How We Tested the Long-Range Communication of the New Generation of SenseCAP LoRaWAN S210X Series

SenseCAP has equipped with high-performance-process1ors and LoRaWAN chips to ensure its functionalities. In order to make sure the communication distance and stability, we have brought the following devices for testing which show positive outcomes.

First, we did some stimulation tests for the built-in antenna of the sensors in the lab. The testing result displays that the radiation of the antenna has positive feedback in multiple directions(result below). We have brought our new products, the S210X sensors, and SenseCAP M2 gateways, to different environments for testing.

Products & accessories

Testing Parameters

  • Network Connection
  • Delivery Rate

Testing Procedures

  1. Set up Gateways

2. Set up the S210X at specific locations and check the communication status

3. Confirm the maximum distance in each environment

4. Evaluate the surrounding environment and analyze the possible interfering factors.

Testing Environments

Line of Sight

Urban Scene

Testing in Line of Sight Environment

Gateway Location: A1: Seeed office (F3, Building G3 in TCL International E City in Nanshan District)

Sensor Location B1: Yangtaishan Forest Park

Testing Results:

9.2km (with 130cm fiberglass high-gain LoRa antenna). Since we were going to the top of the mountain while testing and reached the longest Line-of-Sight distance at 9.2km, hence the result was 9.2km. According to the evaluation, the actual data transmission distance can be up to 10km.

Testing in the Urban Scene

Gateway Location A2: Seeed office (F3, Building G3 in TCL International E City in Nanshan District),

Sensor Location B2: on the street near Bao’an Environment Monitoring Mansion in Bao’an District

Testing Result:

1.68km (normal LoRa antenna)

We started from the Seeed office and walked along Liuxian 2nd Road while testing the products(We ran the same test two years ago). The longest distance with the expected delivery rate was at Location B2.


  1. Under the urban circumstance, the maximum communication range between S201X sensors and the SenseCAP M2 Data-only Gateway can be up to approximately 2km.
  2. Under the Line-of-sight, the maximum communication distance range between S201X sensors and the SenseCAP M2 Data-only Gateway can be up to approximately 10km.

Improvement of previous products

To meet the optimal combination of battery life and delivery rate, we’ve taken the following mechanism in processing the data: 2 confirmed send + 1 non-confirmed send. Under the best testing environments, the delivery rate can reach 99.9%.

The sensors now support 3 types of sending data methods.

  1. 1Confirmed send
  2. 1Non-confirmed send
  3. 2Confirmed+ 1Non-Confirmed send

Here’s the newest video of the SenseCAP S210x Series unboxing and shows how to deploy in your area

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April 2022