Wrap-up for September: New Sections, Wiki of the Month, Community Projects and More

So, for this monthly post, let’s re-structure a bit. 4 new sections deliver you 5 pieces of exciting news, 1 Wiki of the Month, 6 amazing community projects and case studies! 

Hey community, are you ready for the new entry of our monthly wrap-up? Here it comes, with quite a renovation as I believe it’s time to welcome a new and easy-to-catch-up structure. As you’ll read, the Seeed Monthly consists of 4 sections including News, Tech, Build and Deploy.


In the News section, you can expect to learn more about our product releases, updates, events, partnerships, and more; Meanwhile, in the Tech section, we’ll be sharing industry trends and insights, tech tree, technical experiments that we are doing and how we develop a product in Shenzhen. You might get it from the name “Build”, you can get tons of wikis on how to get started, open manufacture, and how we co-create and collaborate with the community in this section. Last but not least, community projects, case studies, and tech for good programs can be found in the Deploy section.


Getting excited? Let’s read on!

📰 News: Product Updates, Events, Partnerships

01 4 Judging Criteria, 122 Project Submissions for #IoT2Wild Contest 2022 and Let’s Tune in for Online Winner Announcement on Oct 11

During the 4-months-long journey of “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” by Seeed Studio, we received 122 completed project documentation submissions to be considered for final Awards. The winners will be announced online, at Hackster’s Impact Summit, on October 11th, 14:15 P.M.-14:30 P.M. by PST. Therefore, REGISTER NOW to Impact Summit and watch the winner announcement LIVE. More details are here.


02 New Product: Observing the Real-time Local Weather with SenseCAP S2120 8-in-1 LoRaWAN Weather Sensor

SenseCAP S2120 8-in-1 LoRaWAN weather station offers possibilities to create low power consumption weather systems over a long-range transmission. It comes with all the necessary sensors to collect and upload air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, rainfall, light intensity, UV index, and barometric pressure data, providing stable and reliable readings on the supporting APP and portal.  More details.

03 Partnership + New Products: Accelerate Computer Vision at the Edge with alwaysAI® and Seeed’s Edge Devices

alwaysAI and Seeed Studio partnership

We are glad to partner with alwaysAI together to launch this One-year Subscription for Computer Vision Accelerated Edge Deployment for Developers. This subscription allows AI enterprise developers fast build up robust custom models and deployed them at the edge faster than ever. Read more here.

04 Breaking News: Seeed Offers Global Shipping for 70 Products

As give-backs to our customers, we started offering free shipping for small packages on over 70 products. As long as the total amount of your order is less than $60 and the total weight of your order is less than 200g, you can select 6 different shipping carriers to enjoy free global shipping.  More details are here.

05 Seeed at Edge Impulse Imagine 2022: 1 Keynote and 1 Workshop

As the biggest edge ML event of the year, Edge Impulse Imagine 2022 took place on 28-30 September in Mountain View, California and streaming worldwide. And Seeed has been invited to attend the conference where our Founder and CEO Eric Pan had a keynote speech of “Making Sense of the Wild With Your Data”. We also conducted an online workshop centering around “Train and Deploy your Own AI Model into a Vision AI Sensor”! More details here. Click here to watch Eric’s speech playback.

🔩 Build: Getting Started, How to, Open Manufacture, Co-Create

01 Wiki of the Month: Quick Start with SenseCAP K1100 – The Sensor Prototype Kit

SenseCAP K1100 comes with all the essential sensors and devices, including a Wio Terminal, an AI Vision Sensor, and a LoRa®-enabled module – that together allows users of all backgrounds and levels to create DIY sensors for data collection and solving real-world challenges. It enables you to rapidly digitize the world using LoRaWAN® and solve real-world challenges. Read the full wiki here.


02 Connect SenseCAP S210X Sensors to Ubidots Using The Things Network LNS in 5 Steps

To meet the growing need for building IoT applications, we’ve been cooperating with Ubidots and supporting the community to add SenseCAP S210X sensors easily to Ubidots by using The Things Network LNS.  The Things Network is a global collaborative Internet of Things ecosystem that creates networks, devices, and solutions using LoRaWAN. Now, let me show you how to add the LoRaWAN sensor to the Ubidots and start collecting data within 5 steps!  Read the wiki here.

03 5 Steps to Connect SenseCAP S210X Sensors to Helium with Datacake Templates

To meet the growing demand for end nodes on the People’s Network, we’ve been working with Datacake to create templates to enable the community to add SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors to the Helium network conveniently and easily. With Datacake templates, you can add any LoRaWAN sensor to the Helium network and start collecting data within 5 steps! More details here.

