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TinyML Powered Smart Arduino Weather Station with Wio Terminal

This Arduino Smart Weather Station Kit with Wio Terminal is your one-stop development kit to build your very own weather station with smart capabilities like weather description and forecasting!


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    Full-sized weather stations are incredibly important facilities that measure atmospheric conditions to provide us with useful information such as weather forecasts or disaster alerts. However, you don’t necessarily have to get your hands on large and expensive equipment to build a weather station of your own. Often, an Arduino Smart Weather station is more than enough to grant you not only access to real-time environmental data but also insights into what that data means!

    Grove DHT20 is a direct upgrade to the DHT11 Sensor, and provides precise measurements of temperature and humidity in the environment. The sensor works perfectly for temperatures between - 40℃ and 80℃ with an accuracy of ±0.5℃. As for humidity, you can reliably read humidity values with an error of less than 3%. If you require pressure readings for your project, you can opt for the Grove BME280 instead.

    You can follow up on the tutorials and libraries we provided to get started easily:

    Project Tutorials:

    Learning Resources 


    • Build a complete Arduino Smart Weather Station with intelligent capabilities
    • Highly Accurate Grove DHT20, with ±0.5℃ accuracy for temperature, and ±3% for humidity
    • Easy-to-use modular Grove ecosystem accelerates hardware prototyping process
    • Choose between two highly capable ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers
      • Wio Terminal - Integrated development platform with LCD, buttons, wireless connectivity, and more
      • You can also choose Seeeduino XIAO as the microcontroller board  - Ultra tiny, compact microcontroller that fits on your fingertip
    • Leverage existing community projects and tutorials to easily build your Arduino Smart Weather Station


    • Weather Station
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Smart Weather Descriptor
    • Smart Weather Forecasting


    Why TinyML

    Machine Learning can be easy and tiny.

    TinyML is a field of study in Machine Learning and Embedded Systems that explores machine learning on small, low-powered microcontrollers, enabling secure, low-latency, low-power and low-bandwidth machine learning inferencing on edge devices.




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