Meet SenseCAP Watcher, The World’s First Physical AI Agent to Revolutionize Space Management

Meet SenseCAP Watcher, a physical AI agent for smarter spaces. As the world’s first AI-powered IoT device to revolutionize space management, the standalone SenseCAP Watcher can assist you to monitor a designated space, detect any activity that matters, and notify promptly – all based on voice commands!

Shenzhen, April 9th – Seeed Studio, a leading open hardware company, unveils SenseCAP Watcher, the world’s first AI-powered IoT device that watches physical spaces. SenseCAP Watcher marks a major milestone in revolutionizing space management by identifying, monitoring and even interacting with objects of interest. It comprehends behaviors, and statuses, and notifies anomalies —all based on voice commands.

SenseCAP Watcher, A Physical AI Agent for Smarter Spaces

This compact standalone device is about 1/3 the size of an iPhone. It boasts a 1.46-inch round touchscreen,  a camera for capturing pictures, a microphone for wake-up word detection and voice commands, a speech interaction speaker, a scroll wheel/button for navigation and push-to-talk, and an RGB LED indicator for device status and notifications. It also includes a Grove connector and extension pin at the back, enabling the addition of multimodal sensing capabilities. 

Hardware Overview

The software behind SenseCAP Watcher is SenseCraft, a seamless operating toolkit that combines onboard tinyML models and Large Language Models (LLMs) running on either the cloud or edge computers (such as NVIDIA Jetson-powered Edge AI Box reComputers or your PCs). SenseCraft supports no-code model training, and deployment via a mobile app and acts as the backbone for handling cloud services and supporting various applications when LLMs are deployed on the cloud.

The 3 highlighted features of SenseCAP Watcher include:

  • Self-Learning and Evolving: SenseCAP Watcher utilizes tinyML models running on device to intelligently monitor conditions, occupancy, and activities. It sees, hears, and senses, providing valuable insights into events within its field of view. For recognizing new targets or understanding novel data patterns, users can effortlessly update its onboard models without any coding requirements. Additionally, SenseCAP Watcher’s capacity to invoke and switch between various LLMs enhances its capability to refine comprehension of diverse targets for deeper insights such as behavior analysis.
  • Designed for Pervasive Deployment: The standalone SenseCAP Watcher operates independently using tinyML models for on-device inferencing instead of relying on real-time connection to LLMs, significantly reducing computation loads and associated costs. It’s easily managed via voice commands or mobile app, supporting quick task assignment. Portable, battery-powered and wirelessly connected through BLE+Wi-Fi, it integrates smoothly into any setting for enhanced monitoring and management in diverse environments like industrial facilities, homes, and commercial spaces.
  • Open Source and Infinite Modal for Extensible Development: SenseCAP Watcher is fully open-source, enabling developers the ultimate flexibility to custom their innovation. It’s designed to be developer-friendly, allowing seamless integration with existing systems. Its Grove connector facilitates multimodal sensing capabilities beyond visuals and audio by supporting expansion with over 400 Grove sensors. Additionally, SenseCAP Watcher communicates directly with locally deployed LLMs, ensuring data sovereignty, privacy, and intellectual property protection.
SenseCAP Watcher Features

“We are incredibly excited to launch the SenseCAP Watcher at Embedded World 2024,” said Eric Pan, CEO of Seeed Studio. “With the SenseCAP Watcher, we envision a more effortless way of interacting with and managing physical world. It pushes the boundaries of what a combination of tinyML at the edge and LLMs can enable, while retaining an open source and extensible design.”

The SenseCAP Watcher is now open for alpha test applications, targeting AI engineers, computer vision enthusiasts, and developers intrigued by this new device. Visit the website at to learn more about the launch and join the alpha test.

About Seeed Studio

Founded in 2008, Seeed Studio has been a pioneering force in Open Hardware, enabling over half a million users to bring digital projects to life. Specializing in AI-driven sensor networks and edge computing, Seeed Studio provides robust modules and devices, complemented by a comprehensive Fusion service for prototyping, production, and promotion. With a steadfast commitment to open source and community collaboration, Seeed Studio’s platforms like SenseCraft software suites facilitate inclusive and innovative digital solution development, fostering a democratized approach to technology.

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