Monthly Wrap-up March 2022: Starting the Journey of IoT into the Wild

For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ll cover 7 exciting event recaps, 6 amazing community-built-up projects, 3 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, and 2 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed! ?

Hey community,

Here in Shenzhen, we’re enjoying a summer-like spring. As April is already here, time to summerize up a bit for the past March. For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ll cover 7 exciting event recaps, 6 amazing community-built-up projects, 3 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, and 2 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed! 😉

Now, are you ready to explore this wrap-up? Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the good read, for it’s gonna be a long but informative write-up for you!

🎙️News that You Might Wanna Know️️ 

01 Seeed Launches Full AI and IoT Solutions to Digitalize the Wild

On March 25, we wrapped up our first online “IoT into the Wild” Product Launch. We released 12+ AIoT solutions for outdoor applications, covering devices from low-power sensors to ultra-long-range gateways featuring Edge AI and LoRaWAN. Most of the products are available for pre-order here, and you shouldn’t miss our Launch replay.

02 Recap of Seeed’s Tech4Good Webinar for the UN ITU’s WSIS Forum 2022

On 18th of March, Seeed hosted a Tech4Good webinar for the UN ITU’s 13th World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2022. It featured 6 amazing speakers to share real-life application cases of AIoT and open source solutions for the most pressing SDG challenges of our time: Carbon Neutrality, Climate Change, Wildlife Conservation, and Sustainable Communities. Big shout-out to Eric Pan, Cesar Jung-Harada, Adam Benzion, Tomas Diez, Tristan Copley Smith, and Sam Kelly. Read the recap here.

03 Partnership: Accelerate Deploying Computer Vision Applications using alwaysAI and Seeed Edge AI devices

We are glad to annouce the partnership with alwaysAI on faster and easier Computer Vision Applitions deployed at the edge, which will make computer vision come alive on the edge – where work and life happen. More to read.

04 Online tinyML SZ Meetup: How A Middle School Girl Solves a Real-Life Challenge Using TinyML

On March 25t, we organized an online tinyML Talk webcast where Sashrika Das, a sixth-grade student, and her father Mithun Das, a Distinguished Software Engineer at Cox Automotive will talk on “How A Middle School Girl Solves a Real-Life Challenge Using TinyML: Gas Leak Detection”. Learn more about the speakers here, and the talk recording will be available soon on tinyML YouTube channel.


🚀Community Project Spotlight (based on our LinkedIn impressions)

01 6-bit Macropad by Naveen Kumar

6-bit Macropad

Naveen shared his detailed process of making a 6-keys Macropad using a Seeed XIAO RP2040 on Hackster. To create this project, Naveen first tried Seeed Fusion PCBA services and sponsorship. Read more. 

02 Pet Activity Tracker using XIAO BLE Sense & Edge Impulse by Mithun Das

Pet Activity Tracker using XIAO BLE Sense & Edge Impulse

Mithun build a Pet Activity Tracker using XIAO BLE Sense & Edge Impulse, which predicts the activities of your pets based on the data coming from 3 Axis IMU using a tinyML model that predicts activities. Read the full tutorial.

03 Full-stack RPI Chirpstack LoRaWAN Environment Dashboard by SIDIK AL AMINI ZAILANI

Full stack RPI Chirpstack LoRaWAN Environment Dashboard

In the project, Sidik shows us the full data flow from Grove LoRa E5 Node -> LoRaWAN Gateway -> LoRaWAN Bridge -> LoRaWAN network server -> LoRaWAN application server -> MQTT -> Node-RED -> InfluxDB -> Grafana Labs. Full tutorial here.


04 TinyML: Face Mask Detector using Wio Terminal and UnitV2 by Shakhizat Nurgaliyev

TinyML: Face Mask Detector using Wio Terminal and UnitV2

It introduces how to build a face mask detection system using Wio Terminal and UnitV2 boards. Images taken by the camera will be sent to Wio Terminal and the recognized results will be displayed on Wio Terminal. Read the project tutorial here.


05 LoRa Based Smart City Air Quality Monitoring by Md.Khairul Alam

In this project, we are going to monitor a few most important environmental parameters like noise, temperature, humidity, and air quality. It transmits real-time data through wireless communication protocol to a cloud platform. The equipment fully runs on solar power with a battery backup. The data from the device is accessible on a dashboard that visualizes and analyzes the data in the desired formats. Read more here.


06 Arduino MKR1010 and Alibaba Cloud IoT by Using Grove Sensor by Ahmad Radhy

Arduino MKR1010 and Alibaba Cloud IoT by Using Grove Sensor

This project shows grove gas sensor V2 and Grove – AMG8833 8×8 Infrared Thermal Temperature of Seeed Studio integrated with Arduino mkr1010. Read more here. 


