Take Your XIAO Projects to the Next Level with Seeed Studio Fusion

In this article, we’ve curated 5 captivating XIAO projects. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of XIAO or an experienced enthusiast, you’ll find something exciting here. If you’re new to XIAO, do scroll to the end for valuable resources to start your project. If you’re a seasoned XIAO creator, this is your chance to uncover fresh sources of inspiration!


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What is XIAO?

Extremely Compact Development Boards That Can Act as Functional Modules in Your Designs

XIAO is a series of ready-for-production developmemt boards with compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals. Such compact design makes it suitable forprojects like small and flexible wearable devices, IoT/TinyML AI applications, Micro keyboard and more.


As a complete microcontroller with all SMD components placed on the same side of the board, XIAO is also a functional module that can act as a building block for larger compute systems so as to simplify the process of designing and building complex electronic systems by providing a pre-integrated and tested platform.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these amazing projects!


5 Fascinating XIAO Projects that You MUST Try

Here’s a fun project as a starter: a simple XIAO-powered board for transparent OLED screen. This exciting project brings to life a slim and lightweight device that dazzles with high-quality images and text, all while boasting fantastic contrast and brightness.


Creating this project is a breeze – it involves a custom PCB that connects the XIAO SAMD21 to the screen’s converter board. Plus, you’ll need a 3D-printed screen holder to make it all come together.


Arnov explained how to customize the code for a display that suits your personal preferences. Read the article to discover more.


Looking to add some flair to your room? Check out this super cool room temperature & humidity meter! Powered by XIAO SAMD21, this device displays real-time readings on an OLED screen and uses the AHT10 to gather temperature and humidity data.


This device is ideal for applications such as environmental monitoring, weather stations, HVAC systems, and industrial automation, thanks to its low power consumption and fast response time.


It’s another easy project to make, so dive into the tutorial and craft your very own room temperature and humidity meter!


Ready to add a splash of color to your space? Check out this stunning cone-shaped RGB Lamp!


The lamp is built from scratch using custom 3D printed parts and basic electronics, which include a WS2812 RGB LED and XIAO SAMD21. XIAO SAMD21 in this case makes up the power board, connecting all 32 LEDs. XIAO SAMD21 can operate up to 48 MHz and support multiple development platforms.


As a loyal Seeed Studio Fusion customer, Arnov is always thrilled with our PCB/PCBA services as we consistently provide high-quality boards in a timely manner.


Alan from WiznetTeam had worked on several Ethernet projects and he always wanted to create an Ethernet board that was suitable for use in IoT devices that require a network while minimizing the size and maximizing efficiency. Inspired by a compact design like XIAO RP2040 (the smallest module in XIAO series), he was able to bring this idea to life.


If you share the same enthusiasm for Ethernet projects as Alan, you definitely don’t want to miss out on exploring more of his fantastic creations!


Feeling up for a fun challenge? Take a peek at this cool Flap Clock project!


Tired of expensive flap clocks, Tõnis decided to create his own by repurposing old mechanical parts and giving them a fresh, modern twist. This project aims to bring back the classic charm of traditional flip clocks. It cleverly combines everyday materials and electronics, resulting in a delightful mix of vintage style and modern functionality.


XiaoESP32C3 and PCBA services played a crucial role in making this project happen. Xiao ESP32C3 acts as the brain of the clock, ensuring precise timing and flap movements. Furthermore, our PCBA service seamlessly integrated Tõnis’s PCB layout alterations, all without incurring any additional charges, leaving him exceedingly content with our services.


Check out the full article for all the exciting details!


Comprehensive PCB/PCBA Service

The above mentioned projects were made possible through the invaluable support of PCB/PCBA service at Seeed Studio Fusion. So you can simply put the XIAO module you desire in your BOM file and place the PCBA order at Seeed Studio Fusion.

Exciting news! We’re offering 2 PCs free PCBA sponsorship for outstanding XIAO designs. If you believe your project has potential and appeal, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected].

Let us handle the manufacturing and assembly, while you unleash your creative ideas on XIAO!


Trustworthy Customization Service

If you are highly interested in customizing XIAO but prefer not to create the schematic and layout yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are excited to collaborate with you. For customization inquiries regarding other products, such as reComputer and reTerminal DM, please explore our ODM services.


Scale up Your Creation With Co-create

Join our Co-Create Program for your projects by simply filling out this form. Your products can be listed, sold, and shipped on the Seeed Studio Bazaar, reaching a broad audience through our global sales channels and social media presence.


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