#MonthlyWrap-up July: Graphical Programming Platform CodeCraft for TinyML, Microsoft’s IoT for Beginners Courses, Giveaways, Contest and More

Time flies. Here comes our recap of July.

Hey community,

Time flies. Here comes our recap of July. If you’re new to this session, here is a brief intro to it. We have gotten dozens of requests over the years for a Seeed Monthly Newsletter. Although we already have a weekly newsletter for product updates, we still need a place to host overall information about what’s happened on a monthly basis. It can offer an efficient and friendly way to get updated for the whole community.

And that’s what we expect for our Seeed Monthly Wrap-ups. Instead of putting it a subscribe-to-read, we’re publishing them on our blog, keeping it as open and accessible as possible for the whole community. For each entry, we will have Community & Ecosystem, Industrial IoT Solutions, Open Hardware Modules, Customization & Manufacturing, and Seeed Ecosystem as the main sessions to wrap up our updates. These sessions closely correspond with all our core values and businesses.

Now, please enjoy our July Monthly Wrap-up, have a good read.



01 Seeed Community & Ecosystem

This session will embrace some featured projects emerging in the community, and some hottest technical topics at our forum. In this session, we will also include some important updates regarding corporate news and something excited happens in Shenzhen that we would love to share with you.


1.1 Ecosystem

Embedded Linux Application Engineers Needed

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We are looking for 5 talents from the community to join us as Embedded Linux Application Engineers. This is a part-time or contract role, that will work closely with our STU team who have developed our reThings (reSpeaker, reComputer, reTerminal, and reServer), Raspberry Pi #CM4, Jetson Series.
Position: Embedded Linux Application Engineer
Number of People in Demand: 5+
Recruitment Budget: around US$ 2000 per project (the specific amount varies by project) 📖More details

1.2 Meanwhile in Shenzhen

Seeed’s now a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner!

We are happy to announce that Seeed is now an official Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner. The Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners program launched in December 2020, is dedicated to connecting developers who want to integrate Raspberry Pi and connect them with with a selected list of hardware and software design companies who can support their industrial applications. “We’ve seen so many automation, IoT, robotics, and other embedded applications powered by Raspberry Pi emerging in our community. We’ll continue to support IoT developers to build industrial products using Raspberry Pi.”Said Eric Pan, Founder & CEO at Seeed. 📖Read more here.


Blokdots Is Now Supporting our Seeeduino and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino

blokdots is supporting our Seeeduino Lotus and Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino® for people who want to create prototypes without writing a line of coding. By now, partial components of the Kit are supported by Blokdots, and it is going to gradually implement all the modules in the Kit. Blokdots is a one-stop simplified software platform, that empowers anyone to build their own Arduino projects and “interactive hardware prototypes without writing a line of code”. We are honored to walk hand-in-hand with partners like Blokdots, in the crusade towards making technological innovations available for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic, environmental, and educational backgrounds.  📖More to Read


SDG Summer School in Shenzhen with Chaihuo x.factory

graphical user interface, website

Eric Pan has been invited to give a talk on Open Tech Enabling Digital Transformation for all participants of SDG Summer School 2021. Eric shared how open source technologies digitalize traditional industries and tackle problems related to SDGs with community projects and successful cases. SDG Summer School 2021 is a joint-effort program by United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), University of Geneva, Tsinghua University, and Geneva Tsinghua Initiative since 2017. This year’s program which is themed Open Source Health Solutions aims to encourage students to tackle health challenges with open-source hardware and software solutions. This year, the Summer School took a hybrid way so students from all over the world can learn online and practice offline with the support of 5 partner spaces in Switzerland, France, China, Chile, South Korea, and Singapore. For the Shenzhen part, Chaihuo x.factory, a makerspace created by Seeed is a Partner Organisation for SDG Summer School 2021.


