Edge AI in QSRs: Enhancing Operation Efficiency and Delivering Excellent Service

Hardware: NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX

Application: Restuarant Management Optimization

Industry: Quick Service Restaurant

Deployment Location: U.S

In the bustling realm of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), where speed, convenience, and quality are the cornerstones of success, a revolution is on the horizon. QSR has long been the go-to choice for busy individuals seeking a quick, satisfying meal. As the pace of life quickens, so do customer expectations. Customers now demand not only swift dish choices but also an enhanced convenient experience that goes beyond the mere exchange of food for payment. To meet these evolving demands and to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market, QSRs are at a crossroads where they must embrace technological innovation.


When a restaurant manager embarks on the mission to optimize QSR management efficiency, they encounter a multifaceted challenge that extends beyond the kitchen and into the very heart of customer satisfaction. One of the paramount issues to address is the orchestration of operations within the establishment to minimize bottlenecks and delays, thereby optimizing customers’ waiting times. Here comes the most challenging part – the delicate balance between speed and quality. Achieving faster service without compromising the quality of food and customer experience is a task that requires precision and finesse. Moreover, the QSR environment is often characterized by its dynamic nature, with varying customer traffic and unpredictable rushes, making it essential for managers to adapt on the fly.


Here’s the comprehensive solution harnessing the power of computer vision technology deploying the Jetson Orin NX and alwaysAI platform.

Optimize Labor Distribution

The system tracks speed-of-service bottlenecks and compliance with standard operating procedures, issuing real-time notifications to employees. This prompts immediate corrective actions or behavior adjustments, ensuring that operations remain streamlined and efficient. Accessible through a cloud dashboard, this system provides both individual store-level and aggregate system-level insights.

Deliver Order Accurately

It excels in this aspect by identifying items and ingredients being prepared in the kitchen and issuing real-time correction alerts to line workers to guarantee ingredient accuracy and packaging correctness. Seamlessly integrating with existing kitchen systems, becomes an integral part of the operational flow.

Improve Customer Experience

By continuously monitoring front-of-house events and readiness, it measures and optimizes the overall customer experience. In real-time, the system issues notifications to employees, guiding them to take actions that can alleviate excessive wait times or maximize guest satisfaction, such as cleaning prompts or queue management. Additionally, it keeps a watchful eye on key guest metrics, including average customer wait times and line abandonment rates, enabling managers to refine their operations further.

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