Revolutionize Your Smart Building with EdgeBox-RPI-200: Advanced Energy Management and Access Control Solutions, Success

Digitize and automate buildings matters to modern society’s sustainability. By proactively making buildings smarter, carbon footprint can be minimized, and overall well-being can be promoted.


Seeed Studio’s EdgeBox-RPI-200 has fulfilled one end customer’s digitalization demand as being part of our partner’s smart building solution to control devices in an intelligent and efficient way.


Seeed Hardware Solution: EdgeBox-RPI-200

Industry: Smart Building

Solution Deployment: Italy



We live and work in buildings every day, but have you ever wondered what a smart building is like? What is the connection between smart buildings and our lives, and why should we care about them?


A smart building is an intelligent and connected structure that uses advanced technology to optimize energy usage, enhance comfort and productivity, and improve safety and security. Smart buildings use sensors, automation systems, and data analytics to gather information about building systems and occupants, and use that information to make intelligent decisions about how to operate the building.


To assist the end customer in digitalizing their buildings, our system integration partners deployed our EdgeBox-RPI-200 pre-installed with 4G module together with their cloud platform in field, resulting in healthier and safer environment, and lower operation costs.


As the world continues to urbanize and buildings become more complex, the importance of smart building will only continue to grow.

The Challenge

Traditionally, in a smart building scenario, a gateway is used to connect and manage various building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security, and provide a central platform for data analysis and control.


The gateway helps to collect and process data from different building systems and sensors, and transmit that data to a central server for analysis. It can also receive commands from the central server to control building systems, such as adjusting the temperature or turning off lights in unoccupied rooms.


However, the effectiveness of the gateway will depend on its capabilities, compatibility with other building systems, and the quality of data it collects and processes. They typically have limited capabilities in terms of data processing and control, and hence they may not be able to scale effectively to accommodate the needs of larger, more complex building systems.


To optimize building digitalization, it is beneficial to incorporate a PLC into the system to provide more robust and flexible control capabilities.

The Solution

Our EdgeBox-RPI-200 is selected to perform as the controller in the building, each building comes with one controller.


It works with gateways and sensors, receiving information from sensors and sending commands to devices through gateways, and helps making buildings smart through following ways:

1) Automation/Energy Management:

It automates lighting and HVAC in the building owing to sensors and feedback mechanisms. It can adjust the lighting and temperature of a room or building based on occupancy, time of day, and other factors.

2) Access Control

It is used to control access to certain areas of a building by using biometric scanners or smart card readers.


The solution diagram is illustrated below:

Why EdgeBox-RPI-200

[Linux Compatible] Our system integrator partner’s solution is Linux-based, and the EdgeBox-RPI-200 is powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 core and hence can operate in the open-source ecosystem, including Linux, greatly saving the development cost.


[Rich IO/Interface, Support multiple Industrial Protocols] As the controller center, the EdgeBox-RPI-200 is required to connect the field devices as well as partner’s cloud platform, therefore, it needs to be equipped with various communication capabilities. The Edgebox-RPI-200 has Mini PCIe slot support 4G /LoRaWAN connectivity, ethernet port, and isolated serial communication port (RS485/RS232), making it a perfect fit for the customer.


[Competitive Price] Compared with that of traditional PLC, the price of our Edge controller series is much lower, greatly reducing the project costs.


The Results

EdgeBox-RPI-200, gateways, and field sensors work together to achieve significant energy savings without compromising occupant comfort or safety, and enhance security and safety for occupants and assets.

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