Vote to Win a $50 Coupon for the Seeed Project of the Month-April

Hey community, ready for another entry in the Seeed Project of the Month Campaign? Now, to celebrate projects that spark throughout the past April, we’re excited to announce the Project of the Month-April Campaign on our Discord.

You are all invited to vote for your favorite project from the following 5 amazing candidate projects shared by the community members. The most voted project will be awarded as the Seeed Project of the Month: April. By adding the following reactions to the vote, you will be entered to win a Seeed $50 Coupon! We will randomly select 2 winners. Give it a shot and 2 winners will be announced on May 17th!

P.S. Here are the details of the 5 Candidate Projects. Please do take a look before voting your voice.

Project 1 Seeeduino XIAO Weather Station Using Expansion Board by Boian Mitov

In this project, Boian builds a simple weather station using a Seeeduino XIAO Expansion board and DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor.

Project 2 Over-Fermented Fruit Fermentation Using Wio Terminal by Ahmad Radhy

This project is built to experiment with and monitor over-fermented fruits that involve the conversion of sugar to alcohol. This experiment lends to measure alcohol and volatile organic compound (VOC) on the gas produced in the fermentation process at room temperature where yeast breaks down the fruit’s sugars during the fermentation process.

Project 3 eHealth Robot Arm by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango

The project aims to be a healthcare system for elderly people or people living alone. By using a 大象机器人 Elephant Robotics’s myPalletizer Robot Arm, with the reTerminal as the robot control system, as well as Seeeduino XIAO with its expansion board that integrates an OLED LCD, the eHealth Robot Arm is a system that allows the measurement of some bio-signals through a robot. It could be a personal tool that continuously monitors health in an automatic and intelligent way. So far, the robot can measure a photoplethysmography signal using the Photoplethysmography sensor. It’s an upgraded version of Jaime’s Bio-reTerminal project, which could monitor heart signals and photoplethysmography, along with a machine learning (ML) model and a digital microscope that could determine whether a mole was benign or malignant.

Project 4 Google MediaPipe and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino by CAVEDU

Inspired by the idea of Murtaza Hassan on YouTubeCAVEDU came out with another cool possibility with Google MediaPipe and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. This tutorial will introduce:
1. Install the computer virtual environment.
2. Gesture control program package installation.
3. Connect with “Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino”.
4. “Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino” programming.
5. Run the gesture control program on the computer.

Project 5 Monitor indoor air pollutants by Mircea-Iuliu Micle

Mircea-Iuliu Micle a EE student at the University of Plymouth build up a project to monitor indoor air pollutants based on LoRa E5 with the support of the Seeed Fusion PCBA service. The device features a custom 4-layer PCB, with two antenna options, using a USB cable for power. 

Using Arm‘s Mbed Os and the provided LoRaWan stack, data is parsed to The Things Network which acts as a bridge. In a future version, the LoRa credentials will be stored in flash memory. The monitor provides an insight into the air quality within a room or house or even office, making use of an IAQ sensor with AI capabilities. This sensor uses a “breath-VOC” mixture to detect exhaled human breath and it measures the concentration of volatile organic compounds, using the BSEC 2.x library to output an IAQ. This could alert the user to open a window or if the conditions are extreme, look into purchasing an air purifier.

p.s. The project creator of the Seeed Project of the Month will be awarded a Seeed Project of the Month Certificate and a $100 Coupon. Want your project to run the campaign next time? Share it with us by uploading it to Hackster.

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