudly presented a diverse range of Open Source AI Hardware products, designed to empower developers and innovators in their projects. Read more

03. Seeed at the UNU AI Conference 2024

Seeed Studio had the pleasure to introduce our latest AI innovations to the guests at the UNU AI Conference 2024, presenting our latest innovations: Rhapsody of TinyML and Local LLMs, SenseCAP Watcher — the world’s first physical AI agent, as well as the Hazard Response Mission Pack. Learn more.

04. BeagleY-AI: Winner of Best in Show Embedded Computing Design at Embedded World 2024

Making Computers Open Again: BeagleY®-AI is built off Beagle Board Foundation passion to broaden the growth of the Open Source hardware ecosystem. As an open-source design, professional and advanced users are also free to modify the hardware to take control of the supply chain, manufacturing, and build derivatives that are cost-, size-, and use case-optimized. Click for more.

05. Celebrating Earth Day 2024: Harnessing Innovation for Sustainability

In 2024, Earth Day’s theme is “Planet vs Plastics”, emphasizing the urgent need to address the pervasive issue of plastic pollution and its impact on our planet. In our commitment to sustainability, we have developed innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges.  Find more details here.

06. Subscribe to our reComputer R1000 Newsletter for Exclusive Updates!

reComputer R1000 is a Raspberry Pi powered edge IoT controller, opensource, cost-effective, versatile wireless options, and ideal for smart building and energy management! Subscribe to our dedicated newsletter for exclusive updates on reComputer R1000’s offerings, events, news, and related topics. Stay in the loop with efficient and prompt information delivered right to you! Subscribe Now.

07. Check Out Seeed Studio’s Latest Product Catalog!

A Catalog Covers All You Want To Know:

  • Product details of specifications, features, and applications of our modules, devices, and solutions;
  • Hardware services of customization and manufacturing that we offer to tailor your products;
  • Integrated software platforms for easy hardware deployment;
  • Successful cases of our solutions in various industrial settings;
  • Ways to collaborate and co-invent with us based on your know-how.

Register to download the catalog to explore your possible application with our advanced perception system.

08. Seeed’s Ranger Family Grown to Five Strong Members

Last year, we introduced an upgraded version of the Ranger Program, and the response was overwhelming – we received applications from over 15 countries and nations. After careful consideration and thorough investigation, we’re delighted to announce the newest members to our team. We will have more upcoming events across India, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, and the US!  Find more here.

09. Major Updates on Seeed Studio Fusion Open Parts Library (OPL)

Discover the benefits of Seeed Studio Fusion Open Parts Library (OPL)! 

  • Access a broad range of electronic components from both Shenzhen and Seeed Studio’s product lines;
  • Explore cost-effective solutions without compromising quality;
  • Accelerate PCBA production time to just 7 business days.

Explore more here.

10. IIoT, SCADA, and Open Source Synergy with Raspberry Pi HMls

Did you miss our webinar on how to leverage the power of open-source hardware and software for next-generation industrial plants? Watch the recap to explore the captivating realm of industrial automation with Edge IoT product marketing manager Jenna, Application engineer Kasun, from Seeed Studio, and Umberto, software engineer and co-founder/originate of FUXA. Click here.

👩‍💻 II. Product & Tech Updates

01. Build a Local RAG Chatbot on Jetson Orin for Your Knowledge Base

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology integrates the capabilities of retrieval and generation models into Large Language Models (LLMs), enhancing their adaptability and responsiveness to constantly evolving demands. This innovative approach allows LLM to dynamically access a local knowledge library for relevant, up-to-date responses, making them more agile and effective in addressing new challenges. Find out more.

02. Drone Situational Awareness A603 Carrier Board

We’ve expanded our range of NVIDIA Robotics Jetson module-compatible carrier boards, catering to a variety of needs—from Nano and Xavier NX to Orin Nano, Orin NX, AGX Xavier, and AGX Orin. Wondering which one best suits your vision AI projects, especially when combined with drone development? Download this flyer here.

03. Seeed Launches the Latest Version of the Linkstar Series: LinkStar-H68K-V2

LinkStar-H68K-V2 router equips quad-core Cortex-A55 RK3568 chip, featuring 4 Ethernet interfaces for dual-2.5G and dual-1G, along with Wi-Fi 6 technology, while providing high storage capacity and media player functionality, functioning recommended for indoor use. Find out more. 

