From Concept to Creation: Join the Open Source Hardware Movement and Fabricate Your Own Wio Terminal for A Chance To Get 2PCS Free PCBA from Seeed Fusion

👋Hey ommunity! Are you ready to unleash your creativity and take the open-source hardware movement to the next level? 

We are passionate about open-source hardware and believe that it has the power to transform the world. That’s why we’re taking it to the next level with open manufacturing, making it possible for anyone to reproduce and manufacture the Seeed Studio Wio-Terminal. With the potential to unlock limitless creativity and innovation, the Wio Terminal is more than just a microcontroller – it’s a game-changer!


Seeed Studio Wio Terminal is an open-source hardware initiative that we have developed and maintained with passion. 

✨Wio Terminal, a widely recognized IoT development platform supporting Arduino and MicroPython, and equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, has already made significant strides in smart homes, industrial automation, education, and research.

We are now offering all the production files and documentation required to modify and manufacture the Wio Terminal, enabling anyone to replicate, produce, and even commercialize their own versions of this amazing device.

Discover freely available files on Seeed Studio’s Github and Wio Terminal wiki🛠️. We can’t wait to see the amazing things that you will create with the Wio Terminal, and we encourage you to share your designs and ideas on our platform!🤩


📢Craft your Wio Terminal with Seeed Studio Fusion and receive up to 2 free PCBA boards!

For those ready to design and manufacture their Wio Terminal versions, Seeed Studio Fusion can sponsor up to 2 pcs of PCBA. Whether you are a corporation, educational institution, research institution, or individual developer, as long as you have passion and innovation, we welcome you to join us!

    Simply follow these steps to apply📝:

    Step 1: Please fill out the form: to submit your Wio Terminal design proposal. Please make sure that you are capable of designing and have all the production files ready for us.

    Step 2: If your proposal is approved, we’ll contact you via email and LinkedIn promptly.

    Step 3: Prepare your Gerber & BOM file. You can leverage Seeed Fusion OPL (open part library) when preparing your BOM file to expedite the production of your order.

    Step 4 (optional): If you are willing to showcase your Wio Terminal project on platforms like Hackster, Instructables, Hackaday, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, we are pleased to offer you a cash prize of 50 USD!


    🤔What types of designs can you create using the Wio Terminal?

    Here are some ideas we can provide to help you get started.

      1. Modification of Wio Terminal Boards

      You can modify the interfaces according to your needs and make suitable changes to the casing. 

      2. Wio Terminal Peripheral Accessories Design

      We also encourage you to submit accessory designs for Wio Terminal. Peter, a developer from the community, has designed a QWERTY keyboard for Seeed Studio’s Wio Terminal that operates without an IC. The keyboard matrix is scanned through GPIO and the software is programmed using CircuitPython.


      Join Co-Create Program: Make Profit from Your Ideas✨!

      Seeed Studio’s Co-Create Program is tailored to elevate your well-established prototype into profitable product. By streamlining marketing, packaging, and shipping processes, this program grants you more time to focus on the core of your work—product development. Once your prototype is approved by Seeed, it will be featured on Seeed Studio’s marketplace. For every product sold, you earn a share of the revenue💰.

      If you already have a well-developed prototype for the Wio Terminal, consider joining Seeed Studio’s Co-Create Program!

      ➡️Join Co-Create by filling in this form:


      If you have any questions, feel free to contact Seeed Studio Fusion customer support at [email protected] for further assistance.

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