Revolutionizing Classroom Management with IoT and Raspberry Pi

Our EdgeBox-RPI-200, powered by the Raspberry Pi CM4 core, has been deployed in smart classrooms in China to address the challenge of managing lighting and temperature in an energy-efficient manner.


The traditional approach to classroom management is often inefficient and fails to provide effective control over lighting and temperature, leading to energy waste and unhealthy conditions for students. The EdgeBox-RPI-200’s rich IO/interface and open-source architecture make it an ideal controller center for managing multiple devices simultaneously.


The solution has resulted in significant energy savings and improved health conditions for students in around 10 classrooms, with more deployments planned.


Seeed Hardware: EdgeBox-RPI-200

Industry: Energy Management, Smart Classroom

Solution Deployment: China



Against the backdrop of China’s “Double Carbon” policy, the reduction of building energy consumption and the improvement of indoor comfort have become inevitable trends for achieving low-carbon and green buildings.


Public buildings, such as schools, have higher demands for thermal and visual comfort. It’s worth mentioning that the energy consumption of public buildings accounts for 8% of the total social energy consumption in China, and the average electricity consumption per student is even four times that of the national average. In addition, the indoor light and thermal environment have a significant impact on students’ vision health, learning efficiency, and emotions.


Therefore, it is necessary to implement an intelligent classroom solution that can improve energy efficiency and flexibly adjust indoor light and thermal conditions.

The Challenge

The traditional approach to classroom management has a number of significant drawbacks that need to be addressed.


For one, the light and thermal environment of a classroom can have a significant impact on students’ well-being, learning, and emotions, yet traditional classroom management methods often fail to provide effective and timely control over lighting and temperature, leading to students’ unhealthy condition and energy waste. Moreover, traditional classrooms are not well-equipped to manage multiple devices simultaneously, making the management process less efficient and less convenient.

The Solution

Our edge controller named EdgeBox-RPI-200 powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 has been deployed in our partner’s smart classroom IoT solution.


The solution can determine the indoor environmental requirements of the current classroom based on the input class schedule information and screen signals. It also utilizes optical and thermal sensors deployed inside and outside the classroom to determine the current environmental conditions.


By integrating various inputs and comparing them with the system’s preset optimal threshold indicators, the controller can transmit downstream control information to the intelligent lighting system, air conditioning system, and sunshade system for adjustment of each system.

Why EdgeBox-RPI-200?

  • [Linux Compatible] Our system integrator partner’s solution is Linux-based, and the EdgeBox-RPI-200 is powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 core and hence can operate in the open-source ecosystem, including Linux, greatly saving the development cost.
  • [Rich IO/Interface, Support multiple Industrial Protocols] As the controller center, the EdgeBox-RPI-200 is required to connect the field devices as well as partner’s cloud platform, therefore, it needs to be equipped with various communication capabilities.

The Results

EdgeBox-RPI-200, gateways, and field sensors work together to achieve significant energy savings and automatic control in around 10 classrooms in China now, and sutdents’ health condition has been enhanced. More deployments are coming on the way.

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