Share Your Wio Terminal Project Contest to Win up to $300 Seeed Coupon

We’ve launched the “Share Your Wio Terminal Project Contest, aka. the Easiest Ever Contest”. All Wio Terminal project creators are invited to submit your projects to win the prize: a shopping coupon on Seeed Bazaar with a value to cover your expenses for all products that you bought from Seeed for the project. And there will be an extra plus for those projects that we select in the contest. We will publish your project as a kit on Seeed while you as the project creator will be mentioned with referral links on the project kit page. We’ve seen a ton of great Wio Terminal project ideas emerging already in the community; Don’t miss your chance to be one of the winners! 📖More details about the contest


Maker Camp 2021

We’re excited to join the Maker Camp 2021 as a partner to supply some tinkering gadgets (Grove Beginner Kits for Arduino, Wio Terminal, GameGo, etc.) for the program. Maker Camp is a free program full of projects, adventures, inspiration, and community. It is funded by Make: and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Anyone can register schools, libraries, clubs, or pods. All registered Maker Camps will have access to camp leader training, project resources, and EXCLUSIVE access to sessions from Featured Makers of the program. Moon Maker, a community based in Mexico is one of the featured makers this year. And they made a series of video tutorials on YouTube about our products supplies: 📺Check out Moon Maker’s video tutorial here


1.3 Project Spotlight in July

Handheld Game Console Powered by Wio Terminal by Naveen Kumar

a close up of a computer screen

Are you a retro game lover? Want to have an Arduboy but haven’t got one yet? No worries. Here Naveen Kumar made a handheld game console similar to Arduboy with an extended screen size based on Wio Terminal. You could check out the video below to feel the fun of gaming first. If you would love to make one, here comes Naveen’s step-by-step tutorial on how to porting Arduboy to SAMD51 MCU and ILI9341 TFT display using Wio Terminal on Hackster.io. 🤖Full tutorial

Basement Monitoring Using Wio Terminal and Blynk by Mithun Das

a close up picture of a computer screen

Reducing the humidity in your basement is always a huge burden especially if you are located in high humidity areas. Mithun Das has developed a system to monitor basement humidity with a Wio Terminal, a BME680 sensor, and Blynk, which sends out alter messages to empty the dehumidifier bucket. Next, he’ll use #tinyML to analyze the audio coming from the dehumidifier and classify if it’s running or on standby. 📖Full Tutorial on Hackster.io

Playing Chrome Dino Game Physically with Wio Terminal By Salman Faris

Playing Chrome’s Dino Game physically!! 🦕 Salman Faris applied Edge Impulse and a Wio Terminal to build up this immersive game project. When you jump, the T-Rex jumps! Having gaming fun and burning calories at the same time, what we could ask more! 📖Project tutorial


Posture Watchdog by  Naveen Kumar

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Due to the pandemic outbreak, many people started working remotely from home with restricted physical activities. The major problem is the spinal pain caused by the poor sitting posture on the office chair.To solve it, Naveen Kumar created this Posture Watchdog using Edge Impulse, Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 Development Kit and a Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer. It is a wearable that accurately monitors your sitting posture and activities using machine learning and alerts you when you are not doing the right posture.📖Tutorial


Getting Started with micro-ROS and ROS2 Foxy on Seeeduino XIAO by  Jaime Andres Rincon Arango

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A tutorial by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango, shows to get started with micro-ROS, ROS2 Foxy and Seeeduino XIAO. Seeeduino XIAO is a small Arduino compatible board in Seeeduino Family. It is an Arduino microcontroller that carries the powerful CPU-ARM® Cortex®-M0+(SAMD21G18) which is a low-power Arduino microcontroller. On the other hand, this little board has good performance in processing but needs less power.📖Download the tutorial here


Object Tracking with the Robotic Dog Bittle by Rongzhong Li

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A demo of object tracking with the lovely Bittle. By having an intelligent camera module attached, Bittle has been turned into a doggie that is obsessive for a moving tennis ball. And you can also unlock more application possibilities with Bittle’s user manual. 📖Learn more about Bittle

02 Industrial IoT Solutions

We would love to share our journey of developing and deployment of IIoT solutions, including successful cases, applications, and industry insights.


