Raspberry Pi-enabled Innovation: Cutting-Edge Fire Detection and Prevention System Driving Extensive Industrial Applications


In Texas, an innovative engineer, Jordan Broomehas developed a unique approach to fire monitoring and prevention for extensive industrial applications. He has integrated Seeed Studio’s Raspberry Pi-powered device reTerminal DM into a fire detection system. This system employs an ethernet-based thermal camera to identify the highest temperature spot in the video frame every 500 milliseconds. The system not only displays the current temperature but also plots a running chart of the temperature over the past minute. Upon detecting temperatures surpassing a user-defined threshold, the application activates the reTerminal DM’s internal buzzer (with an option for silent alerts), sends a notification to a server ultimately resulting in an SMS alert, and triggers output(s). This setup empowers the end-user to implement customized automated responses tailored to specific safety requirements.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: Raspberry  Pi-powered HM: reTerminal DM

Software Solution: HEATSYNC, an IOT Thermal System developed by Jordan Broome

Industry: Fire Detection

Pilot Project: Texas, US


The product, intended for outdoor use, demands high resilience and durability. Key requirements include:

  1. Robust Design: Must last in harsh outdoor environments. 
  2. Connectivity: Reliable wireless connectivity is essential. The system must maintain a reliable link with both the local control mechanisms and a remote management system, enabling the activation of remote alerts as needed.
  3. High-Quality Interface: A vital component is an effective human-machine interface. It should provide clear, real-time displays of temperature data, allowing users to accurately monitor and respond to changing conditions.


Well-defined requirements significantly streamlined the selection process. During the search, Jordan came across Seeed’s Raspberry Pi display device, the reTerminal DM. Its robust build quality, IP65 protection rating, wireless connectivity capabilities, and an ideally sized 10.1-inch display made it an obvious choice for the project. “I had to get my hands on one as soon as I saw it!” said Jordan.

Jordan successfully implemented the innovative thermal system on the reTerminal DM. This advanced setup, connected through an Ethernet link, enables low-latency temperature monitoring at the installation site, with the data conveniently displayed on the integrated screen. Additionally, the reTerminal DM boasts long-range wireless connectivity, seamlessly linking with the central data system, emergency notification protocols, and SMS services. In the event of temperatures surpassing predefined limits, the system is capable of promptly dispatching SMS alerts to the manager’s mobile phone. Jordan praised the practicality of the device’s design, noting, “The inclusion of a buzzer and a medium-sized screen strikes the perfect balance. It’s compact enough to avoid the extravagance of a large monitor, yet sufficiently large to ensure usability.”


The integration of Seeed’s reTerminal DM with Jordan Broome’s innovative HEATSYNC system represents a cutting-edge solution in fire detection and prevention. This combination has been pivotal in addressing the unique challenges presented by the need for robust and reliable fire monitoring systems. The solution encompasses several key features:

  1. Advanced Monitoring: Utilizing the latest in IoT and thermal sensing technology, HEATSYNC offers real-time temperature monitoring, ensuring swift detection of potential fire hazards.
  2. Automated Response System: The system’s integration with local control mechanisms allows for an automated and immediate response, such as activating suppression systems when dangerous temperature thresholds are detected.
  3. Durable Hardware: Seeed’s reTerminal DM, provides a robust and weather-resistant platform, ensuring consistent performance in varied environmental conditions.
  4. Seamless Connectivity: The system’s superior wireless connectivity capabilities ensure uninterrupted communication with both on-site controls and remote monitoring systems, facilitating immediate action and remote alerting capabilities.
  5. Intuitive Interface: The reTerminal DM’s user-friendly interface displays critical temperature data clearly and effectively, allowing for easy monitoring and quick decision-making.

This solution not only stands out for its technological sophistication but also for its adaptability and reliability in critical applications.

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