Making Neighborhoods Safer with Patrolio’s Service and Seeed reRouter

Keeping a neighborhood safe and secure matters to the entire community. Being proactive in prevent property crime and block unauthorized intrusion, residents can get their assets protected, feel more secure, and even enjoy a higher property value.

Seeed Studio’s reRouter has assisted Patrolio as being part of a block security protection solution that scare off would-be criminals before they get a chance to act in the US community.


Seeed Hardware Solution: reRouter

Tech Partners: Patrolio

Industry: Smart Cities

Solution Deployment: USA



Living in a safe community is a kind of happiness. Residents living in this kind of community can have a peace of mind and feel a sense of security. Knowing that their neighborhood is safe, they are comfortable walking or biking outdoor, and even participating activities away from home till late night, and therefore, their stress and anxiety are reduced, and overall physical and mental health are enhanced.

To offer a smarter solution for block crime prevention and community security protection, the US-based company Patrolio deployed a Seeed reRouter-powered security solution together with its active deterrence IP Camera and security monitoring service, ensuring a more intelligent and responsive neighborhood.

The Challenge

In general, we rely on our hearing and senses to judge whether the surrounding environment is dangerous. But this is often accompanied by misjudgment. For example, it is just a passing puppy kicked over a soda can on the side of the road in the late night, you hear it and are worried about whether there are thieves outside, and you go out to check without any other choice.


When living in a community, we can collaborate and communicate when seeing suspicious people or things, but it is still inefficient and not smart.


Nowadays, we see numerous IP security cameras are deployed in the block to assist monitoring activity, providing information and evidence, and deterring crime.


But more things can be improved:

  • Let the IP security camera communicate with other devices on the network to ensure faster response
  • Allow the camera to operate in isolation from the rest of the network to avoid interference from other devices in the same network.
  • Real-time processing of the video stream at the site to detect and deter threats before they happen not after they happen

The Solution

Patrolio built a block security solution together with Seeed Studio reRouter for monitoring purpose.


Prerequisites: Deploy IP cameras on premises; Burn reRouter with Patrolio’s custom image (Patrolio Hub); Connect PoE Switch with IP cameras and reRouter; Connect reRouter and other home network devices through Internet router with DHCP.


Patrolio leverage cameras on premises, the reRouter burned with Patrolio’s custom image help process video stream in real time to make it suitable for analysis by Patrolio servers, then the reRouter securely stream video from the cameras to the Patrolio’s server and receive commands from the server to control deterrence functionality of the camera.


Why reRouter

“The outcome of this system has been very successful. The reRouter was an ideal choice because of its twin ethernet ports, allowing the cameras to operate in isolation from the rest of a customer’s network. This allows the reRouter to be configured to send only relevant video to Patrolio, while protecting the cameras from unauthorized access.


There really isn’t an alternative to the reRouter – we could achieve the same if we installed a standalone appliance, but we would still require some sort of firewall to provide the network isolation – the reRouter allows us to combine everything into a single reliable unit.“ said David, CTO of Patrolio.


The Results

“Patrolio has succeeded in scaring off would-be criminals before they get a chance to act.” The video here vividly illustrates how the solution successfully deter an intruder in real-time at a residence under construction. 

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