Webinar: Deploy and Scale Edge AI with Jetson Mate

We are glad to share that on March 30th, 2022, Janakiram MSV will join us to have a live webinar discussing #EdgeAI! Join us to discover how to configure NVIDIA Triton in a scalable and highly available mode with Jetson Mate!

About the webinar

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? March 30, 2022, 9AM PST

In this webinar, Janakiram will demonstrate how to install and configure Kubernetes on Jetson Mate to build a 4-node cluster. With the cloud-native infrastructure in place, we will then configure NVIDIA Triton Inference Server in a scalable and highly available mode. Finally, you will learn how to deploy computer vision and conversational AI models to perform inference at scale at the edge powered by Jetson Mate, Kubernetes, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.

When you want to build a cluster of Jetson devices for AI inference on cloud-native infrastructure, Jetson Mate is the last device you need. It enables you to plug in four Jetson Nano or Jetson Xavier NX modules into a single device.

Webinar: Deploy and Scale Edge AI with Jetson Mate

About speaker

Janakiram MSV is an internationally recognized analyst, advisor, and architect in the field of Microservices, IoT, Edge Computing, and AI. He was the founder and CTO of Get Cloud Ready Consulting. Janakiram is also an article contributor at Forbes and The New Stack. His articles are published at Business Insider, Computer Weekly, TechRepublic, and YourStory. He is currently an advisor to Bay Area startups from the container storage, edge computing, and machine learning domains.

His current focus is on in-depth research and analysis of emerging technologies, strategic advisory to product companies, and architecting scalable applications based on cloud-native architecture.

Introducing Jetson Mate

The Jetson Mate carrier board is a comprehensive and reliable solution that has been specially designed for building NVIDIA Jetson clusters. Equipped with an onboard 5-port gigabit switch that enables up to 4 SoMs to communicate with each other, as well as independent power for 3 worker/slave nodes, the Jetson Mate with its rich peripherals (CSI, HDMI, USB, Ethernet) and inbuilt fan is a complete solution for building NVIDIA GPU clusters on the edge.

The Jetson Mate can house up to 4 of NVIDIA’s very own Jetson Nano / Xavier NX SoMs in its compact form factor to deliver immense computing power on the edge. With an easy-to-build design that can be easily set up with our step-by-step guide, the Jetson Mate also offers high flexibility and performance for your GPU clusters.

To learn more about the Jetson Mate, be sure to visit its product page on the Seeed Online Store!

Deploy Scalable Applications with Kubernetes

These days, it’s almost impossible to talk about cluster computing without mentioning Kubernetes, which is an open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services. While it’s definitely not the only solution available, it is one of the most popular ways to deploy computer clusters in 2021. You can think of it as a management interface that helps you manage your clusters, scaling resources up or down as required to make the most efficient use of your NVIDIA GPU clusters and more!

Source: Kubernetes

Work with Seeed Ecosystem

Deploying an AI idea can be faster, flexible, even scalable for everyone. Seeed Jetson Platform targets on helping educators, developers and enterprises deploy ML in the real world. By consolidating Seeed’s best-in-class hardware, cutting-edge technology from our software partners and all developers from the community, we aim at emerging all kinds of AI scenarios in our open-source platform to faster industries digital transformation. We are looking for partners to join our ecosystem together to deliver solutions to different industries together.

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