#Techsmith 01: Open Call for 3 LR IoT Application Project Coordinators

Hey Community,

Yes, we’re adding a Techsmith section to our blog, which aims to be an interface for the community and Seeed to collaborate closely in a sustainable way. For the first entry, we would love to shout out that we are looking for qualified and experienced candidates as LR IoT Application Project Coordinators to working closely with our Industrial Application Group team:

Position: LR IoT Application Project Coordinator (Part-time/Contract)
Number of People in Demand: 3 People
Budget: Pay per project
*Apply Seeed’s LR product lines (ex. Wio-E5 Development Board, SenseCAP Sensor, Gateway) to a specific IoT project.
*Use English or other languages to document projects and product applications through videos or articles.
*Assist in testing and examining the process of Seeed’s new product at a local level, along with writing assessment reports.

*Embedded programming ability coupled with experience in building projects using Arduino, LoRaWAN, and Linux
*Have more than one relevant project. Links to project documentations (pictures and demo video) are highly appreciated. (Project example: it could be using LoRaWAN sensors to monitor the planting environment in a greenhouse; it could be also using Wio-E5 Development Board to access certain LoRaWAN Server platforms.)

CLICK TO APPLY ?? https://forms.gle/Yrjg48ioPNUuoZzh6

The application deadline for this position is July 30th, 2021.
Have questions about the opportunity? Email us at lily.li{at}seeed.cc

We’ll keep updating talent-hunt posts. You could also fill in the application for our upcoming opportunities if you would love to participate in the Techsmith Program. Stay tuned.

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