The Best Wio-E5 Fusion Case Study

With the aim to support the global developer to accelerate their IoT project development, our Fusion team has been offering a 100% sponsorship for Wio-E5 projects with our Fusion PCB Assembly Service! Since the launch of the sponsorship, we’ve scaled up quite amount of great Wio-E5 projects.

To celebrate some of the scaled-up Wio-E5 projects that has shined in our Fusion Case Study (a blog series to feature all Fusion Cases to the community), we’re excited to announce the very first entry of The Best Wio-E5 Fusion Case Study Campaign! There are 3 amazing case study projects powered up by Seeed Wio E5 Module and our Fusion PCBA prototyping and manufacturing services (candidate projects listed below) and we want you to vote for your favorite Fusion Case Study. The most voted project will be The Best Wio E5 Fusion Case Study and on 6th May, the project winner will be announced and awarded:

* The Best Wio E5 Fusion Case Study Certificate

* $200USD Fusion PCBA Coupon

* Seeed swag bag, include pillow, eye mask, fortable bag

Voting for them!! Get Inspired:

And there will be goodies for the members who voted your voice too! Take the poll below and comment on this post of what project you will work on with Wio E5 Module, and then you will be entered to win one of our Seeed Limited Edition T-shirt and a Fusion PCB Design for Manufacture Brochure hard copy! We will randomly select three winners to receive the prizes. Give it a shot and 3 winners will be announced on May 6th as well!

Project 1: Stream Runoff Monitoring Sensors by William Dillon

It’s a stream runoff monitoring sensors using Wio-E5 that measure the quantity, temperature, and quality of stream runoff over the course of a year. A Wio-E5 module has been applied to his design to create a device that wrote sensor data to an SD card to achieve his expectation of low-cost, ultra-low power, extremely compact, and high-performance.

Project 2: Low-Power Snow Depth Sensor by Eivind Holt

Eivind Holt used a Seeed Wio-E5 mini (STM32WLE5JC) Dev Board and a MaxBotix Inc. HRXL-MaxSonar MB7374, and made a Low-Power snow depth sensor device that can measure how much snow has accumulated on the ground. The device has been applied to real uses for a month now with an achievement of 2600 transmitted measurements.

Project 3: Solar-Powered Outdoor Air Quality Monitor by Gerrit Niezen

Open Air Monitor is a solar-powered, outdoor air quality monitor that transmits data over LoRaWAN networks like The Things Network thanks to have a custom Wio E5 on board. It measures particulates (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) using a PMS7003 sensor, and has a STEMMA QT connector that can be used to connect a humidity & temperature sensor. 

This time we’ll give away 3 Seeed limited swag bags(including T-shirt, eye masks, stickers, and more) randomly to those who take the poll. Spoiler, people who vote and comment on this post will be getting a bigger chance to win. Winners will be announced on May 6th!

Good ideas need to be discovered, and good projects deserve to be recognized, realized and widely disseminated!

We look forward to more enthusiasts, designers, makers, and engineers participating in our 100% Free Wio-E5 sponsorship project with Fusion PCBA Service!! Each person is limited to two PCBA boards 100% completely FREE for one design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly and shipping. The design must include Wio-E5. To find out more about this events:

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