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I’m excited to share that Seeed Monthly is back with a new issue for March, featuring our latest news and updates. This month’s edition includes 4 exciting projects from our community, a bunch of new products, inspiring cases studies in industries of smart city, energy management, silo monitoring and many more. You can also expect YOLOv8 performance on our edge AI devices, and also how you can co-create your design with our Fusion Licensing program. Let’s dive in to find out what’s been happening at Seeed Studio!

📰 Big News That You Don't Wanna Miss

01 Seeed Studio Unveils Its Latest Advanced Perception System to Leverage Digital Transformation for Industries

Seeed Studio, the IoT Hardware Partner, announced its latest roadmap of an advanced perception system of modules, devices and solutions. Aiming to bring system integrators a full toolkit of sensing, networking, and edge computing to leverage digital transformation in industries, these new releases are available for pre-order with more details in the company’s Product Catalog. Learn more about the product launch here.

02 Launch of Our New Wiki, Powered by GitHub

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of our new open wiki platform. This upgraded platform is the home of all our technical documentation, covering Sensor, Network, Edge, and the Cloud & Chain. It also represents our commitment to making technology accessible for all via a more open, interactive, and inclusive platform. More importantly, the new wiki is hosted on GitHub, enabling the whole community to get involved in contributions. More details.

03 It’s a Wrap! Seeed at LoRaWAN Live in Orlando

We are proud to be the Silver Sponsor of the LoRaWAN Live Orlando, organized by LoRa Alliance this year. LoRa Alliance has gathered amazing resources and created a vibrant ecosystem to leverage the strength of LoRaWAN for various vertical industries in different markets around the world. For this blog, we’ll walk you through our involvement at LoRaWAN Live Orlando as booth, 2 panel discussions, 1 keynote speech. Read the full recap here.

🌳 Case Study in Industrial Settings

01 Utilizing EdgeBox-RPi-200 for Battery Monitoring and Safety Assurance

With EdgeBox-RPi-200, the project connects to on-site data acquisition devices, enabling efficient data collection and real-time transmission of alarms and push notifications to engineers’ mobile phones. The system ensures that any issues are dealt with promptly and effectively. Read more.

02 Sustainable Data for Business Environment Perception in Smart City

German startup Bauta delivered powerful edge video analysis solutions to provide business organizations and local departments an intelligent insight for target group preferences and accurate advertising suggestions, by using reComputer J2021 and Bauta sensors to protect data privacy. Read more here.

03 SenseCAP LoRaWAN Devices Provide Remote Real-Time Monitoring for Silos in Denmark

By working with Lindcom, SenseCAP LoRaWAN devices have been used for remote, real-time monitoring of silos in Denmark. These devices provide accurate and timely data on the temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels inside the silos, allowing farmers to optimize their storage conditions and prevent spoilage. The blog highlights the reliability and ease of use of SenseCAP, as well as its ability to integrate with other IoT platforms. More details here.

04 Providing Clean Drinking Water with EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 in Remote and Harsh Environments

On-site water filtration is a critical process that ensures the safety of drinking water. With EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, system integrators can filter dirty and polluted water, monitor various parameters during the filtration process, and ensure clean sewage and clean drinking water at a lower cost. This blog explains how EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 is used in the water treatment industry to improve the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment, reduce operating costs and environmental pollution, and provide people with cleaner drinking water. Read more.

05 reTerminal and Winsplatform: Building an Efficient Water Management SCADA System

In this project, the reTerminal was used for a water management SCADA system, which involved integrating the self developed SCADA system Winsplatform into the system for data acquisition and monitoring of water engineering projects. The system was designed to collect various types of data from sensors on-site and transmit them to the cloud via 4G communication, triggering alerts when necessary. More details here.

06 Revolutionize Your Smart Building with EdgeBox-RPI-200: Advanced Energy Management and Access Control Solutions

Digitize and automate buildings matters to modern society’s sustainability. By proactively making buildings smarter, carbon footprint can be minimized, and overall well-being can be promoted. Seeed Studio’s EdgeBox-RPI-200 has fulfilled one end customer’s digitalization demand as being part of our partner’s smart building solution to control devices in an intelligent and efficient way. More details here.

07 Enhancing Construction Site Security with EdgeBox-ESP-100 in Canada

In the construction industry, edge computing and cloud connectivity can be combined to enhance site security and safety. By connecting sensors such as motion detectors and alram sirens to an edge controller, enhanced by smart software and cloud service, construction companies can monitor and control various aspects of their sites in real time. Seeed Studio’s EdgeBox-ESP-100 has been integrated into one of our system integrator partner’s solution aiming at enhancing construction field safety, enabling remote monitoring and control. More details.

🤖️ Products & Tech Updates

01 Introducing reTerminal DM: The Integrated Device Master You’ve Been Waiting For

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Raspberry Pi CM4-powered HMI device – reTerminal DM! This new solution is designed to address the common challenge of managing distributed digital systems. It is a consolidated HMI/IIoT Gateway/PLC/Panel PC all-in-one device with many hats, and cost efficient enough to dedicate as any one of them.  More details here.