04 Co-Create | Grove Module Design Contest

To give back to the community and make your great ideas a reality, Seeed Fusion is now launching the Grove Module Design Campaign to help engineers turn your Grove designs into real products. All participants will get the chance to win over $300USD in cash prizes by entering the campaign! Click here to learn how to enter the Grove Sensor Co-Design Campaign. Learn more.

05 Introducing SenseCraft: The Open Source Project of No-Code Smart Sensor Builder

SenseCraft is an open-source software platform to build smart sensors with no code. It delivers a complete out-of-the-box solution to sense the real-world, process data, and send the data to the cloud in the easiest and fastest way possible with no coding experience at all! With this toolkit, we’ll break down the process of displaying sensor data into 3 actions: Sense, Process, and Uplink. It is now compatible with Wio Terminal, and you are all invited to experience this toolkit by downloading the Release. Feel free to contribute to the project to make it compatible with more hardware platforms. Experience the toolkit here.

🤖️ Deploy: Community Projects, Case Study, Tech for Good

01 Case Study: Nibiaa Brings LoRaWAN IoT Solution to Precision Agriculture

System Integrator Nibiaa is working on three major objectives, remote tea garden monitoring using IoT solutions, proper data tracking and reporting for data-driven decision making, and carbon accounting & carbon credit calculations by collecting raw data through IoT Sensors. Nibiaa conducted field Trials and pilot project Installation of LoRaWAN-based environmental Devices in 3 Tea Estates in North Eastern part of India. Based on the Data collected Nibiaa built dashboards for Tea Garden Managers to access from anywhere across the globe and remotely monitor conditions in the Tea Garden.  Click to read the full story.



02 Community Project: IoT AI-driven Tree Disease Identifier w/ Edge Impulse & MMS by Kutluhan Aktar

It’s an easy-to-use and budget-friendly device powered by SenseCAP K1100 Kit to detect tree diseases with object detection in the hope of providing an advanced and accessible way to prevent contagious tree diseases. It can detect tree diseases and get informed of the results via MMS to prevent them from spreading and harming forests, farms, and arable lands. More details.

03 Community Project: Kidoairaku Swallowtail: a cute butterfly-shaped keyboard by swallow

Kidoairaku Swallowtail: a cute butterfly-shaped keyboard

It’s a butterfly-shaped, shining, 54key keyboard challenging to Seeed Studio XIAO pins limitation. Learn more here.

04 Community Project: NOMOS: Mosquito growth monitoring system by Rifqi Abdillah

NOMOS: Mosquito growth monitoring system

It’s a mosquito growth monitoring system based on temperature, humidity, and water flow at the sewer lines to minimize the spread of dengue fever. Read more.

05 Community Project: MonSand: Monitoring Illegal Sand Mining by Raunak Singh

MonSand: Monitoring Illegal Sand Mining

It’s a system that can detect Illegal Sand Mining powered by Vision AI. Based on the photos and audio of illegal sand mining machines operating collected, it can detect if there is illegal sand mining going on. Read more.


06 Community Project: Smart Lake – early detection of algae bloom by Mithun Das and Sashrika Das

Smart Lake - early detection of algae bloom

Using data from different sensors and ML on the edge, this device can detect early sign of algae bloom and notify authorities or citizens. Read more.


07 Vote for Seeed Project of the Month September on LinkedIn by Oct 10 to Win a $50 Coupon

Hey community, ready for the vote to decide on the Seeed Project of the Month-September? As a thank-you gift for your involvement, we’ll give away two $50 Seeed Coupons, 2 lucky voters will be announced on October 10th! Vote now.


🏭 Trends and Insights, Tech Tree, Shenzhen Lab

01 Home Automation with Raspberry Pi: Home Assistant, Router, NVR and more!

Using Raspberry Pi as a smart home device is not strange. You can set up it for a secure soft router, firewall, smart home hub, or local NVR, or you can use Home Assistant to integrate everything together! Let’s take a look at how to use Seeed’s Raspberry Pi CM4-based devices mini router and reTerminal to work with a local home automation system and customize it in a controller hub! We will continue on more applications in this blog, feel free to share with you cool apps you’ve tried! Read the details.

02 I2C Communication Protocol and How It Works

Maybe you have heard about I2C or you have already used I2C before, but have you ever understood what I2C is? How does I2C work? This blog will show you everything that you need to know about I2C including its definition, features, data transmission, and more. Read the full post here.

03 How We Tested the Performance of SenseCAP ONE Weather Station

The design quality, structure and material of SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensor are proven through extensive performance tests and will be introduced in this blog. Read it here.

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!


#Notes at the end.

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