Streamlining Medical Checkups Enhancing Medical Practices with Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered Customizable reTerminal DM


Seeed Studio cooperates with a medical solution provider with mature medical software capabilities from Taiwan, China, providing medical outpatient and touring solutions for hospitals and doctors, uploading patient visit information to the terminal system in a timely manner and easy to manage. They deploy their self-developed medical software system on the Seeed Raspberry Pi-powered terminal reTerminal DM, providing a complete medical Panel PC to customers.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: reTerminal DM
Industry: Healthcare
Pilot Project: Taiwan, China


There are still many doctors in Taiwan and mainland China who need to go out for checking patients’ status frequently. Normally the doctors need to bring a large outpatient suitcase with them, which is filled with various examination instruments that may be needed. Also, they need to carry their own terminal devices, e.g. mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops, which are actually maybe just a notebook to write down some keynotes, to record and upload patient information (including but not limited to facial recognition information and other information obtained from various sensors or equipments) to the terminal device in a timely manner. Doctors without laptops usually record information by hand or on their phones and then slowly upload it to their computers while back to home.

The entire process is pretty primitive and complex, and would cause many difficulties for doctors, such as:

  1. There are various types of medical instruments and sensors with different interfaces and specifications, which would make it difficult for doctors to transferr all the information to their terminal system from different interfaces effectively.
  2. Windows-based computers have limited software and are difficult to customize. And Windows is mostly restricted to Windows 7 in the medical industry, which is outdated for users.
  3. No camera for facial feature analysis, gender feature analysis, etc., but the current methods cannot integrate the camera into a portable terminal.

Therefore, they are soucing a Linux-based terminal that can load their own software system for doctors. The terminal should be able to connect to sensors via Bluetooth and connect to mobile phones or computers via 4G for data transmission.


Seeed’s reTerminal DM perfectly satisfied the needs: Linux basedd, Raspberry Pi-powered Panel PC, which is customizable to have partners’ own software. Also, reTerminal DM is equipped with rich industrial interfaces, supporting data uploading and downlinking control through WiFi and BLE. What’s more, reTerminal DM is also fit for Vesa mounting, which is just what the doctors need to put the panel on the desk for instant touching and recording all the information in the system timely. The customized camera function of reTerminal DM is also rightly what the clients need for the facial recognition of patients.


Our partner has brought the reTerminal DM to their supplier gathering. “This is a really cool device, making the whole outpatient process for doctors way easier! Our customers are very interested in it and have been playing around with it!” said the project leader from the partner Seeed cooperates with. 

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June 2023