Seeed Monthly Wrap-up for October & November

Seeed Monthly for October & November highlights 10 groundbreaking news stories, 9 fascinating industrial case studies, 7 product and tech updates, 5 “Co-Create with Seeed” campaigns, 6 Seeed Wikis and 1 inspiring projects.

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Don’t miss the latest Seeed Monthly for October & November! Prepare for 10 groundbreaking news stories, 9 fascinating industrial case studies, 7 product and tech updates, and 5 “Co-Create with Seeed” campaigns that will leave you in awe. Boost your knowledge with 6 Seeed Wikis, offering expert insights. Dive into the vibrant open-source community with 1 inspiring projects. Discover the power of technology and join the journey into the world of Seeed!

📰 I. News that You Don’t Wanna Miss


01. Experience IoT and Robotics with AWS IoT and Seeed Studio at re:Invent 2023

Don’t miss out on the IoT and Robotics sessions at AWS re:Invent! The Experience/IoT@re:Invent Landing Page, created by the AWS IoT team in collaboration with Seeed Studio, offers 45 captivating sessions, 6 interactive project demos, and an immersive live demo to track and locate the AWS IoT team on-site. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technologies and learn from industry experts at this exciting event. Join us to explore the latest trends in IoT and Robotics and have a hands-on experience like no other. Find out more here.


02. Wio Tracker 1110 Workshop Tutorial at SenSys 2023



The countdown to SenSys 2023 has begun, and we’re eagerly anticipating an event filled with innovative workshops, tutorials, and hands-on experiences. We are thrilled to announce Seeed Studio’s participation in this event, where we will be sponsoring Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Kits, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of innovation and learning. Mark your date now!

03. Seeed Studio Partners with Traxmate to Offer Seamless Asset Tracking Solutions



We’re excited to announce that Seeed Studio has partnered with Traxmate, a leading provider of IoT tracking solutions, to bring you a comprehensive suite of asset tracking solutions. This partnership centers around our affordable LoRaWAN® Tracker, SenseCAP T1000. Together, we’re collaborating to bring you end-to-end indoor and outdoor tracking solutions. Learn more.


04. Seeed Studio and Scailable Announce Partnership to Scale Edge AI Solutions powered by NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Seeed Studio and Scailable Announce Partnership to Scale Edge AI Solutions powered by  NVIDIA Jetson Platform 

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Scailable, offering a streamlined approach to deploy AI models on Seeed’s edge devices, like reComputer, powered by NVIDIA Jetson. This collaboration ensures developers efficiently utilize the hardware of GPU for rapid video decoding and efficient model inference. Scailable makes the transition from edge AI/ML Proof of Concept to actual large-scale deployment effortless. Click for more. 


05. Seeed Studio’s Presence at Hackster Impact Summit: Innovations for Resilient and Smart Cities & Community Spotlights



Explore Seeed Studio’s participation in the Hackster Impact Summit, a two-day virtual event dedicated to inspiring developers and accelerating technological innovation for smarter cities. As a proud sponsor of the event, we’ll have a panel and 4 amazing, cool projects created by our community members to showcase.  Find more details here.


06. Exploring the Heart of Manufacturing: A Recap of the MFSZ23 Factory Hi Tour

On November 13th, as part of the Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 satellite events, we embarked on a journey to unveil the magic behind Shenzhen’s manufacturing power. The one-day factory HI tour was organized by Seeed Studio Fusion team and it provided participants with an exclusive and immersive experience, offering a close-up look at the intricate processes of actual manufacturing. Click for more. 


07. And It’s a Wrap! Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 Sparks Innovation and Industry Fusion

From November 11 to 12, 2023, Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 (hereinafter referred to as MFSZ23), hosted by Chaihuo Maker Space, with strategic partnerships from Seeed Technology Co., Ltd. and Make Community, made a successful conclusion at the Vanke Cloud City Design Commune in Nanshan, Shenzhen. Find out more here.


