Biometric Technology together with Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered HMI Solution Improving Time and Attendance Tracking for Smart Offices


A partner specializing in biometric technology provides a complete set of biometric software support and collaborates with Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered HMI to offer a whole set of biometric solutions to end customers. This solution uses facial recognition to record time and attendance data and access control, which is essentially an electronic punch card machine that helps support the development of smart offices for global customers.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: reTerminal DM
Industry: Smart Building, Smart office
Pilot Project: USA


The customer approached us with a request to customize an HMI with a built-in camera for their latest project: a facial recognition punch card machine. The product is intended to upgrade from traditional mechanical punch card machines to one that integrates facial recognition technology, in order to improve user experience and efficiency.

The HMI needs to be operational 24/7, and due to the trend of rising energy prices, there are high requirements for power consumption. Additionally, the product needs to run stably for long periods of time without frequent downtime or maintenance, placing high demands on its stability. The product also requires the ability to upload data in a timely manner and transmit data to the cloud, making wireless and 4G capabilities necessary.

The customer hoped to continue using the Raspberry Pi-powered solution (previously using Pi 3B) to reduce system migration and product learning time and costs for them.


It was really a nice coincidence that when the client approached us, we were just in the process of designing our latest Raspberry Pi-powered device, the 10.1” HMI reTerminal DM. We shared the design plan of reTerminal DM with them, which is based on Raspberry Pi CM4 and is a significant upgrade in performance from the previous Pi 3B solution. It also allows for easy integration of the their own software and system technology. Additionally, the ARM-based device has normally lower power consumption, which can save costs for the customer in terms of power usage.

After communication with the customer, we decided to directly integrate their requirements into the design process by adding an opening at the top of the reTerminal DM to embed a camera. This would be a really talented design that would not add too much cost to the entire product but would keep the possibility of adding camera functionality in the future for users who may need it. We also make reTerminal DM supporting PoE power supply, meeting the customer’s 24/7 power supply needs.


 “It was very solid and well-made” said the project interface from this partner.

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June 2023