Streamlining Event Photography with PhotoNodes and Seeed Studio’s reTerminal Kiosk Server

Project Summary

PhotoNodes from the USA, together with Seeed Studio‘s reTerminal improves the movement and simplifies the photographer’s efficiency and photo utility, which has been successfully applied in many events in the USA. With this solution, users can now experience the photos, rather than just remember them.

Key Information

Seeed Solution: reTerminal

SI Partners: PhotoNodes

Industry: Event Photograph

Pilot Project: USA

Project Background

Photographers are very busy at events and need to focus on capturing the scene without missing the event’s highlights. But it has been necessary for an event that can have an immersive experience that event participants can see, print and share their favorite photos during the event, as well as preserve memories with these photos.

Therefore, a reliable solution that can be placed on-site and easily operated without the need for photographers to distract themselves from the process or no need for more manpower is very necessary.


The software service system should be easily installed on this server, which could be connected to using a wide variety of devices such as professional quality cameras and cell phones from its hardware level.

It’s also very important that photographers without much hardware and software basic knowledge can quickly get started using it and maintain it easily, instead of requiring professional configuration and settings.

Considering that the photographers and the event site are often in different places, a studio server that is too bulky and large is inconvenient to be brought to different event sites, and it needs to occupy too much space in the scene.

Most usual servers do not directly have their own screens. We can easily see its running status directly on this server and easily retrieve the content stored in it.

Based on these considerations, reTerminal is an ideal choice. Open Raspberry Pi ecological equipment products, enabling us to install PhotoNodes on it very quickly. reTerminal also has wireless and bluetooth capability, HDMI possibility,and comes with HMI! Moreover, its volume and weight are very reasonable, only 285g!


PhotoNodes uses the reTerminals as kiosk/print servers at live events (i.e. a wedding, ceremony, party and etc.) where the photos have been taken by the photographers are available for viewing and printing on kiosks (usually iPads) and printers connected to the reTerminal server on site. The photos are also synced between the reTerminal and the printing devices through their web application solution, using two simultaneous wifi networks on the reTerminal, one is connected to the internet and another for an internal network for the kiosk devices.

The specific steps are:

  1. Photographers take pictures at the event using their cameras or mobile devices.
  2. The images are synced to the reTerminal via a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. The reTerminals serves as a print server and sends the selected images to a nearby iPad for previewing and printing.
  4. The guests can then take their printed photos as a keepsake from the event and preserve them as their treasurable memories.
reTerminal - the Kiosk Server

Why reTerminal

There are several advantages to using reTerminal as kiosk/print servers at live events:

  1. Convenience: reTerminals are compact and portable, making them ideal for use at live events where space is limited. Photographers can easily set up the kiosk/print server in a convenient location, allowing attendees to quickly and easily asccess their digital photos and to be printed.
  2. Speed: Attendees won’t have to wait long for their photos to be printed with reTerminal supporting fast printing. This can help to keep lines moving and improve the overall experience for attendees.
  3. Reliability: Since the rugged design of reTerminals, the event organizers can be confident that reTerminal is durable and reliable under any demanding environments.
  4. Easy to use: reTerminals is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, with a touch screen interface and intuitive controls. This makes it a good choice for photographers who need to quickly and easily set up a kiosk and print server solution at live events.
  5. Versatility: reTerminals can be used as a standalone device or integrated into a larger system, making it a versatile choice for solution integrators who need to accommodate different customer needs and requirements.
  6. Cost-Effective: reTerminals is affordably priced, making it a cost-effective solution suite for any scale projects.
  7. Open Source and Community Driven: supported by the solid support from the Raspberry Pi community.

Overall, using reTerminals as kiosk/print servers at live events is an ideal solution to improve the overall experience for attendees and simplify the process of printing photos for photographers.


With the this solution of PhotoNodes and Seeed reTerminal, photographers could have a cost-effective, flexible, and secure solution for event photo printing.

The photography process of the event is faster and more streamlined, and photographers are more focused on taking more and better-looking photos to help attendees remember these beautiful moments.

And people under the lens of the photographer, that is, the participants of the event, can enjoy the event and experience the photos, rather than just remembering them!

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