08. Empowering Sustainable Futures: Unveiling Seeed Studio’s SDG Initiative



We are proud to announce the launch of the Sustainability at Seeed Studio website. This platform underscores Seeed’s commitment to leveraging technology for a sustainable and equitable future. Check out the Sustainability at Seeed Studio website.


09. Winner Announcement for Seeed’s 15th Anniversary Story Sharing



It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for – the moment we announce the winners of our Seeed 15th Anniversary Story Sharing campaign, where participants had the chance to win a $1000 travel grant to the Maker Faire Shenzhen event on November 11th and 12th. Read more. 

10. Seeed Studio Expands Global Footprint with New Offices in the US and EMEA

We are excited to announce the establishment of two new offices, strategically positioned in the United States and EMEA. These new offices mark a significant milestone for Seeed Studio and exemplify our ongoing commitment to better serve the community. Find out more here.


🎬 II. Industrial Case Studies

01. Autonomous Shuttle Bus at University of Waterloo: AI-powered Driving Environmental and Traffic Perception

To concur with the complex road environment challenge and also provide a safer campus for a constant stream of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles, the University of Waterloo decided to start the research project of deploying the autonomous shuttle bus – WATonoBus equipped with Jetson Orin NX on the vehicle and the infrastructure sensor nodes at the roundabout off the ring road, to collect all perception information for assisting autonomous driving and predicting trajectories of objects at the busy and uncontrolled area.  Discover More.


02. Smart Security Sites for Community Safety Maintaining and Early Warning



Spectur delivers the new HD6 solar-powered site safety system powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano, which is integrated into a custom interface board that provides input and output functionality along with Modbus communications and watchdog functionality. The whole AI vision system includes an IP camera, LED floodlight, PA speaker, and 4G modem, providing 24-7 monitoring service in unwired environments. Read more here.


03. Take Timely Action with Jetson Orin NX: Dealing with Complex Traffic Control Situation


Our cities are at a tipping point, with clogged roadways, wasted fuel, and heightened environmental concerns becoming the norm. We should address these issues promptly and efficiently, harnessing the power of modern Edge AI technology to revolutionize the way we manage traffic. Read more.

04. Retail Checkout System Powered by Vision AI – No More Waiting in Long Queue

In the fast-paced world of retail, where convenience takes charge, we always see that the checkout process has long been a bottleneck in the shopping experience. The traditional method of queuing up at a cashier or self-checkout kiosk, fumbling with items, and scanning barcodes has left customers yearning for a more efficient and seamless solution. Explore more.


05. Vision AI Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction: Learn from Your Customers’ Behavior and Respond Fast



 As the retail industry grapples with increased competition and evolving customer expectations, it’s getting more and more important to learn from the data, and make informed decisions that improve operational strategies and, ultimately, elevate the overall shopping experience. Read more.


06. The Smart Food Container with Quality and Volume Monitoring with Home Assistant

Smart food Container Overview


The Smart Food Container with Quality and Volume Monitoring is a transformative solution equipped with sensors, and IoT capabilities, and integrated with Home Assistant. This intelligent container becomes a proactive kitchen companion, ensuring you never run out of staples by updating your shopping list automatically and alerting you to potential issues like food spoilage in real-time. More.


07. Micro-city Advanced Perception and Decision-making Assistance System

 At the invitation of Vanke Urban Research, Seeed has taken the lead in developing and implementing the Micro-city Advanced Perception and Decision-making Assistance System, which includes three different IoT solutions deployed in Nantou. Pursuing a comprehensive integration strategy to propel urban sustainable development and digital transformation, making a substantial impact on the enhancement of Nantou Ancient Town. Explore more.


08. Smart Campus: Enhancing Geography Education at Hills Grammar School with SenseCAP Sensors in Australia


sensor locations


To enhance geography education for Year 11 and 12 students, making it more immersive, data-driven, and globally connected, Hills Grammar School collaborated with One Planet Education Network (OPEN) and created a smart campus solution. The solution involved deploying SenseCAP sensors and weather stations across the school’s campus, which collect reliable, accurate, and real-time data for the students to get valuable insights into geography. Read more.


