Smart Farming Together with Seeed Studio Edge Controller and reTerminal DM

The greenhouse and poultry farming can use sensors to monitor and control environmental parameters for optimal plant and animal growth.


Introducing the Edgebox-RPI-200, an IIoT gateway device that can automate the field devices and allow remote access and monitoring. The reTerminal DM is a touch panel that can display real-time and historical data and enable configuration changes, with this smart farming technology solution it can help farm owners lower costs, increase quality and quantity, and enhance sustainability.


Seeed Hardware: RS485 CO2 sensor, Edgebox-RPI-200, reTerminal DM

Software: CODESYS runtime, IIoT library, Node-RED, MQTT

Industry: Smart Farming

Solution Deployment: China



Greenhouse farming and poultry farming can benefit from using sensors to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture levels and more.


For example, soil moisture sensors can assess the efficiency of your irrigation system by reporting fluctuations in soil humidity levels and help adjust the irrigation system to water the plants according to actual water use. Temperature and humidity sensors can provide ideal temperatures for plant growth and development. Which will increase productivity and reduce risk of diseases and environmental related losses.

The Challenge

Modern agriculture has many complex challenges. Farmers need to deal with many problems, including how to cope with climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss, satisfy consumers’ changing tastes and expectations, meet rising demand for more food of higher quality, invest in farm productivity, adopt and learn new technologies.

The Solution

Edgebox-RPI-200 is a simple use and setup IIoT gateway device to provide the solution on automatically control the field devices such as ventilations system and irrigation system in the farming area by setting the threshold of the sensor data from Industrial standard MODBUS sensors, by utilizing the codesys development environment it allows the solution integrators who are familiar with industrial standard IEC 61131-3 programming environment to develop control applications for their customers, and the CODESYS IIoT library enables the farm owners to monitor the status and manually react to the emergency conditions and control onsite environment remotely.


The reTerminal DM allows the onsite operator to access the real-time data as well as the historical data, also they could change the configuration and settings accordingly by utilizing the touch panel.

The Results

Smart farming technology can help reduce overall costs and improve the quality and quantity of products, the sustainability of agriculture and the end-user experience for the consumer. By making farming more connected and intelligent. The new generation Farm owners can be benefited from new farming technology such as higher crop productivity, reduced usage of water and fertilizer, less runoff of chemicals and increased safety for employees working the land.

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