Smart Mobility Solution with Driver Behavior Detection to Reduce Road Accident Risk

Hardware: reComputer J101 carrier board for Jetson Nano module

Use Case Provider: Autilent

Application: Driver Monitoring

Industry: Transportation & Fleet Management

Autilent leverages artificial intelligence to provide smart mobility solutions and reduce road accidents using a specially designed, dual-camera device, which is powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano with the compatible reComputer J101 carrier board. The whole solution improves driver behavior by identifying weak areas for each driver and targeting specific issues both in the cabin view and outside of the vehicle, greatly leveraging the operational efficiency of fleet management.


Every year, the road transportation industry suffers devastating losses, both financially and in terms of human life. With accidents caused by driver fatigue, drowsiness, and distractions, the toll is staggering. These incidents result in vehicle decommissioning, delays, and a tarnished reputation for the industry as a whole. To address this urgent issue, strict regulations and comprehensive driver training programs must be implemented to mitigate the risks associated with road transportation and safeguard the business’s standing.


To address the pressing need, Autilent embarked on a mission to revolutionize road safety. Leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities, Autilent aims to detect high-risk situations within and outside the vehicle to enhance safety measures. In the cabin, it’s quite important to always check on drivers’ status to avoid high-risk distractions. As for the vehicle outside, it’s really crucial to provide risk prediction for drivers rather than the traditional making of judgments by themselves.

In the meanwhile, when a company operates a fleet of vehicles, it becomes crucial to implement an integrated management system that provides detailed information and real-time updates on the vehicles and drivers. This allows for effective monitoring of the fleet’s operations, including managing and evaluating the drivers’ compliance with regulations and minimizing instances of illegal activities.

The device deployed at the front windshield with a camera


Autilent delivered the dual-camera device to detect both cabin view for driver status and road view to check the surrounding situation, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano module compatible with reComputer J101 carrier board. One box for one car deploying by the front windshield. With powerful deep learning algorithms combing with detection models such as face detection and object detection, Autilent successfully leads to faster and more accurate analysis of driving behavior, road conditions, and potential hazards based on the full support of the powerful processing capabilities of Jetson Nano. They also provide an integrated platform with detailed analytics and an experience made easy for users:

  • You can check the real-time location for fleet management
  • The registered/authorized driver can log in to his bonding vehicle with face detection and then start driving. If he/she is unauthorized, the system will detect the abnormal operation and markdown
  • Once it detects a driver’s abnormal behavior such as being distracted around, answering the phone through driving, or just being drowsy, the dashboard will count all of the distracted/drowsy time
  • You can always go review each vehicle’s report, including how long did it go, the latest location, the last driver, the vehicle information, and the latest online time.
  • There’s another option called driver report, from here you’ll see every authorized driver’s status information during a specific period of time, including the distracted counts, drowsy counts, total driving distance and time, average distance and time
Fleet Management Platform Demo

Business Impact/Result

By utilizing the reComputer J101 carrier board with Jetson Nano module, Autilent was able to leverage its powerful processing capabilities and low power consumption to process data more efficiently, leading to faster and more accurate analysis of driving behavior, road conditions, and potential hazards. This, in turn, has resulted in a significant reduction in accidents caused by human error, improving safety for drivers and passengers alike. Additionally, the use of the reComputer J101 has helped to minimize costs and streamline operations, enabling Autilent to offer its innovative solution at an affordable price point to businesses in the road transportation industry. 

“As the owner of Autilent, I am proud to partner with Seeed Studio in the creation of our cutting-edge J101 recomputer, which serves as the reliable and cost-friendly edge compute unit for our AI-powered dashcams. With Seeed Studio’s expert engineering and dedication to quality, we have been able to create a product that is not only cost-effective but also meets our high standards for reliability and performance. We are excited to continue this partnership and provide our customers with a top-of-the-line product that they can trust.”

said Syed Saad Farooq, Co-Founder of Autilent

The edge device helps improve driver behavior by identifying weak areas for each driver and targeting specific issues. With this technology, you can prevent thousands of accidents from happening, resulting in a staggering $1 billion in savings and 1,500+ lives saved for every 770 accidents prevented.

About Autilent

Autilent is a cutting-edge startup that aims to revolutionize the fleet management and driver monitoring industry. Based in KSA, Autilent offers customized hardware and software solutions to its clients and combines driver monitoring, ADAS, and fleet management into a single offering, making it the only company in the region to provide such a comprehensive and customizable solution. Their AI algorithms are trained on regional data, providing superior accuracy compared to their competitors, and they also offer driver verification and data-driven fleet management systems. Autilent’s target market is the Middle East, starting with Saudi Arabia, which has already shown interest in these types of technologies as part of its Vision 2030 initiative. The company has received investments from reputable investors and is poised for rapid growth in the coming years.

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