reTerminal E10-1 - Expansion Board supports DC Jack/PoE/UPS, Gigabit Ethernet, LTE/4G/5G/LoRaWAN, RS485/232, CAN, SATA 2.0

The reTerminal E10-1 is an expansion board for the reTerminal which empowers it rechargeable and portable functions, enhanced wireless communication and industrial data transmission along with audio capability. It ensures the reTerminal is even stronger and allows it to be deployed in more scenarios like high-speed industrial, agriculture applications, or enhanced wireless home, individual usages.

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1. The equipment is not waterproof and can not use alcohol to scrub the shell.

2. The surge pulse input from the DC JACK port may cause device damage. It is highly recommended to use a standard 12V/4A adapter.

3. The UPS-18650 battery is not included in the product.


  • Alternative charging modes: Supply by UPS-18650 dual chargeable battery, DC jack, and PoE function
  • Multiple wireless communication: Provide LoRaWAN/LTE/4G/5G all four data transmission abilities with antennas
  • Onboard industrial interface: Support RS-485, RS-232, and CAN Bus high-speed connection
  • Onboard massive storage: Available card slot supporting SSD with M.2 B KEY, SATA 2.0
  • Onboard audio capability: Equip with two microphones and one speaker for expandable Al-powered capabilities


The reTerminal E10-1 enables you to develop and deploy more edge computing applications while using the reTerminal, the Next Generation of Human Machine Interface. Featuring multiple bridge IC and high-function peripherals, this board gives the reTerminal the power of rechargeable and portable functions, enhanced wireless communication and industrial data transmission along with audio capability.

The reTerminal E10-1 is an expansion board and fully compatible with the reTerminal where they can be simply connected through the industrial high-speed signal connector right in the middle of the board. It applies the charge-discharge function for the reTerminal by equipping the UPS-18650 dual chargeable battery and connecting the DC jack power interface. Furthermore, there has been equipped with a Power over Ethernet(POE) module on the board, thereby the reTerminal E10-1 can be also charged through the Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 connector.


The board supports the reTerminal transmitting the data through the industrial interface like DP9 Connector for RS-232 and integrated 6 Pin Terminal Connector for RS485 and CAN. Meanwhile, there are high-function mini-PCIe and M.2 B Key connectors on the board, which helps the reTerminal to apply LoRaWAN and LTE wireless function and SSD storage ability. Additionally, with an onboard card slot, it can also contribute to the reTerminal to transfer data through 4G/5G communication.


Manufactured by adding dual analog microphones and one speaker, the reTerminal E10-1 employs the audio capability to the reTerminal, thereby enabling the reTerminal to function in more applications like high-speed industrial, agriculture applications, or enhanced wireless home, individual usages. Leveraging the functions on the board, the reTerminal can be deployed in infinite applications like connecting LoRaWAN devices for long-term communication in agriculture, or connecting mmWave radar devices for health care in the home.


  • Industrial: Machine monitoring, security alarm, industrial-level data transmitting and storing
  • Agriculture: Crop monitoring, insect alarm, LoRa/LTE/5G wireless communication
  • Home: Home monitoring, security alarm, power-off supported
  • Individual: Mobile-Human Machine Interaction computer


PowerDC JackSupply power to the reTerminal, the expansion board and the battery in DC 12V @4AThe DC Jack or PoE power supply should be prioritized. If the input power exceeds 15.6V, it will enter the input overvoltage protection state.
PoEThe PoE power input is RJ45 and supports a maximum of 25W power input.
UPS -18650 battery2 x battery holder with fixed pin.During the charging process, the battery will automatically stop charging if it overheats, and LED 2 will flash the alarm.
External I/O RS-485 Interface RS-485 supports a maximum communication rate of 256000 baud Support automatic sending and receiving
Rs-232 Interface Rs-232 supports a maximum communication rate of 256000 baud
CAN CAN at common mode supports 500KBps communication rate, CAN at FD mode supports the communication rate up to 8Mbps
Antenna interface Equip four antennas
RJ45 Interface for Giga Ethernet Equip LAN7800 IC with the RJ45 interface and support PoE module Ethernet supports maximum gigabit rates, but the LAN7800 driver is required
DC jack Power interface DC 12V @4A
100 pins Industrial High-Speed Interface Connect with reTerminal through 100 pins high-speed interface
Internal I/O M.2 Interface Support SSD, M.2 B KEY driver, USB3.0 GEN1 and SATA 2, suitable for 2242/2280 Compatible with B key SSD
Mini-PCIe Support UART, USB2.0, I2C, and SPI communication modes Compatible with WM1302 SPI and WM1302 USB
SIM card slot Insert the LTE/4G/5G sim card The SIM card only supports mini-pcie or M.2 devices at one time and it can be toggled by the swith on the board
Microphone Two Analog Microphones
Speaker 8Ω/1W
Fan 3 Pin Fan Support speed control and speed measurement
Network Wireless Connection M.2 Interface Support 4G/5G wireless modules compatible with SIMCOM 8052 5G
Mini-PCIe Support LTE/4G/LoRaWAN modules compatible with EC25/EC20, LoRaWAN module suggsted Seeed WM1302
SIM card slot Insert the LTE/4G/5G Sim card The SIM card only supports mini-pcie or M.2 devices at one time and it can be toggled by the switch on the board
Antenna interface Equip four antennas
Giga Ethernet Equip LAN7800 IC with the RJ45 interface and support PoE module Ethernet supports maximum gigabit rates, but the LAN7800 driver is required
Display LED1 DC Jack Power status indicator
LED2 LED 2, as the battery status indicator, blinks during the reTerminal startup, and stops blinking after done loading the battery driver. At this time, if the battery is at the charging state, LED 2 will stay lighting, otherwise the LED 2 will be off.

Hardware Overview

Accessories Information

Please kindly know that the accessories below are not included in the package. We provide the information here to help you choose the appropriate accessories.

Aaccessories Information
Note Product Name Remarks
Power cable DC 12V @4A Full power consumption requires 4A power supply, but sometimes partial 2A/3A power supply can also support
Battery 18650 Panasonic NCR18650B 3.6V 3400mAh recommanded
SSD M.2 SSD 2242/2280 M.2 B key (SATA)
4G module EC25/EC20 Tested with Quectel (manufacturer)
5G module SIM8202G Tested with Simcom (manufacturer)
LoRa Module WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway Module (USB/SPI) US/EU WM1302 LoRaWAN Gateway Module

Part List

reTerminal E10-1 - Expansion Board x1
Screw Driver x1


HSCODE 8543909000




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