02 NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit is available to pre-order now at Seeed Studio

The NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano Developer Kit sets a new standard for creating entry-level AI-powered robots, smart drones, and intelligent cameras, and simplifies getting started with the Jetson Orin Nano series. With up to 80X the performance of Jetson Nano, it can run all modern AI models, including transformer and advanced robotics models. More details here.

03 YOLOv8 Performance Benchmarks on NVIDIA Jetson Devices

This blog will talk about the performance benchmarks of all the YOLOv8 models running on different NVIDIA Jetson devices. We have specifically selected 3 different Jetson devices for this test, and they are the Jetson AGX Orin 32GB H01 KitreComputer J4012 built with Orin NX 16GB, and reComputer J2021 built with Xavier NX 8GB. Read the full blog here.

04 SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot and Its Service Package

At Seeed, we believe that providing innovative and affordable products is an effective way to boost the diverse applications. With that in mind, we recently launched the SenseCAP M2 Light Hotspot , a high-performance LoRaWAN gateway at $99 MSRP, including a $50 onboarding fee charged by Helium. We are excited to introduce a new subscription-based pricing model for the SenseCAP Service Package which is used to enable effective POC and remote access. Learn why we introduced this pricing here.

05 Product Name Change for 114992986

To make it easier for the community to memorize, we’ve changed the name of  SenseCAP S2110 Grove to MODBUS RS485 Converter  (SKU: 114992986) into SenseCAP S2110 Sensor Builder. More details here.

🏭 Co-Create with Seeed

01 Your Next Success Story Made Possible By Licensing—— From 0.1 To ∞ With Seeed Studio

To encourage more creators and grow with our community together, we are launching the Co-create Program! Licensing is one of the fastest ways to bring your idea to life and get it into the hands of users. By licensing your product, you can allow the licensee (in this case, Seeed Studio) to handle all aspects of manufacturing, marketing, order processing, and distribution while you earn money on every product sold. If your idea resonates with our community’s values and interests, we would love to have you on board! More details here.

02 Grove – Lightning Sensor(AS3935) Designed by Davide Cogliati 

Since the launch of our Co-Invent Grove Sensor Program, we’ve been receiving lots of inspiring designs and 5 of them are already available on our store. Now, let’s shed the light on one of these licensed product: Grove – Lightning Sensor(AS3935) Designed by Davide Cogliati, which helps people detect and prepare for unpredictable thunderstorms. The sensor can measure both the distance and intensity of lightning strikes. The AS3935 sensor is also equipped with a noise floor monitor to reduce false alarms, making it an ideal tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and those who work in fields that are sensitive to weather conditions. More to read.

🚀 Community Project Spotlight

01 ESP32 Coffee Grinder by Tech Dregs

Updating a Eureka Mignon Crono espresso grinder to dispense arbitrary weights of coffee, using the Seeed XIAO ESP32C3 (in Arduino). Making an Android app for BLE (bluetooth low energy) connectivity with MIT App Inventor (offline version).  Get the source code here.

02 Visual CO2 Indoor Air Quality Sensor by Christopher Mendez Martinez

This project is powered by Grove Starter Kit, and it can detect CO2 in a visual way. When CO2 is high, the bird-shape sensor dies, which indicates the owner to open a window to revive it. Full documentation here.

03 Comovis (CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensor for EspHome) by Nayel Khouatra

Powered by XIAO ESP32C3, Grove Air Quality Sensor, Comovis gives you insight into the air you breathe; monitor PM2.5 particles, temperature, humidity, and more. With the lights indicator, you’ll be able to know at a glance whether your air is safe or hazardous. You can also use Home Assistant platform to check air quality on your phone or PC. More details here.

04 Image Captioning for the Visually Impaired and Blind People by Shakhizat Nurgaliyev

Powered by a reComputer NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, this project used an ExpansionNet v2 image captioning model with Microsoft COCO as dataset. Inference optimization tools were utilized to deploy intricate deep learning models on edge devices by reducing the memory footprints. Captions were converted into audio and played through headphones allowing individuals who are visually impaired to comprehend what is in front of them. More to read here.

05 Vote for Seeed Project of the Month- March on LinkedIn

Every month, we’ll select 4 amazing community projects to run the Seeed Project of the Month campaign and invite the community to vote out the winning project. Now it’s time to decide the Seeed Project of the Month- March. Vote to get the chance to win a $50 Seeed Coupon by April 13th!

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. We’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!

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If you’re new to this session, here is a brief intro. We have gotten dozens of requests over the years for a Seeed Monthly Newsletter. Although we already have a newsletter for weekly updates, we still need a place to host overall information about what’s happened on a monthly basis. It can offer an efficient and friendly way to get updated for the whole community. And that’s what we expect for our Seeed Monthly Wrap-ups. Instead of putting it as a subscribe-to-read, we’re publishing them on our blog, keeping it as open and accessible as possible for the whole community. For each entry, we will cover awesome projects from the community, campaigns that we are running, new products, IIoT Solutions, and even secret recipes for prototyping and manufacturing.

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