Maximizing Profits with Proper Storage Techniques in Farming with Raspberry Pi-powered reTerminal DM


A customer from the United Kingdom manufactures equipment to control the storage atmosphere for fruit and vegetables to extend their storage life. They achieved the optimal storage atmosphere for fruits and vegetables by controlling gas levels in the air using Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered reTerminal DM, which allows them to sell fruits out of season while maintaining good taste, freshness, and nutrition.

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Seeed Solution: reTerminal DM
Industry: Smart Busines, Agriculture
Pilot Project: United Kingdom


Fruit and vegetable farming is a seasonal business, and the harvest and sale of produce is subject to supply and demand fluctuations throughout the year. However, fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, which makes it challenging for farmers to maintain a consistent supply of produce year-round. In addition, different types of produce require different storage environments to maintain their quality and nutritional value.

Proper preservation and storage also helps farmers differentiate their products in the marketplace. With so many different types of fruits and vegetables available, it can be challenging for farmers to stand out and attract customers. By offering fresh, high-quality produce year-round, farmers can build a loyal customer base and increase their sales and profitability.

Also, proper preservation and storage can help farmers reduce waste and increase efficiency. Spoilage and waste can be expensive for farmers and can result in lost revenue and increased costs. By properly preserving and storing their produce, farmers can reduce the amount of waste they generate, minimize spoilage, and increase the overall efficiency of their operations.

Overall, the proper preservation and storage of fruits and vegetables is vital for the success of modern farming operations. By implementing effective preservation and storage techniques, farmers can maintain the quality and availability of their produce year-round, build a loyal customer base, and increase their efficiency and profitability.


With reTerminal DM, control modules are accessed via a CANbus. Clients sample the air from each store and adjust the gas levels using valves to extend the storage life of fruits and vegetables by several months. This allows farmers to sell their crops out of season and at a better price. The storage units typically range from 200 to 500 tons, and a system can have between two and 32 stores. All control modules are based on the RP2040 processor CANbus 2.0 interface, and they have either eight or 16 relay outputs to provide the necessary samples and control systems.

reTerminal DM serves as a control center here, connecting gas sensors, samplers, and air treatment equipment. The data collected by the sensors and samplers is transmitted to the reTerminal DM via the  CANbus. After analyzing the data, the reTerminal DM adjusts the parameters of the air treatment equipment to ensure the best gas regulation effect.


 “You are doing a brilliant range of products and going in a good direction. You offer many products that we can use to offer our customers better control and monitoring” said the project leader from the partner Seeed cooperates with. 

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