Seeed Is Now a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner

Long before becoming a Raspberry Pi-approved reseller in 2018, Seeed has been selling Raspberry Pis, developing kits and accessories that support Pi. Currently, Seeed supports an ecosystem of around 600 products that are compatible with Raspberry Pi. Moreover, we’ve been building a platform where developers scale up their Pi projects through our one-stop services including prototyping, customization, agile manufacturing, and Fusion Marketplace that sells products to the world from makers, teams, and companies in the Raspberry Pi community.

So… to leverage the partnership, we are happy to announce that Seeed is now an official Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner. The Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners program launched in December 2020, is dedicated to connecting developers who want to integrate Raspberry Pi and connect them with with a selected list of hardware and software design companies who can support their industrial applications. Every Approved Design Partner is reviewed and approved by Raspberry Pi to ensure that each has the technical and commercial abilities to design products to industry requirements.

What does this mean for the future?

01 Tailor your industrial Pi designs with Seeed.

Now as a Raspberry Pi authorized design partner, Seeed can get direct support from Raspberry Pi, and we will continue to offer specialist knowledge and proven expertise in designing and manufacturing to realize carrier board designs and custom products that use the Raspberry Pi Compute Modules. We will also launch more services, campaigns to support industrial designers and makers with our one-stop custom design and development solution with Raspberry Pi (Pi Pico, RP2040 chip base module, etc.). Currently, our Fusion team is launching a Raspberry Pi CM4 Sponsorship Program to support CM4-powered designs. Manufacture your custom Raspberry Pi CM4 Carrier Board with the Seeed PCB Assembly Service and get up to $500 Off!

We’ve launched our Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, which features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual USB 3.0 ports. It is an example of Seeed’s design capabilities and familiarity with Raspberry Pi products. Specializing in popular open-source platforms, Seeed can provide specialist aid in realizing your design and distributing the physical product to users around the world through our Fusion Marketplace. We are confident that we are able to provide Raspberry Pi-based design solutions to meet your needs.

02 Expect more Seeed original products to support Raspberry Pi at launch

We’ll endure expanding our product ecosystem that supports Pi, especially industry devices powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

One of the examples is our first Raspberry Pi CM4-powered industrial human-machine interface (HMI) device reTerminal which was released in April. Embracing the Pi ecosystem, we made it an open modular design for IoT developers to customize with our one-stop prototyping, manufacturing, launching services to bring your Pi project ideas into reality.

03 More know-hows, documentation, projects, and tutorials to support Raspberry Pi

We’ll carry on sharing successful Pi applications, demonstrating how to turn ideas into commercial products that digitalize traditional industries, and contributing to Pi deployments know-how for the community.

“We’re excited to join the Program as a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner. Seeed has always been enabling developers all around the world to realize their products through our products, customization, and agile manufacturing services.” Said Eric Pan, Founder & CEO at Seeed. “We’ve seen so many automation, IoT, robotics, and other embedded applications powered by Raspberry Pi emerging in our community. We’ll continue to support IoT developers to build industrial products using Raspberry Pi.”

About Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners

Countless businesses use Raspberry Pi to jump-start the design process of their products, and to build in proven and powerful computing. If you have an idea or a product and need a design partner to help you integrate Raspberry Pi, we can connect you with designers who can help you. Every Approved Design Partner is reviewed and approved by Raspberry Pi. We ensure that each has the technical and commercial abilities design your product to your requirements.

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