09. Smart Poultry Farm in Canada: Enhancing Production Efficiency and Animal Welfare with AIoT Technologies



To address the challenges of inefficient practices, animal health, and consumer demands for transparency in poultry farming industries, our partner DunavNET collaborated with Axceta and deployed the poultryNET, an IoT/AI-based solution powered by Seeed Studio SenseCAP LoRaWAN devices in the Montreal area in the poultry barns of Sollio Agriculture to revolutionize the poultry farming industry. Learn more.

👩‍💻 III. Product & Tech Updates

01. Frigate NVR on Raspberry Pi 5: Empowering Localized Security

Our testing of Frigate on Raspberry Pi 5 has demonstrated excellent performance, successfully identifying objects with ease. Notably, the system maintained smooth operation during 1080p video streaming at 30fps, with a manageable CPU usage of 54%. Frigate’s robust performance and adaptability make it a compelling choice for local AI object detection, offering users an efficient and privacy-focused solution for home surveillance on Raspberry Pi devices. Find out more.


02. Deploy CLIP Zero-shot Classification on Jetson Orin – Fast Locate and Categorize Data without Training



Unlike traditional models that require extensive labeled datasets for training, CLIP leverages a unique approach—pretraining on a vast dataset containing image-text pairs from the Internet, enabling it to perform a wide array of tasks without the need for task-specific training data. The model’s ability to connect vision and language makes it adept at tasks such as image classification and even generating textual descriptions for images. More info.


03. Unveiling Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm: A Debian 12 Upgrade


Bookworm on Seeed Studio Devices


Raspberry Pi just released a new operating system called Bookworm. It’s like a digital makeover, moving up from the previous “Bullseye” to the new and shiny “Bookworm,” which has been running the show since November 2021. Excitingly, our hands-on experience with Bookworm extends beyond the digital realm. We’ve rigorously tested the 64-bit version on both reTerminal and reTerminalDM devices, ensuring a firsthand understanding of its performance and capabilities. Find out more.  


04. Enhancing Neonatal Care with mmWave and IoT-Based Real-Time Incubator Monitoring System

Explore this neonatal incubator monitoring system, utilizing environmental and mmWave sensors to track the incubator’s environment. Collected data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile app and logged on a cloud platform for real-time monitoring. The project enhances premature baby care by offering healthcare providers valuable insights into the incubator’s conditions. Read more.


05. Empowering Travel Safety with XIAO ESP32S3 Sense, Round Display for XIAO, and TinyML: AI-Driven Keychain Detection for Instant Alerts and Location Request



Introducing an AI-powered BLE Travel Emergency Assistant utilizing XIAO ESP32S3 Sense, Round Display for XIAO, and TinyML. Detect keychains for emergency alerts, notifying contacts via WhatsApp/SMS, with added functionality for requesting location info from the Maps API. Learn more.


06. Smart Home Sustainability: Vision-based Water Meter Monitoring and Efficient Water Management with Home Assistant


The integration of Home Assistant with a vision-based machine learning model for water meter monitoring is a groundbreaking step towards smarter and more efficient home automation. This project offers a multitude of advantages that can greatly enhance your home management. Discover more.


07. Open Manufacture: Ensuring Flawless Long-Range Communication – The SenseCAP T1000 LoRa Antenna Tests

Discover how we guarantee top-notch long-range communication in the SenseCAP T1000 by taking you behind the scenes into the intricate world of LoRa antenna testing. Read more.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation. More Entries of Open Manufacture Here.

📚 IV. Seeed Wiki and Know-Hows

01. LPWAN Dev Kit for Sidewalk

The LPWAN Asset Tracker Dev kit is based on Wio-WM1110 Wireless Module, gathers location data via passive WiFi scanning or GNSS, and communicates with the Amazon Sidewalk network bridges using the BLE and/or LoRa radios. Check Out today.


02. EcoEye Embedded Vision Camera Introduction



EcoEye is a camera with on-board machine vision capabilities encased in a portable and waterproof housing designed for remote deployments. Based on the openMV H7 Plus Cam, it is easy to set up and flexible to numerous applications. Learn more.