2.1 Case Studies

Smart Poultry Farming | Wireless IoT Solution at Kinghoo with SenseCAP LoRaWAN Products

Kinghoo AgroTech, a livestock corporation, chose to apply the great performed Seeed SenseCAP Wireless LoRaWAN series of sensors and gateways to assist the IoT solutions for its poultry farms and livestock farms by detecting the environmental changes by the preset interval. 📖Learn more


2.2 New Solutions

SenseCAP ONE S900 Weather Station and Smart Pole Applications in Smart City Scenarios

The new SenseCAP ONE S900 weather station is equipped with the most-commonly-used environmental sensors that a state-of-the-art smart pole needs. It has 6 weather sensors (air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation intensity, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, PM2.5 and PM10). 📖More to read


2.3 Partnerships

Distributorship for SenseCAP M1, the indoor LoRaWAN Gateway for Helium

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We are very excited to announce that Parley Labs Inc.Antratek Electronics & Media, EUCA Technologies (Pty) Ltd. Distrelec Group will be distributing the first batch of SenseCAP M1, the indoor #LoRaWAN Gateway for the People’s Network Helium Inc. 📖More details


SenseCAP LoRaWAN x Helium

a close up picture of a plant

SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors can now work on the Helium Network, making it more convenient for users all across the world to use LoRaWAN devices in monitoring and gathering data for various applications. Travis Teague, Developer Growth Lead at Helium Inc wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure #SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors to join the Helium Network. If you already have a Helium gateway or there is Helium network coverage in your area, you should definitely check it out. 📖More details


03 Open Hardware Modules

New releases, technical updates, and all things worth sharing related to our open modules

3.1 New Releases

Smart Weather Station Kit Powered by TinyML Powered and Wio Terminal

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Full-sized weather stations are incredibly important facilities that measure atmospheric conditions to provide us with useful information such as weather forecasts or disaster alerts. However, you don’t necessarily have to get your hands on large and expensive equipment to build a weather station of your own, as we are offering a Smart Weather Station Kit Powered by TinyML Powered and Wio Terminal. It’s a one-stop development kit to build your very own weather station with smart capabilities like weather description and forecasting! And moreover, we also have included two step-by-step tutorials to show you to build up the weather station.  📖More details


Wio Terminal Smart Garden Kit

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Interested in home gardening? Monitoring is quite essential for greenhouses because changes in the growing environment can be dealt with before they damage plants. With the Wio Terminal Smart Garden Kit, the days of dead plants and heartbreak are long gone. You can collect and measure soil moisture, light, temperature, and humidity for plants on the Wio Terminal LCD and visualize data! Conveniently use a suite of plug-and-play Grove sensor modules, and display the information neatly on the Wio Terminal’s built-in display. With onboard Bluetooth or WiFi, you can even add cloud capabilities to your smart garden system and view the collected data remotely! 📖More details about the kit and learn how to build a smart garden.  📖More details


3.2 New Updates

Seeed’s Graphical Programming Platform Codecraft Supports TinyML Now

graphical user interface, application

Our graphical programming platform Codecraft is now supporting TinyML. Powered by Edge Impulse, TinyML is easily accessible by beginners using Codecraft graphical programming. By simple drag-and-drop coding, acquiring data, training, and deploying models are more vivid and easy than ever.📖More to read

Everything You Need to Know about TinyML

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TinyML is one of the hottest trends in the embedded computing field right now, with 2.5 billion TinyML-enabled devices estimated to reach the market in the next decade and a projected market value exceeding $70 billion in just five years. If you want to get in on what all the excitement is about but aren’t sure where to start, this one-stop guide is specifically for you. Learn about what #TinyML is, the opportunities it offers, and how anybody can get themselves started in this exciting field with the following information all covered.
🌱What is TinyML? its benefits & limitations
🌱TinyML Applications in Predictive Maintenance, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities and On-Demand Healthcare
🌱Software for TinyML – Frameworks & Platforms TensorFlow User Group (TFUG) Edge Impulse, OpenMV LLC
🌱Hardware for TinyML
🌱Learn TinyML – Textbooks & Resources
🌱TinyML in the Community (events, projects and resouces)
📖 Read in details