04. The Future of Generative AI in Video Analytics Using NVIDIA Jetson Orin

The integration of AIoT with video analytics, leveraging LLMs and tinyML, marks a significant leap in transforming video data into actionable insights. This integration enhances decision-making and security across various sectors, with technologies like those developed by Seeed Studio showcasing the future potential. Read more.

05. From Zero to SCADA Hero in 30 Minutes: Unleash Industrial Automation with FUXA & Raspberry Pi HMI

FUXA is a web-based Process Visualization (SCADA/ HMI/ Dashboard) software. reTerminal DM and FUXA can act as your conductors, bringing perfect harmony to your industrial symphony. Here’s how.

06. Grove Vision AI Module V2: Best Microcontroller for Your AI/ML Projects

Are you looking for the best microcontroller for your AI/ML projects? Watch the full video by Sachin Soni on Grove Vision AI Module V2. You can explore the features and capabilities of this powerful module for your next project and also it covers how to use this module with Sensecraft AI and Arduino IDE. Discover more.

07. What Is Smart Building? Technology, Automation architecture, and Solutions

Smart Building can be loosely defined as an intelligent structure that utilizes various technologies to build integrated systems to enhance functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. This article will give you an overview of smart buildings, covering essential information like technologies that make smart buildings possible, key components of a typical building automation structure, and also some typical building solutions. Read More.

08. Smart Parking for Smarter Cities: Building an End-to-End Data Pipeline with Raspberry Pi HMIs, AWS, TensorFlow, and N3uron

Smart parking systems using TensorFlow Lite for on-device object detection can identify available spots in real-time. This data, published to the AWS cloud and accessed by N3uron on reTerminal devices (located even in remote areas), helps drivers locate open spots quickly, minimizing time spent circling and contributing to smoother traffic flow. Find out more. 

📚 III. Seeed Wiki and Know-Hows

01. Getting Started with Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C6

Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C6 is powered by the highly-integrated ESP32-C6 SoC, built on two 32-bit RISC-V processors, with a high-performance (HP) processor with running up to 160 MHz, and a low-power (LP) 32-bit RISC-V processor, which can be clocked up to 20 MHz. There are 512KB SRAM and 4 MB Flash on the chip, allowing for more programming space, and binging more possibilities to the IoT control scenarios. Check Out today.

02. Getting Started with Machinechat JEDI

Machinechat JEDI is a powerful and versatile IoT (Internet of Things) data management software. It’s designed to streamline the process of collecting, visualizing, monitoring, and responding to real-time data from a wide range of devices, sensors, and machines. Seeed’s reTerminal DM and Machinechat JEDI software let you build custom dashboards in under 30 minutes. Track operations, analyze trends, improve efficiency, and receive timely alerts to prevent costly disruptions. Learn more.

03. Getting started of NEQTO Engine for Linux on reComputer J30

NEQTO is a lightweight and secure software package allowing companies to remotely install and configure their software on edge devices. NEQTO enables companies to provide improved software services to end users through turnkey platform connectors and built-in software lifecycle management. Learn how to get started of NEQTO engine for Linux on Seeed’s reComputer J30 today. Find out more.

04. NVIDIA Jetson Generative AI Lab

The Jetson Generative AI Lab is your gateway to bringing this amazing technology to the world. Grab one NVIDIA Jetson GenAI Lab LLM example from this collection and deploy it on NVIDIA Robotics Jetson Orin with only one-line command: “reComputer run xxx”. Check out today.

05. Intergating Historian Module for Visualizing on reTerminal DM

Introducing N3uron Historian: a powerful time-series storage system built on MongoDB. Easily configure it to store data from MongoDB in x64 bit, x32 bit and ARM architectures. With Neuron Historian, you can store tag values collected locally or remotely via N3uron Links. Learn more.

06. Empowering AI with AWS IoT Core for the XIAO ESP32C6

This Wiki serves as a comprehensive guide to deploying an advanced IoT system that harnesses the power of AWS services and the XIAO ESP32C6 microcontroller to monitor and analyze environmental data. Beginning with the seamless collection of sensor data, this documentation navigates through the intricacies of transmitting and storing this information on AWS IoT Core and AWS Analytics, respectively. Find out more.

07. Deploying Models from Datasets to XIAO ESP32S3

Welcome to this comprehensive tutorial where we’ll embark on a journey to turn your dataset into a fully functional model for deployment on the XIAO ESP32S3. In this guide, we’ll navigate through the initial steps of labeling our dataset with Roboflow‘s intuitive tools, progressing to model training within the collaborative environment of Google Colab. We’ll then move on to deploying our trained model using the SenseCraft Model Assistant, a process that bridges the gap between training and real-world application. Explore more.