🔩 New Open-Source Products & Updates

01 Please Meet tinyML® Starter Kit – Course in a Box for Educators and Learners

In mid-March, we’re honored and excited to collaborate with Professor Vijay Janapa Reddi of Harvard University to launch tinyML Starter Kit-Course in a Box with generous support from tinyML Foundation and Edge Impulse. The kit provides hardware, learning, hands-on experiences, and custom curriculums to get started with ultra-low power Machine Learning at the edge. Learn more here.


02 Event Recap: Deploy and Scale Edge AI with Jetson Mate

On March 30th, 2022, we worked with Janakiram MSV to talk about how to install and configure Kubernetes on Jetson Mate to build a 4-node cluster. How to deploy computer vision and conversational AI models to perform inference at scale at the edge was also covered. Watch the replay of the event now.


03 Call for Helium Developers: Redefine Devices with Your Code

In January 2022, we have successfully launched the first device for the Helium network through the joint effort with Paul to launch the WioLoRaWANField Tester. Now we’d love to invite more software developers to co-create full solutions for the Helium network based on Seeed’s hardware products. More to read here.

04 Microsoft Reactor March Meetups: Azure IoT Edge and ML with reTerminal, TinyML with the Seeed XIAO BLE

Throughout March, there were 4 Microsoft Reactor Meetups featuring Raspberry Pi, reTerminal, and XIAO BLE Sense. They explored how to build tinyML powered fitness tracker that can distinguish between rowing and running. Also, Azure IoT Edge and Machine Learning with Raspberry Pi and reTerminal was also the topic. Watch the replay now. More to read.

05 A Deep Dive in NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier

NVIDIA introduced Jetson AGX Orin Module and Devkit, which is readily embedded into next-gen autonomous machines, robotics, or drones working for retail, manufacturing, transportation, AgTech, smart city, and aerospace. We also did a detailed performance comparison between Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier. Check it out here.


💻 IIoT Solutions & Their Success Cases

01 Deploy Hard Hat Detection for Enforcing Workplace Safety

Safety, always the central concern to the industrial environment, can be enhanced by edge AI. In this post, we show how to deploy an automated real-time detection for hardhat-wearing compliance, along with the alert at the workspace, right on the NVIDIA AI embedded system. More details here.

02 Build and Deploy Your Smart Farming Project in Days (versus Months) with Seeed SenseCAP Products and Machinechat Ready-to-Use IoT Software

System integrators and IoT developers can dramatically reduce time, resources, and costs in developing and deploying commercial environmental monitoring projects with ready-to-use IoT LoRaWAN solutions. Seeed Studio IIoT hardware (SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors and gateways, Odyssey x86 and reServer) and Machinechat® JEDI Pro Seeed Studio Edition software allow system integrators and developers to quickly build and deploy Smart Agriculture and other environmental monitoring projects in days. More details about the solution.

03 Seeed SenseCAP Environmental Monitoring Solution Selected as The Best Smart Agriculture Application of IoT Stars Awards 2021

We are very glad to share a piece of great news that our Environmental Monitoring Solution, which is powered by our SenseCAP IIoT devices, has been selected as the Best Smart Agriculture Application in the “IoT Star Awards 2021” on 16th March. More to read.


🏭 Prototyping and Manufacturing with Seeed

01 Former Ph.D Researcher At OSU Developed Stream Runoff Monitoring Sensors Using LoRa-E5 to Measure The Temperature, Quality and Flow

Field tech installing a sensor

William Dillon and his team have been working on a project for many years to develop cost-effective sensors to measure the quantity, temperature, and quality of stream runoff over the course of a year. To make it more cost-effective, he used our LoRa E-5 to create a device that wrote sensor data to an SD card. During the prototyping period, Willam applied our Fusion’s sponsorship of PCBs and Assembly for 2 LoRa E5 Prototypes for Free” and we’re glad to support bringing this design into the real world. More details about the story are here.


02 Low Consumption Öchìn CM4 Carrier Custom Board Applied In Robotics, Drones, Home Automation, and IoT, Manufactured by Seeed Fusion

Flavio Ansovini is an enthusiast of electronics, robotics, and programming. To make the most of the Raspberry Pi CM4 module he decided to create a carrier board oriented to robotics, drones, IoT devices, and in general embedded devices. Seeed Fusion is happy to support bringing it into reality with our turnkey PCBA services. More details here.


03 Seeed Fusion Updates V1: A New Look, RP2040 in the OPL and Pre-Purchase Parts for PCB Assembly

In this update, the long-awaited Fusion website update has arrived. Take a look at the new Seeed Fusion homepage for some flashy graphics and an up-to-date summary of our services and capabilities. PS., RP2040 is now available in the OPL. Check out more updates here.


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