Enhancing Construction Site Security with EdgeBox-ESP-100

In the construction industry, edge computing and cloud connectivity can be combined to enhance site security and safety. By connecting sensors such as motion detectors and alram sirens to an edge controller, enhanced by smart software and cloud service, construction companies can monitor and control various aspects of their sites in real time.

Seeed Studio’s EdgeBox-ESP-100 has been integrated into one of our system integrator partner’s solution aiming at enhancing construction field safety, enabling remote monitoring and control.

Seeed Hardware Solution: EdgeBox-ESP-100

Industry: Construction Security

Solution Deployment: Canada


Construction site security is a critical aspect of any construction project. With valuable equipment, materials, and supplies on site, construction sites are often targeted by thieves and vandals, leading to costly losses and project delays.

Furthermore, construction sites can be dangerous places, with heavy machinery, power tools, and other hazards that can result in accidents and injuries.

By monitoring construction site security, construction companies can protect their assets, reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and ensure the success of their projects.

The Challenge

Traditional security measures at construction sites include hiring security guards and implementing access control systems. While these measures can be effective to some extent, they have limitations. Security guards can be expensive to hire and may not be able to monitor the entire site at all times, while access control systems can be bypassed or hacked if not properly secured.

Installing surveillance cameras onsite is also a common option, but it may not be able to provide real-time alerts or notifications, if there is no edge computing devices on premise; or there are edge devices, but due to insufficient computing capability, or lack of backup network connection, delays in receiving alerts or notifications from sensors occur, resulting in missing opportunities to detect potential threats or incidents in a timely manner.

The Solution

In this specific solution, surveillance devices such as cameras and sensors are connected to two edge controllers, one is the original edge controller, while the other is our EdgeBox-ESP-100. The data collected by the surveillance devices is processed by both edge controllers, which can perform tasks such as object detection, and trigger alarm.

The EdgeBox ESP-100 here supplement the original controller by providing additional computing capabilities, adding capability to connect more sensors owing to its multiple DIO/AIO interfaces, and also connect to a backup modem connection to ensure that the system remains operational even if the primary connectivity option fails.

Both of the edge controllers act as the local computing hub, processing data from the sensors and communicating with a cloud service to enable remote monitoring and control. Cloud connectivity allows for remote access and control of the edge controller, enabling construction companies to respond quickly to potential threats or incidents.

The solution diagram is illustrated as below:

Why EdgeBox-ESP-100

[Rich DIO/AIO] As the edge controller, the EdgeBox-ESP-100 is required to connect multiple field surveillance devices, therefore, it needs to be equipped with various interfaces. The EdgeBox-ESP-100 has 10 DIO and 6 AIO, making it a perfect fit for the customer.

[Multi-communication Capability] In addition to connecting field devices, the EdgeBox-ESP-100 has to connect to partner’s cloud platform as well as communicate with another edge controller. The Built-in Wifi, BLE connectivity, embedded 4G LTE module as well as 100M RJ45 ethernet port of the device enable it to communicate with external platform/devices easily.

[Edge Computing Capability] Powered by ESP32, the EdgeBox-ESP-100 comes with a variety of hardware interfaces, and can be programmed using a variety of development environments and languages, our parnter can easily integrate their software on the device to perform edge data processing.

The Results

Construction sites are filled with potential hazards that pose risks to trespassers, vandals, and thieves who often steal tools and materials, cause property damage, and even file liability lawsuits due to injuries sustained on the site.

This solution, owing to our partner’s effort, providing 24/7 recording, high-quality video evidence, and a deterrent effect to help construction industry avoid costly litigation and protect their property from intruders.

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