Hard technology value sharing empowers sustainable ecology.

Seeed has been fueling industrial digitalization by applying IoT solutions jointly with ecosystem partners. 


Since 2008, Seeed has been serving millions of developers with distribution networks in over 180 countries. The number of scaled-up projects incubated by Seeed has reached 1000+, among which the majority of projects are joint innovations between developers and Seeed.

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Quotes from Partners

“We work in primary to secondary education internationally and the Seeed team has been so supportive in getting us set up in the early stages...We look forward to a long-term partnership with Seeed.”
“As a longtime Seeed Fusion customer, the improvements that Seeed has made including to the supply chain, design rules and other options has convinced me to continue most of my projects with Seeed. ”
“Seeed SenseCAP products are important ingredients in our smart farming solution...which are wireless, and their futuristic ergonomic design have cut down our implementation time from 3-4 weeks to a couple of days. It's an integral part of our current and future road map.”
“Seeed's manufacturing and design service provides a mature, well established process to bring your product to the market with the right materials and quality. At RF Explorer we have been working with Seeed for over a decade and know what these guys are able to achieve!”
“Seeed has played a giant role in getting Code Jumper fully developed & manufactured. With all of the problems we have faced & all that we have overcome to bring it to market, we have built a good deal of trust & respect between our 2 teams.”

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