Meet reCharger, a Product-Ready Open Source EV Charging Solution at EOSS 2023

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We are excited to attend the Embedded Open Source Summit | Linux Foundation Events (EOSS) 2023 from June 27th to 30th as one of the silver sponsors (Booth No. 27). The event provides a unique opportunity for us to bring more hardware and solutions to core developers using Linux in embedded products. Together, we hope to build a comprehensive ecosystem from open-source hardware to open-source software, covering embedded systems and edge devices.


Closely collaborating with BeagleBoard, we’re introducing the reCharger, a product-ready open-source EV charging solution powered by BeaglePlay and EVerest, on the occasion of this huge gathering for the Linux community. By adapting open-source hardware and software, the reCharger can be customized and developed to meet the specific needs of different usecases, empowering EV charging with a shared flair. 


The reCharger consists of four parts, the BeaglePlay charging host controller, the reCharger HMI panel, the BeagleConnect wireless sensor, and the reCharger analog board.


  • The BeaglePlay charging host controller provides complete support for EVerest, a software project dedicated to creating and upkeeping an open-source software stack for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. With the power of EVerest, developers can effortlessly construct scalable and feature-packed applications for EV chargers. This combination guarantees convenient, compatible, secure, and dependable EV charging, offering real-time monitoring and effortless integration for end-users.
  • The reCharger HMI touch panel is a user interface that allows you to monitor and control the charging process, providing insights for your electricity consumption and so on.
  • Besides, by incorporating the BeagleConnect wireless sensor node into the system, it is capable of monitor the surrounding environmental factors like Temperature and Humidity, in order to guarantees a secure and suitable charging environment . Additionally, you have the option to personalize your own sensor nodes using the Microbus interface.
  • Lastly, the reCharger analog board is an AC charging metrology module which is designed to be compatible with EU AC TYPE 2 Chargers, offering a charging power output range of 3.5KW to 11KW. It incorporates various safety features such as ground fault detection, relay adhesion detection, overload protection, Over-temperature protection, Leakage protection, Surge protection and more.

In a realm where power meets wheels, the open-source reCharger allows for collaboration and innovation within the EV charging industry. We welcome all developers, engineers and other stakeholders to collaborate to improve the design, functionality and performance of it, or design your own charging solutions based on reCharger. Join our #reCharger channel on Discord, where you can exchange spicy ideas and share cool regarding the project. We are excited to see what you create!

Apart from the reCharger, you can also find the collection of Zephyr compatible products from open source module to devices at our booth, including the SensCAP LoRaWAN sensorsSenseCAP Indicator, Wio-E5 Module & Dev Kit, Wio-WM1110 Module & Dev Kit, XIAO Series (XIAO ESP32S3 Sense, XIAO ESP32S3, XIAO SAMD21, XIAO nRF52840, XIAO ESP32C3), as well as SenseCAP K1100 – the Sensor Prototype Kit with LoRA and AI, showcasing our support and inclusiveness to the Zephyr community.


If you are attending EOSS 2023, please be sure to visit us at booth 27 to learn more about our future-proof reCharger as well as the Zephyr compatible products. Looking forward to meeting you in PRAGUE!

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