08. Quantized Llama2-7B with MLC LLM on Jetson

In this wiki, we introduce a quantized version of Llama2-7B, a large language model trained on 1.5TB of data, and deploy it on the Jetson Orin. We also leverage the Machine Learning Compiler Large Language Modle (MLC LLM) to accelerate the inference speed of the model. By deploying the quantized Llama2-7B with MLC LLM on the Jetson Orin NX, developers can build powerful natural language processing applications that deliver high accuracy and low latency on edge devices. Learn more.

09. Using Grove Vision AI V2 with AT Commands

In this wiki, we will focus on guiding users on how to effectively utilize the Arduino library specifically designed for the Grove Vision AI V2. We will cover the installation process, key features, and provide practical examples demonstrating how to use the library functions to control and configure the module, enabling users to create innovative vision-based applications with ease. Read more.

🤝 IV. Co-Create With Seeed

01. Loko-The Tiniest GPS Tracker with Built-In Wio-E5 Module Can Track Any Wild Animals and Drones with Seeed Fusion Co-Create

You may interpret Loko as the tiniest GPS tracker with built-in Long Range|LoraWAN radio transmitter. It is developed based on Seeed Wio-E5 module as core microcontroller and Long Range Radio chip. Furthermore, Loko is designed to track important instruments/vehicles like drones, expensive equipment, even wildlife and farm animals, etc. Explore more here.

02. Take Your XIAO Projects to the Next Level with Seeed Fusion

Explore five exceptional XIAO projects guaranteed to pique your interest -regardless of your skill level, something is exciting for you. All of the projects mentioned were made possible thanks to the support of Seeed Fusion’s PCB and PCBA services.  Take a deep dive by exploring the blog


03. Low Consumption Öchìn CM4 Carrier Custom Board Applied In Robotics, Drones, Home Automation and IoT

Flavio Ansovini is an enthusiast of electronics, robotics and programming, and in recent years he has applied his skills to the world of RC models and drones. Using the Raspberry Pi CM4 module, he has created a carrier board oriented to robotics, drones, IoT devices and in general to embedded devices, manufactured by Seeed Fusion. More info.

🌈 V. Community Project Spotlight

01. Seeed Thematic Project of Month Campaign – April

Recently, we saw plenty of interesting XIAO projects spark in the community. So for the Seeed thematic project of month campaign in April, our theme is “XIAO”. Now let’s take a look at four highlight project spotlight in April:

A big shout-out to the winner GROW, the Opensource Soil Meter Project by Arnov Sharma! Explore more here.

02. Cooking meals with a local AI assistant on Jetson AXG Orin

Excited to share a project of integration of NVIDIA Robotics’s Jetson AGX Orin in a unique kitchen setting, by Dimiter Kendri, transforming everyday cooking into a advance experience. This project showcases the Jetson power, leveraging its AI capabilities to assist in meal preparation. Check out how amazing is this!

03. Jetson Nano LLM Voice Assistant

Check out the project of NVIDIA Robotics Jetson Nano-powered LLM Voice Assistant by Jiong Shi. This project showcases the Jetson Nano’s capability to manage complex AI algorithms and also its compatibility with various hardware accessories, bringing to life a highly interactive voice assistant. Explore the full project here.

04. Automatic Detection of Activities in First Person Videos

This initiative, developed by Oscar Julian Perdomo Charry and HERNAN BERNAL, aims to how we understand and interact with first-person video footage, using cutting-edge AI technologies. This solution employs machine learning to identify and classify activities captured through first-person cameras, offering immense potential in fields like sports analytics and personal security. Learn more about our project here.

05. ClearWaters-Underwater Image Enhancement with Generative AI

Check out VY Pham’s project, ClearWaters: a cutting-edge initiative with generative AI to enhance underwater imagery! It was to improve the clarity and color accuracy of images captured in aquatic environments, paving the way for good change in marine research and underwater exploration. Read more.

06. IoT AI Human Presence Detector using Grove Vision AI V2

Check out Pradeep’s innovative project where he creates an IoT-based human presence detection system with instant alert. The project leverages our XIAO ESP32 S3, and a digital microphone for intelligent voice and vision AI projects. It also uses the Grove Vision AI V2, supporting versatile AI models and fully open source. More.

That’s all for today, thank you all for reading through this April 2024 Monthly Wrap-up in your spare time. If you wanna share what projects you’re working on, shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, let us know on LinkedIn and Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster.




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