03. Color Detection with reTerminal and Pi camera with OpenCV



Color detection, a core component of computer vision, involves identifying and analyzing colors in digital images or videos. Color spaces are fundamental in image processing, and OpenCV supports several, each serving unique purposes. Find out more.


04. Getting Started with Roboflow Inference on NVIDIA® Jetson Devices

This wiki guide explains how to easily deploy AI models using Roboflow inference server running on NVIDIA Jetson devices. Here we will use Roboflow Universe to select an already trained model, deploy the model to the Jetson device and perform inference on a live webcam stream!. Check out today.


05. The Efforts of Contributor: Grove – Wio-E5 Helium and TinyML Application Demo


Thanks our contributor salmanfarisvp to do this assisgnment! In this wiki, we are going to build a project that utilize tinyML and helium LoRa IoT network to prevent illegal wood logging. Learn more.

06. Automatically integrate all your SenseCAP Sensors to Home Assistant



This wiki constitutes the complete step-by-step tutorial for integrating SenseCAP into the Home Assistant platform. Home Assistant has the capability to seamlessly integrate different types of devices from various platforms into a single ecosystem, facilitating cross-platform interoperability. Find out more.

🤝 V. Co-Create With Seeed

01. Recreating a Fictional Character with Raspberry Pi Pico W & Seeed Studio Fusion

We are thrilled to share with you a remarkable project that brings a fictional character to life through an ingenious blend of mechanical engineering. Hannu, one of our talented makers, has taken inspiration from the Addams Family’s ‘Thing’ and has created a fantastic robotic version of it using Seeed Studio Fusion‘s PCB manufacturing services. In this article, we will delve into the details of this project and unveil the remarkable results. Explore more here.


02. Bring Optics to Life, Expand Perception Network to the Microscopic Level



This open-source microscopy called ESPressoscope hit the community and showed us something disruptive was happening. It’s an espresso cup-sized XIAO ESP32S3 Sense-empowered microscopy developed by Benedict Diederich and Vittorio Saggiomo. It can be used to find tardigrades around your garden and is good enough to see zooplankton and other micro-particles like microplastic. Check out how amazing is this!


03. A Micro FPV RC Car Transformed from a Regular Hot Wheels Model Car powered by XIAO ESP32S3 Sense



Join Max Imagination on an exhilarating journey as he transforms a regular Hot Wheels car (Porsche 993 GT2) into an Arduino-based micro FPV RC Drift Car! Using tiny, Arduino-compatible wifi-supported XIAO ESP32S3 Sense — the car runs web applications for control and a thrilling First-Person-View video feed. Find out more.

04. Manufacture Your Wio-E5-Based PCBA Designs for FREE with Fusion



Do you have any interesting designs using Wio-E5 or Wio-E5-LE? Would you like your designs to be validated through small-batch manufacturing? Do you want to share your story with the community? Share it with us, and we can help you turn it into reality. Get Involved in Fusion PCBA Sponsorship for Wio-E5 & Wio-E5-LE.


05. Snake Recognition System: Harnessing LoRaWAN and XIAO ESP32S3 Sense for TinyML



Snakes often pose a danger on farms, especially those with venomous species that can cause serious medical emergencies. This XIAO ESP32S3 Sense-driven Snake Recognition System aims to detect snakes in farm fields and alert people via LoRaWAN. Find out more.

🌈 VI. Community Project Spotlight

01. Seeed MR60BHA1: Presence, Breathing, and Heartbeat Sensing, by Vinay YN

Discover the MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Module, a versatile sensor employing Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave (FMCW) detection. Check out Vinay YN and CETECH11’s innovative system, also integrating an IR temperature sensor for illness and stress detection. Explore more here.


That’s all for today, thank you all for reading through this October & November Monthly Wrap-up in your spare time. (It is indeed a fruitful month!) If you wanna share what projects you’re working on, shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, let us know on LinkedIn and Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster.




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