From Zero to SCADA Hero in 30 Minutes: Unleash Industrial Automation with FUXA & Raspberry Pi HMI

What is FUXA?

FUXA is a web-based Process Visualization (SCADA/HMI/Dashboard) software. With FUXA you can create modern process visualizations with individual designs for your machines and real-time data display.


What FUXA provides?

  • Seamless device connectivity with industry-standard protocols like Modbus (RTU/TCP), Siemens S7, OPC UA, BACnet IP, MQTT, and Ethernet/IP (Allen Bradley).
  • Engineering and design entirely through a web-based SCADA/HMI editor for ultimate ease of use.
  • Cross-platform, full-stack solution utilizing Node.js for the backend.
  • Frontend leveraging modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and SVG.
  • Familiar and adaptable user experience ensuring ease of use across different platforms and devices.

How reTerminal DM and FUXA can enhance orchestration in your plant?

Imagine your automation plant as a complex orchestra, with devices acting as instruments – each speaking its own language (protocol). This can lead to disharmony, with different sections operating on incompatible protocols. Upgrading or building a modern, data-driven plant can be a costly symphony to conduct if you need specific software and hardware for each unique protocol.

reTerminal DM and FUXA act as your conductors, bringing perfect harmony to your industrial symphony. Here’s how:

  • Universal Connectivity:   reTerminal DM serves as a maestro, eliminating communication barriers. It supports a wide range of industry standard protocols (OPC UA, S7, Modbus, MQTT, WEBAPI, BACnet) – just like a conductor understands the sheet music of various instruments. This allows FUXA, the SCADA/HMI software, to seamlessly gather data from all your devices, regardless of their “language.”


  • Cost-Effective Performance: Both reTerminal DM and FUXA are open-source, saving you on licensing fees. With open-source technology, you have access to the source code, allowing for customization to perfectly suit your plant’s needs. This eliminates vendor lock in and empowers your team to tailor the system for optimal performance, just like a conductor can modify the tempo or dynamics to enhance the music.


  • Scalability And Future Proofing: reTerminal DM’s robust hardware, with features like Raspberry Pi CM4 and various wired/wireless communication options, ensures scalability to accommodate future growth in your plant – just like an orchestra can add new instruments. Additionally, the open-source nature of both reTerminal DM and FUXA allows you to leverage a global developer community for ongoing improvements and customizations, future proofing your investment. Your plant’s symphony will never become outdated!

How to create SCADA/DashBoard with FUXA on reTerminal DM HMI ?

Experience the seamless integration of legacy PLCs with cutting-edge IIoT technology in our demonstration showcasing the ease of creating a SCADA dashboard. Witness the dynamic communication between a PLC and reTerminal DM via Modbus TCP, while simultaneously observing wireless MQTT connectivity with field sensors such as temperature and ultrasound level meters. With the reTerminal DM serving as both an HMI and an edge controller, complete with an embedded MQTT server, there’s no need for additional hardware. This setup not only facilitates effortless system upgrades but also enables efficient monitoring of changes, making it a versatile and cost effective solution for automation plants seeking to embrace the future of industrial connectivity.

How to get started with FUXA and reTerminal DM?

To get started with FUXA on your reTerminal DM, follow our comprehensive wiki guide designed to streamline your installation process. Dive into topics such as adding devices and binding tags to controllers for a seamless integration experience.

What are the Possible Use cases with FUXA?

With FUXA, the possibilities are endless. While it’s commonly associated with industrial automation, its versatility extends far beyond. Imagine transforming smart buildings, office rooms, energy management systems, smart agriculture setups, and even laboratories with the rich connectivity and open-source nature of FUXA. Leveraging the diverse hardware interfaces of the reTerminal DM, FUXA opens up a world of opportunities, making it a powerful tool for various applications across different domains. Whether you’re optimizing energy usage, monitoring environmental conditions, or enhancing productivity, FUXA paired with the reTerminal DM is poised to revolutionize your workflow and bring efficiency to the forefront with Zero Coding.

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    1. Multiple communication protocols can be communicated with Fuxa. Modbus, OPCUA, MQTT, S7, BACnet, and so forth. assuming that your Scada system is able to handle such protocols. You can use FUXA to interact.

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