OpenWrt for Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4 and reComputer ODYSSEY – X86J4125/ X86J4105

a circuit board

OpenWrt is an open-source Linux operating system that runs on embedded devices/ routers. It offers more features, performance, and security than a traditional router. It has a filesystem that’s fully writable and includes a package management system. You can make use of these packages to suit your applications in various ways. Now let’s getting started with OpenWrt on Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4 and reComputer ODYSSEY – X86J4125/ X86J4105. 📖Full tutorial


3.3 Courses & Guide

IoT for Beginners Online Course with Microsoft

a close up of text and logo over a white background

Our friend Jim Bennett and the team at Microsoft Cloud Advocates are bringing this free, open-source, 12 week/24 lesson #IoT curriculum designed for beginners. The projects cover the journey of food from farm to table. This includes farming, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and consumer – all popular industry areas for IoT devices. And we’re super happy to collaborate to offer our Wio Terminal Starter Kit and Raspberry Pi Starter Kit as two options for the participants to learn the course and build real-world projects with step-by-step tutorials. 📖More details


Product Review of Arduino Sensor Kit by Maksim Surguy

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Maksim Surguy had a detailed review of our Arduino Sensor Kit, and he also showed how to set up the kit. Here we share a short excerpt of Maksim’s review: “I found this inexpensive ($27.5) kit to be perfect for an introduction to the world of Arduino and sensors and a great activity for parents and children to explore together. In order to use this kit, you will need Arduino Uno, a computer to connect and program the Arduino from.” 📖Full review


30 pcs Arduino Beginner Kits and Books Free Giveaway for STEAM Teachers!

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Attention #STEAM Educators! If you would like one #Arduino Beginner Kit for your classroom, here’s your chance to get a Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino and 74-page printed textbook All for FREE! 30 teachers can win a Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino and a physical book named Arduino Lessons for Beginners for use in their classrooms! 📖How to get them


Grove Beginner Kit vs Arduino Sensor Kit Video Review

text over a background picture of a person posing for the camera

Grove Beginner Kit vs Arduino Sensor Kit, which kit should you get? Check out Everson Stabenow Siqueira’s unboxing video on YouTube, and it will help with your decision. “The Grove System for Arduino is nice and easy for beginners (and excellent for prototyping). Should you buy the Grove Beginner Kit or the Arduino Sensor Kit? They are all easy Kits for Students AND Rapid Prototyping for Makers. I became a fan of the Grove System! ” 📖More details


Campaign to Get 10%: Preparing for Back to School

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Shout out to educators and learners! To get ready for #backtoschool, check out our specially selected products for education and enjoy an extra 10% off! Limited stock offer from July 16th to August 31st. 📖More details


04 Customization Services

In this session, you could get a closer look at how we help the community to bring their ideas to market with our prototyping, customizing, manufacturing, and drop shipping services.

4.1 PCB Prototyping and Manufacturing

How to find a good low-volume PCB Assembly manufacturer?

After completing the preliminary design of the product, product designers may need to outsource PCB assembly to a professional PCBA manufacturer to both verify prototypes and produce the final product. For smaller businesses and low-volume runs, it may be difficult to find a good PCB Assembly manufacturer willing to accept low-volume orders. This article will analyze the top four reasons for this and provides suggestions on finding the best one for your needs. 📖More details


4.2 Prototyping Goodies

Get your LoRa-E5 project manufactured for FREE with Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service

The long-awaited Lora-E5 module is back! LoRa-E5 has received much welcome fanfare from the IoT community, so now, to better support them and the production of LoRa projects, Seeed has launched another sponsorship event. Get $250 off when your LoRa-E5 design is manufactured with Seeed Fusion! 📖Get it now


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