Monthly Wrap-up April 2022: Edge AI, No-Code, LoRaWAN, CAN Bus, and more

For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ll cover 3 exciting event recaps, 5 amazing community-built-up projects, 3 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, 2 new product surveys, and 2 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed!

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How is everything going? We were brought into the lovely May by the 5-day International Workers Day Holiday. Now, let’s summarize a bit for April. For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ll cover 3 exciting event recaps, 5 amazing community-built-up projects, 3 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, 2 new product surveys, and 2 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed! 

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📰 News that You Might Wanna Know️️

01 2022 Seeed Studio Product Launch: Cutting Edge IoT and AI Technology to Digitalize the Wild

For those who missed our annual product launch where we unveiled a series of 12+ AIoT solutions for outdoor applications, covering devices from low-power sensors to ultra-long-range gateways featuring Edge AI, here are concise and to-the-point highlights from the event.


02 Seeed Studio Codecraft Recognized Finalist by Edtech Awards 2022

A piece of exciting news to share is that right after being recognized by the Bett Awards 2022, our Graphical Programming Platform for Edge Machine Learning Codecraft, is nominated as a finalist in the artificial intelligence (AI) solution category of the EdTech Awards 2022. Read more.


03 Edge AI Partner Program: Accelerate Your Next-Gen AI Product, Deliver AI Solutions Across Industries Together

We’re launching our Edge AI Partner Program where we call for Edge AI solution makers to join to collaborate for full AI solutions to achieve digital transformation. If you are working on AI products based on NVIDIA Jetson Platform including Jetson Nano/ Xavier NX/ AGX Xavier/Jetson AGX Orin, feel free to join our Edge AI Partner ecosystem. More to read here. 


04 Earth Day 2022 Special: Calling for Sustainable Fellows for “IoT Into the Wild Initiative”

On Earth Day (April 22), Seeed Studio announces an online kick-off meeting for “IoT Into the Wild Initiative” Fellows, to join forces and resources of multi-stakeholders from various sectors for wildlife conservation, climate crisis, carbon neutrality, and environmental conservation efforts. With this initiative, we aim to create digital solutions with the community for scenarios in the wild. Click to learn more. 


05 Smoother and Richer Search Experience for Seeed Official Store Is Now Available

This year, we have invested significant resources into improving the search function on the website. And now we’re happy to share that the search speed has improved quite a lot and you can find it more user-friendly. Click to learn more here. 



🤖️ Community Project Spotlight

01 Seeeduino XIAO Weather Station Using Expansion Board by Boian Mitov

Boian Mitov shared with us how to build a simple weather station using a Seeeduino XIAO Expansion board, DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor and Visuino program. Check the full tutorial on Instructables.

02 Over-Fermented Fruit Fermentation Using WIO Terminal by Ahmad Radhy

Over-Fermented Fruit Fermentation Using WIO Terminal

Monitoring over-fermented fruits by using WIO Terminal and Multichannel Gas Sensor, connected to Qubitro Cloud through MQTT. Full tutorial here. 

03 eHealth Robot Arm by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango

No alternative text description for this image

It’s a project eHealth Robot Arm by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango. The project aims to be a healthcare system for elderly people or people living alone. By using a Elephant Robotics’s myPalletizer Robot Arm, with the reTerminal as the robot control system, as well as Seeeduino XIAO with its expansion board that integrates an OLED LCD, the eHealth Robot Arm is a system that allows the measurement of some bio-signals through a robot. It could be a personal tool that continuously monitors health in an automatic and intelligent way. More to read. 

04 Google MediaPipe and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino by CAVEDU 

Inspired by the idea of Murtaza Hassan on YouTube, CAVEDU created this cool project with Google MediaPipe and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, which uses gestures to control LED breathing lights! The tutorial in Chinese can be found here. 


05 A Seeeduino Pokémon Gyarados by Seeed COM Team

Gyarados Dragon lighting up

The Gyarados is 3.5 meters long, powered by a Seeeduino Lotus. It has a transparent and luminous spine, a whole-body skeleton made of linden wooden pieces, and a frosted translucent skin made of Polypropylene plastic sheets. It can light up and generate smoke when we dance with it with its skeleton. The step-by-step tutorial can be found here. 


🔩 New Open-Source Products & Updates

01 New Release: Please Meet reTerminal E10-1 Expansion Board

Featuring multiple bridge IC and high-function peripherals, this expansion board gives the reTerminal the power of rechargeable and portable functions, enhanced wireless communication and industrial data transmission along with audio capability. It is now available on Seeed official store. Check it out here.


