Sustainable Data for Business Environment Perception in Smart City

Bauta delivered powerful edge video analysis solutions to provide business organizations and local departments an intelligent insight for target group preferences and accurate advertising suggestions, by using reComputer J2021 and Bauta sensors to protect data privacy.

Seeed Hardware: reComputer J2021 with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module

Use Case Provider: Bauta

Application: Visitor Analysis & Pedestrian Count in Privacy

Industry: Smart City

Deployment Project: Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Nowadays, more and more companies, cities, and municipalities have decided to access more insight into smart data models to avoid security issues in advance. The city departments and companies need to analyze the urban visitor frequency including basic portraits and locations so that they can clearly understand the sales potential of the business sites and promote sustainably successful smart city concepts to help strengthen the local economy. However, the results of such analysis only have practical and ethical application significance when broad-based data protects the privacy of all visitors.


In recent years, the proliferation of smart cameras has sparked a global debate on balance between data potential and privacy intrusion. The potential for unlimited data capture and analysis by smart cameras is undeniable, but the privacy implications of such technology cannot be ignored. Moreover, retail, out-of-home advertisers, and public city departments need to get intelligent insights by analyzing visitors’ frequency and customer behavior data to help improve local economic growth. Remember, all of the smart advertising instructions should also be under the protection of individual privacy.


With the development of blind sensors like BAUTA, a compromise between data potential and privacy can be reached. These sensors do not process images “on the fly” anymore, which eliminates the risk of third-party tapping and preserves anonymity. But instead, they already perceive their environment fully and permanently in an unrecognizable way. Therefore, the recordings do not allow access to individual identities but can be analyzed for anonymous information with the help of specially trained neural networks.

There are two essential components in this system:

  • Seeed reComputer J2021 with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, which helps process and analyze all the sensing data from the moving crowds. The metrics include gender, age distribution, visitor frequency, dwell time, moving direction, traffic analysis/count & vehicle categories. All information points can be collected completely anonymously and are compliant with the very strict data protection regulations General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR).
  • Bauta sensors, which record a scenario as an unrecognizable pixel cloud.

It is important to balance the potential benefits of data collection and analysis and the ethical considerations surrounding privacy to create a sustainable future for all.

Why reComputer

Bauta chooses Seeed for the solution collaboration, using reComputer J2021 with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, especially relying on the J202 carrier board that fits Bauta’s specific components and requirements, because Seeed supports Bauta with good quality hardware, quick response, and helpful service.

Seeed reComputer J2021 with the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module is a powerful and compact intelligent edge box to bring up to 21TOPS modern AI performance to the edge. Its high AI performance and rich I/O options, which include USB 3.1 ports(4x), M.2 key E for WIFI, M.2 Key M for SSD, RTC, CAN, Raspberry Pi GPIO 40-pin, combing the aluminum case, cooling fan, and pre-installed JetPack System, allow for fast and accurate video analytics. The reComputer’s versatility across different industries makes it a convenient solution for businesses looking to improve their video analysis capabilities. 

Business Impact & Result

Based on the sensor data, Out of home-marketers can accurately evaluate and price the reach of the advertising spaces (analogous to online advertising) transparently. This increases the willingness to pay, as the uncertainty of success decreases. In addition, advertising can be targeted more specifically to the desired target groups on the base of collecting demographic data. This increases advertising success. Since advertising spaces are well distributed at highly frequented city nodes, the frequency data can be directly recycled for smart city projects. This way, cities can know how many people and vehicles are at any given time without investing in their measuring systems.

Therefore, It helps push ahead with new business models in (D)OOH: Recommend locations to your customers that match the target group, charge for a booking based on actual (target group) contacts, or offer unique premium tariffs with well-founded success data at the end of each campaign. This allows the establishment of an innovation ecosystem, such as companies that use live traffic data to offer intelligent rerouting systems to reduce congestion and noise. Moreover, visitors don’t need to concern about the fear of being exposed to monitor systems. All of the data is anonymous and are ethical considerations surrounding privacy to create a sustainable future.

About Bauta

BAUTA is a young German startup, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the state of Baden-Württemberg. With its Privacy-by-Design Concept, it technically solves the conflict of interest between “innovation vs. data protection” and enables computer vision access to the European Union. Bauta dedicates to promoting effective solutions which give innovation a unique data platform to support young start-ups and companies with sustainably successful smart city concepts, and also help strengthen the local economy by analyzing regular visitor data.

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