Automated Pizza Making System with Consistent High-Quality Food Processing and Intelligent Guidance

Hardware: NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit

Use Case Provider: GOPIZZA

Application: Food Production Line Automation & High-Quality Food Production Control

Industry: Quick Service Restaurant(QSR)

Deployment Location: South Korea, India, Singapore

GOPIZZA introduces an innovative pizza production system that decreases labor expenses and ensures consistent high-quality food. By utilizing the powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit, the whole system simplifies operational management, reducing the number of required employees from four to at least one depending on store size. With state-of-the-art computer vision and edge AI inferencing capability, managing your store operations has never been easier.


Increasingly, the traditional food industry is facing a critical question: how can we innovate and stay competitive? While human labor has been the predominant option for processing fruits, vegetables, and meat so far, increasing labor costs and human errors have induced industrial concerns. Additionally, the pandemic has made it imperative to minimize human contact and maximize machine automation. To compete with giants like McDonald’s and Domino’s, integrating AI techniques into food chains is crucial to make significant strides in growth. From a development standpoint, optimizing pizza making process alone won’t solve the scalability limitations of offline stores. What’s crucially important is to innovate store operations, and we can aspire to accomplish the ambitious goal of opening 10,000 stores over the course of a decade.


The food production industry faces a significant hurdle when it comes to managing labor costs. In the pizza production process, employees are typically required to monitor progress near the oven and make operational adjustments as needed. Additionally, training employees on the proper techniques for ingredient placement, pizza cutting, and sauce and flavor combinations can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive investment. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the final product quality of the pizza often varies and fails to maintain consistent high-quality standards.

Recognizing toppings during pizza making progress


GOPIZZA leverages cutting-edge technology in Cloud, AI, and Robotics for their revolutionary smart kitchen. Central to this innovation lies GOPIZZA System, which can be classified into 3 core systems:

  • GOVIS, a cloud-based solution that digitally transforms all data generated by stores, allowing for guided store operation and control;
  • Deep-learning AI with edge devices powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano module that utilizes visual big data to determine topping combinations for product production;
  • Gobot, a collaborative robot powered by visual big data.

The result is a smart kitchen that can be operated by anyone from day one, just with minimal training. In a typical 5-6m² pizza store, only one GOPIZZA system is necessary, which includes an automated topping selection table, 2 ovens that monitor pizza baking progress, and a final product inspection station. The Jetson Nano and Jetson Orin Nano (in testing) components ensure consistent, high-quality pizza that meets customer expectations with 100% satisfaction.

Business Impact/Result

The AI Smart Topping Table has the potential to revolutionize the pizza-making industry. Developed by GOPIZZA’s team of experts, this system offers both guidance to field workers and monitor systems-like capabilities to headquarters in order to ensure the highest quality pizzas are being made worldwide. To make this product accessible to a global market, they have taken a comprehensive approach to its development. In addition to optimizing the software’s performance, the ideal computing hardware – the Jetson processors- has also been carefully selected and integrated, to ensure efficiency and affordability during manufacturing.

As continuing to refine this groundbreaking product, GOPIZZA anticipates that it will enable pizza restaurants of all sizes to streamline their operations and reduce their workforce needs, with some locations requiring as few as one employee, compared to the previous solution of 3-4 employees in each store.


GOPIZZA is a global food tech company revolutionizing the pizza industry with cost-effective, one-person pizzas through ICT-based smart kitchens. Customers can conveniently order from unmanned kiosks, receiving their pizza within 5 minutes. With the special parbaking dough and patented automatic oven, they produce pizzas quickly and evenly with minimal staff. AI manages and trains topping accuracy, while GOPIZZA’S IT focus extends to AI vision-based collaborative robots for post-processing. Recognized for this innovative technology, they received significant VC investment and certifications as a frontier venture and pre-unicorn company. Through TIPS matching investment, they aim to advance our AI-based smart kitchen technology and become a global brand.

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