02 LoRa E5 CAN Bus Vehicle Monitoring Device on Its Way

We’re designing a Vehicle Monitoring Device based on a Seeed LoRa E5 and CAN Bus. With this device, you can build a LoRa sensor network where you can use the onboard CAN Bus to read the sensor data of the car and send the data back through LoRa. Any input and feedback for the product design before we move forward to manufacture the product would be appreciated. Shout out your voice here.


03 Event Replay: Learn Your Customer with AI by Zenus Smart Camera

In April we partnered with Panos Moutafis, Co-founder & CEO at Zenus to host an webinar to get to learn retail customer profile with AI. The webinar covers how Ethical Facial Analysis helps to capture relative footfall, customer demographics, and customer satisfaction. Watch the replay now.


04 Wiki: Few-Shot Object Detection with YOLOv5 and Roboflow on Seeed Edge AI Devices Powered by Nvidia

YOLO is one of the most famous object detection algorithms available. It only needs a few samples for training, while providing faster training times and high accuracy. We will demonstrate these features one by one in this wiki, while explaining the complete machine learning pipeline step-by-step where you collect data, label them, train them and finally detect objects using the trained data by running the trained model on an edge device such as the NVIDIA Jetson platform. Also, we will compare the difference between using custom datasets and public datasets. More details here.


05 Webinar Replay: Connect your ROS Project to the Cloud with Nimbus

It’s a collaborative webinar with Cogniteam, presented by Dr.Eli Khalastchi. During the webinar, Dr.Eli introduced Nimbus, a Cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your autonomous robots just drag and drop. More to read.



💻 IIoT Solutions & Their Success Cases

01 Feel Like a No-Code AI Deployment Tool?

Our product team is working on a Browser-based no-code AI tool with the aim to make AI deployment more accessible for developers at our Nvidia Jetson powered-up Edge Computing devices. With this tool, you can drag and drop the 4 blocks to deploy an AI Algorithm to recognize 80 different items through COCO dataset in just 4 steps. Currently, we have made 3 blocks available in the tool, including a video feed block, a detection block with a pre-build AI model, and a video view block. More to read.


02 How We Tested the Long-Range Communication of the new Generation of SenseCAP LoRaWAN S210X Series

In order to make sure the communication distance and stability, we carried out a series of tests in both urban scenes and line of sight environments to get a better understanding of the network connection and delivery rate of the new Generation of SenseCAP LoRaWAN S210X Series sensors, data logger, SenseCAP M2 Data-Only LoRaWAN Gateway and two LoRa Antennas. What is the maximum distance for the communication ranges in the two scenes mentioned above? The test results are out here.


03 Smart Retail: Know Your Customer, Drive Agility in Operation

we’ve been partnering with Zenus, Inc., a leading startup that offers a fully-integrated smart camera solution for behavioral analytics consumer behavior, to provide an all-in-one solution sentiment analysis powered by the NVIDIA Jetson to simplify the process of sentiment analysis and fulfill the retailers’ need to know their customers better. More to read.


04 Intelligent Transportation System for Traffic Management

Want to learn more about how NVIDIA Embedded powered AI solutions can leverage the smart cities applications? For today’s post, let’s dive into solution examples of pedestrian & bicyclists detection in a Cityscape, Real-time car and people detection, automatic license plate recognition, and AI-enabled traffic management camera. Learn more here.



🏭 Manufacturing with Seeed

01 Fusion Case Study: LoRa E5 Powered Indoor Air Pollutants Monitor

Ever wanted to get more detailed insights into the air quality of the home where you are staying a long time? Mircea-Iuliu Micle built up a project to monitor indoor air pollutants based on LoRa E5 with the support of the Seeed Fusion PCBA service. The device features a custom 4-layer PCB, with two antenna options, using a USB cable for power. Read more here. 


02 The Best LoRa-E5 Fusion Case Study Campaign to Explore 3 IoT Possibilities of LoRa E5

With the aim to support global developers to accelerate their IoT project development, our Fusion team has been offering a 100% sponsorship for Lora-E5 projects with our Fusion PCB Assembly Service! Here we’d love to share 3 amazing case study projects powered up by Seeed LoRa E5 Module and our Fusion PCBA prototyping and manufacturing services. More to explore.



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