Video Analytics Solution in Airports for Operation Efficiency Improving and Safety Enhancement

Hardware: reComputer J4012 with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX module

Use Case Provider: Isarsoft

Application: Video Analytics

Industry: Infrastructure Management & Smart Transportation

Deployment Location: Germany, the United States

Isarsoft delivered this AI-powered video analytics solution deployed in airport, in order to keep the constant operation and efficiency improving. It can also help enhance the surrounding safety, fully supported by the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX edge device for analyzing and inferencing.


Airports are bustling hubs that experience a significant influx of passengers on a daily basis. Therefore, It is crucial to leverage AI power to streamline operational processes, enhance customer experience, and uphold stringent security standards. As passenger volumes continue to rise, overwhelmed airport systems struggle to function efficiently, resulting in frequent flight cancellations, delays, and issues with baggage handling.

Meanwhile, the traditional safety management approach entails implementing Perimeter Protection measures, such as motion sensors, Radar, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Access Control Systems, and physical barriers like fences and walls, to detect intruders. However, given the vast scale of airports, deploying and maintaining the entire system can be costly and challenging.


Isarsoft was actively engaged in assisting airport operators to enhance overall airport management efficiency. The goal was to improve both customer experience and perimeter protection. Here are some challenges that were identified:

  • One major challenge is the need to monitor feeds, which currently requires significant human resources and is time-consuming. The sheer volume of live or recorded data footage is enormous, making it critical to maintain continuous vigilance to ensure safety.
  • Furthermore, airports are complex locations with multiple infrastructure components that require close monitoring. Given the high volume of daily traffic, it is imperative to implement a system that collects and analyzes data to enhance customer comfort. Effective management of delays, queues, and potential bottlenecks is also crucial to prevent large crowds and chaotic situations.


That’s why Isarsoft delivered the video analytics solution powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX, to precise data for better optimization, mobility planning, and safety enhancement.

Inside of Airport – for Management Efficiency

– By utilizing a data-driven management system, the solution enables the creation of shorter routes in and around airports, saving valuable time and enhancing accessibility for passengers.

– Moreover, airport infrastructure can be expanded and improved based on in-depth analysis of different areas and their occupancy statistics, ensuring smooth operations even amid increasing passenger volumes. The collection and analysis of data also enable the optimization of passenger experience by strategically curating and placing washrooms, sitting areas, restaurants, and shopping outlets, effectively minimizing delays and queues.

– Records allow for informed more accurate decision-making, preventing the accumulation of large crowds, chaos, and bottlenecks.

– Furthermore, it also offers luggage analysis capabilities to shorten waiting times at baggage carousels and identify misplaced luggage. With Isarsoft’s video analytics solution, airports can achieve a more informed and efficient operational environment.

Aid the establishment of chaos-free, showing queue status and accessible area within the airport

Outside of Airport – for Constant Safety Management

Isarsoft’s solution offers comprehensive functionalities for aviation planning, optimization, and security. One notable feature is perimeter protection achieved through the Object Flow application. It identifies and detects objects, measures volume and density, and analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) like speed, trajectory, and dwell time using various maps. Creating lines within the Object Flow application is significant. Marking areas or zones with lines enables further processes and actions. You can simply add a new line, designate two points for length, and modify it for direction accuracy. Naming and tagging lines provide better definitions. It’s such a valuable tool to measure pedestrian or vehicle flow, enabling enhanced analysis and insights.

People/vehicle crossing detection based on the line creation

The combination of Isarsoft’s real time video analytics software Isarsoft Perception with the Seeed Studio reComputer Edge AI Device opens the possibility to gain business intelligence from existing security cameras.

Oskar Haller | CEO Isarsoft

About Isarsoft

Isarsoft, a Munich-based company established in 2019, specializes in the development of advanced video analytics solutions, renowned for their reliability, user-friendly interface, and extensive range of integrations. With Isarsoft, you can transform any camera into an intelligent sensor, capable of performing various tasks such as passenger counting, monitoring conversion rates, and measuring city traffic. With just a few clicks, your camera will provide real-time and valuable business insights.

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