Year in Review: Seeed Studio in 2023 — A Symphony of Innovation, Growth and Unforgettable Moments!

It’s that time again – the close of yet another eventful chapter, and what a ride it has been! As we bid farewell to 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on the experiences and achievements that have defined this remarkable year.

It’s that time again – the close of yet another eventful chapter, and what a ride it has been! As we bid farewell to 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on the experiences and achievements that have defined this remarkable year.
In 2023, Seeed Studio remains committed to our mission of being the most integrated platform for creating hardware solutions for IoT, AI, and Edge Computing application scenarios. Our vision is to become the most reliable hardware platform and empower everyone to achieve their digital transformation goals. Behind the scenes, Seeed Studio has undergone significant updates at every level. From dedicated investments in product innovation, expanding partnership to broaden our horizons, venturing into new territories, and embracing the excitement of learning something new each day… we’ve laid a solid foundation for the exciting developments to follow.

Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a journey through the highlights that made 2023 truly unforgettable.

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I. Infinite Innovation: New Products and Technologies

In the past year, Seeed Studio continued our unwavering commitment to innovation. We proudly introduced a multitude of exciting new devices and products designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible. From cutting-edge technology to user-friendly gadgets, our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions remained steadfast. To get a clear look, here is a lineup of innovation spotlights that we want you to look back.

A. Smart Sensing

We continued to lead in sensing technologies, introducing a range of high-precision sensors and modules in 2023. In August, we announced the launch of groundbreaking card-size LoRaWAN GPS tracker SenseCAP T1000, offering a seamless indoor and outdoor tracking worldwide. We’ve also introduced the LPWAN Asset Tracker Dev Kit for Amazon Sidewalk based on our Wio Tracker 1110, designed to simplify how you build indoor and outdoor tracking solutions on the emerging Amazon Sidewalk network.
Another highlight was the launch of SenseCAP AI, our AI-powered sensor data analysis solution designed to help you make the most of your sensor data. With SenseCAP AI, you can easily analyze the data collected by your SenseCAP sensors, gain actionable insights, and optimize your operations for improved efficiency and reduced cost. 

B. Edge AI

Our commitment to advancing technology was evident in the release of AIoT solutions that seamlessly integrated artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things.
The debut of the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense caused a sensation in the community, along with a series of XIAO compatible accessories such as the 24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO, ePaper Breakout Board, 6×10 RGB MATRIX for XIAO etc. (Explore more). Moreover, we have successfully integrated and certified the XIAO nRF52840 Module for Amazon Sidewalk, empowering developers to create their own Bluetooth LE devices with Amazon Sidewalk capabilities and exploring the vast potential of Sidewalk-enabled IoT solutions. These powerful and versatile microcontrollers set new standards for performance and functionality, empowering creators to bring their ideas to life. Click here to view the one-page XIAO Series 2023 Yearly Round-up. 

We also launched an upgraded version of reTerminal, reTerminal DM, based on the great demand from our users and also our technology accumulation in the field of Raspberry Pi. Additionally, with the launch of reComputer J4012, a hand-size edge AI full system powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX 16GB module, we aim to unleash advanced AI with compact space. Other upgrades on the #reThings series include reComputer Industrial J3011, reServer Industrial J4012, J401 carrier and so on. These solutions not only showcased our dedication to the latest trends but also provided users with powerful tools for intelligent and connected projects.
Step further, we introduced the SenseCraft AI, a new suite of applications including an open-source inference server and web UI to experience no-code deployment of AI models to edge devices.

reComputer Industrial J3011
reServer Industrial J4012
reComputer J401 Carrier Board

C. Low-Power Network

Our product offerings catered to a diverse set of applications, fostering innovation across industries. Closely collaborating with BeagleBoard, we introduced the reCharger, a product-ready open-source EV charging solution powered by BeaglePlay and EVerest, at the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) 2023.
To make technology accessible for all via a more open, interactive, and inclusive platform, we’ve released the new Seeed WiKi platform, which is the home of all our technical documentation, covering Sensor, Network, Edge, and the Cloud & Chain. It enables the whole community to get involved in contributions.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and coordinating resources, we’re dedicated to delivering another high-quality product that our community can be proud of. 

II. Embrace Communities, Co-Grow with Partners

None of our accomplishments would be possible without the unwavering support of our incredible community and partners. As we look back on 2023, we are endlessly grateful for the camaraderie, engagement, and enthusiasm. Your support is the driving force behind every innovation and success story.
In February, we upgraded to the Elite level of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), the program’s highest level for companies demonstrating competency in NVIDIA embedded and edge technologies. March, Seeed collaborated with the official Raspberry Pi team to showcase the new edge device, reTerminal DM, at Embedded World 2023. Together with our Edge AI partners Lumeo, CVEDIA and Cochl, we participated in ISC West and showcased how Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson product line series is transforming the security industry by leveraging Vision AI and Sound AI. We welcomed our new partners Isarsoft in June and N3uron in August.
Then, in September, we were honored to become the official launch partner for Home Assistant‘s new product, Home Assistant Green. We worked closely with partners Traxmate, Tago.IO, Akenza, Qubitro, Widglix to deliver live demos of full stack tracking solutions at The Things Conference 2023 featuring the SenseCAP T1000 Tracker (Explore our tracker partner ecosystem here). Later this year, we announced our partnership with Scailable, offering a streamlined approach to deploy AI models on Seeed’s edge devices, and partnered with AWS IoT team to create imersive workshops and live demos at AWS re:Invent. Throughout the year, we also work together with the LoRa Alliance and the Alliance members to participate in events of LoRaWANLive Tokyo, Smart City Expo World Congress to support the growth of the global LoRaWAN ecosystem.


We expanded our commitment to the Internet of Things with the introduction of the Co-Create Program, which helps transforms your prototype into a market-ready product, handling marketing and logistics for you. Approved prototypes are showcased on Seeed Studio’s marketplace, with creators earning a share of the sales revenue.

Seeed Studio took a significant step towards community collaborations with the initiation of the Contributors Program, a dynamic program crafted to bring makers from our community together to co-build innovative solutions, and the Ranger Program, not only to extend the reach of our technology offerings and service expertise but also to nurture a core group of experts who can become our close partners in product development and even market expansion.
Specially, as we celebrated our 15th anniversary early in June, we held story-sharing campaigns to connect with our valued community. We were amazed by the outpouring of responses we received – nearly 120 engaging stories from community members in over 40 countries and regions (Read more).

A big THANK YOU to all from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support!

III. Success Stories

In the canvas of innovation and technology, Seeed Studio proudly presents a spectrum of success stories that have not only embraced cutting-edge hardware but have also translated into real-world impact.

A. Environment Sensing

B. Activity Management

C. Equipments Upgrade

That’s all we have for this year in review!

2023 was a year of remarkable achievements for Seeed Studio. Through cutting-edge hardware, integrated software platforms, meaningful partnerships, and the continuous success of our community, we’ve solidified our commitment to fostering innovation and empowering creators worldwide. As we look ahead, the momentum gained in 2023 serves as a foundation for even greater accomplishments in the coming years. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities that technology brings.

As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedIn, Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!

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