Seeed Thematic Project of Month Campaign

Hey community, you might have noticed that we have been upgrading our monthly campaign Seeed Project of the Month as a thematic event this year if you’re following us on LinkedIn. At the end of each month, we will select our 4 favorite projects from the community such as Hackster, Hackaday, Instructables, etc. The candidate projects will be showcased at the campaign and invite community members to vote out a winning project, which will be awarded as the Project of the Month.

Excited already? No! We also prepare prizes and benefits for community members who make their projects into the campaign! The winner can get surprise products from Seeed for the next project promotion, and we will select two lucky voters to get surprise prices for exploration.

To encourage you to share your innovative projects, we are calling for candidate projects to run the thematic Project of the Month campaign! Publish your Seeed-powered projects and let us know. It can be an already-built project you shared on other platforms (Hackster, Hackaday, your websites, Instructables, Reddit, and more). It can also be a new project that you are working on. Be creative and please include at least one Seeed product. (Spoiler. We like projects powered by reTerminal, reComputer, and SenseCAP series products. 😊)

For the Project of Month- May campaign, let’s vote for your favorite Grove Vision AI V2 projects to win a $30 coupon!

Seeed Project of the Month – May

What’s your favorite project? Vote to get a chance to win a $30 coupon on June 6th. (Will start voting on May 31st). The project winner will receive a $100 coupon for the next exploration!

Then let’s take a look at this month’s projectspotlight:

1) PIR doorbell with XIAO ESP32C3 and Grove Vision AI Module V2 by Team Professional

2) Squirrel-Proofing Innovation by skruglewicz 

3) Step Guard 3.0 by Roni Bandini 

4) EleTect by Abhinav Krishna, Amritha M

Seeed Project of the Month – April

The Seeed Studio XIAO Series consists of thumb-sized, powerful MCUs tailor-made for space-conscious projects. We now have seven members embodying the essence of popular hardware platforms such as ESP32, RP2040, nRF52840, and SAMD21. The Arduino-compatible XIAO series is a nice toolset for TinyML on the Edge.

Recently, we saw plenty of interesting XIAO projects spark in the community. So for the Seeed thematic project of month campaign in April, our theme is “XIAO”. We witnessed the applications including temperature prediction for environment protection; Fluffbug robot for education; pet monitoring for better security checking; fruit detection for healthy living, etc. Now let’s take a look at four highlight projectspotlight in April:

1)Cumin Lander by Mohit Bhoite

2)GROW, the Opensource Soil Meter Project by Arnov Sharma

3)Temperature Prediction using a TinyML LSTM model by MJRoBot (Marcelo Rovai

4)Wee Bug by deʃhipu on Hackaday

What’s your favorite project? Vote to get a chance to win a Grove Vision AI V2 Kit (including XIAO ESP32C3, Vision AI Module, and a camera) + XIAO ESP32C6 for free shipping on May 6th.

The project winner will receive a $100 coupon for the next project exploration!

We’ve got 39 votes for this campaign, and we’d love to express our gratitude to those who participated to make it a great campaign! Now please meet the Seeed Project of the Month April winner: GROW, the Opensource Soil Meter Project by Arnov Sharma. More details about the Winner Announcement:

Seeed Project of the Month – Home Assistant (February)

Home Assistant empowers makers to consolidate control over a diverse array of smart devices and systems within their homes. Its robust feature set facilitates seamless integration, automation, and customization across various tasks such as smart home control, energy monitoring, security management, and entertainment control.

For the Seeed thematic project of the month campaign in February, themed “Home Assistant,” we’ve observed several members crafting their personalized automation routines, leveraging voice commands for device control, monitoring energy usage, enhancing security with alerts and notifications, and even tracking environmental conditions. Now, let’s delve into these standout projects:

Hello February! Seeed’s Thematic Project of the Month for February is open for submissions till February 18th! Whether you’re just starting to prepare for your smart home project or looking to upgrade your automation system, we are calling for your Home Assistant projects.

After half a month, we gathered four fantastic projects:

  1. DIY 8 Channel Home Automation using Home Assistant by techiesms
  2. Integrating Sensecap S2103 and displaying data on reTerminal by Saudin Dizdarevic
  3. Comovis by Nayel Khouatra
  4. 4 Node Home-Automation System Using Smallest ESP32 by Technolab creation

As usual, we will select two lucky voters to win a Seeed $30 coupon. Moreover, each candidate will receive a $50 coupon, and the winner will receive an additional $100. The winner was announced on March 5th.

This campaign we’ve got 102 votes, and we’d love to express our gratitude to those who participated to make it a great campaign! Now please meet the Seeed Project of the Month Home Assistant winner: 4 Node Home-Automation System Using Smallest ESP32 by Asheesh Maurya which gained 48 votes in total. More details about the Winner Announcement:

Seeed Project of the Month – Machine Learning (January)

Machine learning lets computers learn from data and make decisions or predictions without being explicitly programmed. It’s applicable in various industries, from improving healthcare with predictive diagnostics to detecting pollution to protect the environment, optimizing retail supply chains, and advancing autonomous vehicle technology. Machine learning helps to enhance our lives, and with compact machine learning modules, it’s become accessible for everyone to explore and innovate in our daily routines.

🔥 Riding this wave, we are excited to share the January—Thematic Project of Month Campaign. We’ve spotlighted four captivating ML projects from our community. Thanks to everyone for making this community a more splendid one. So now, we’d love to celebrate it!

Now, time to meet the 4 amazing projects that we featured as Project of Month – Machine Learning:  

Winner: Garbage Detection using Drone and Computer Vision by Timothy Malche

This project introduces a pioneering solution utilizing drone technology for garbage monitoring. This system allows for comprehensive inspection of a smart city remotely, ensuring the timely and effective management of garbage. The integration of this project into existing smart city waste management systems is seamless, highlighting the adaptability.

Candidate Project: AI-driven LoRaWAN Fertilizer Pollution Detector W/ WhatsApp by Kutluhan Aktar 

Candidate Project: Superman Detection and Visualization by David Tischler, uses the Seeed Grove Vision AI Module to build a computer vision model and perform inferencing, with the results captured and sent to a cloud dashboard.

Candidate Project: NMCS: No More Coffee Spills by Sashrika Das, which is a device that uses its hearing and seeing skills to make sure that your coffee doesn’t spill when making your energy booster.

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you soon with even more exciting news!

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  1. It’s truly inspiring to see Seeed’s commitment to showcasing and rewarding innovative projects from the community. The thematic Project of the Month campaign is a fantastic initiative that not only highlights creativity but also encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing. The prizes and benefits offered further incentivize individuals to share their projects, fostering a vibrant and supportive community. The selection of projects, such as those focused on Home Assistant and Machine Learning, showcases the diverse range of applications and technologies that Seeed products can enable. This initiative not only recognizes the hard work and ingenuity of project creators but also serves as a source of inspiration for others. Keep up the great work, Seeed!

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