Seeed SenseCAP Environmental Monitoring Solution Selected as The Best Smart Agriculture Application of IoT Stars Awards 2021

Today we are very glad to share a piece of great news that our Environmental Monitoring Solution, which is powered by our SenseCAP IIoT devices, has been selected as the Best Smart Agriculture Application in the “IoT Star Awards 2021” on 16th March.

Aiming to be the “Oscar” of the IoT industry, IoT Star Awards is one of the most influential selections in China in the field of IoT. It’s an annual competition organized by Ulink Media, where more than 500 companies in the IoT industry offered their submissions to gain recognition. Our SenseCAP  Environmental Monitoring Solution participated in the contest and as one of the main application scenarios of the Seeed IIoT product is environmental sensing in smart agriculture, our products have received a lot of attention and positive feedback during the competition. And now after 3-month voting and judging by a crew of 800 professional judges, we won the Award!

If you are not familiar with SenseCAP yet, SenseCAP is the industrial-grade IoT product created by Seeed. The products are designed with industry standards, IP66 rated, featuring stability, robustness, and accuracy. The products are especially suitable for outdoor environmental sensing scenarios, such as smart agriculture, smart city, smart weather stations, and other scenarios that which environmental data are important. SenseCAP has been deployed in the field for more than 4 years now, and here we’d love to share some of the highlight deployments:

Industrial IoT Solution for Smart Agriculture | Seeed SenseCAP

Smart Poultry Farming

Kinghoo AgroTech, a livestock corporation, chose to apply the great performed Seeed SenseCAP Wireless LoRaWAN series of sensors and gateways to assist the IoT solutions for its poultry farms and livestock farms by detecting the environmental changes by the preset interval.

Smart Durian Farming

This is a guest blog written by Han Wei, the IoT Tech Specialist of our partner – the MIE Industrial SDN BHD in Malaysia. MIE Agro Farm IoT Team deploys around 20 SenseCAP LoRaWAN Sensors and gateways to construct an IoT solution to empower Malaysia Durian Farm.

Needless to say, industrial IoT products can play an important role in many scenarios to contribute to a better outcome of commercial successes with environmental friendliness. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Welcome to leave comments or drop a line at iot[at]seeed[dot]cc should you have any inquiries. Let’s together build a greener future!

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