Compare NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin with AGX Xavier: 8x AI performance, in-advance Ampere GPU, CPU, Memory & Storage

? NVIDIA: Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier Modules

8x AI performance: a giant leap forward for Edge AI compare to Jetson AGX Xavier

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Jetson AGX Orin module is compact with the same form factor at 100mm x 87mm and same pin compatibility as Jetson AGX Xavier, however, AGX Orin delivers 8 times of the AI performance up to 275 TOPS. Besides AI performance, let’s take a look at all improvements in GPU, CPU, Memory & Storage, Video Codecs, PVA & VIC and I/Os!

AGX XavierAGX Orin
GPU512-core Volta GPU with 64 Tensor CoresNVIDIA Ampere architecture
with 2048 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores and
64 Tensor Cores
CPU8-core ARM
v8.2 64-bit CPU,8MB L2 + 4MB L3
12-core Arm® Cortex®-A78AE
v8.2 64-bit CPU3MB L2 + 6MB L3
Memory32GB 256-Bit LPDDR4x137GB/s32GB 256-bit LPDDR5204.8 GB/s
Storage32GB eMMC 5.164GB eMMC 5.1
DL Accelerator2x NVDLA Engines2x NVDLA v2.0
Vision Accelerator7-way VLIW Vision ProcessorPVA v2.0
4x 4K @ 60 (HEVC)
8x 4K @ 30 (HEVC)
16x 1080p @ 60 (HEVC)
32x 1080p @ 30 (HEVC)
2x 4K604x 4K30
8x 1080p60
16x 1080p30 (H.265)
2x 8K @ 30 (HEVC)
6x 4K @ 60 (HEVC)
12x 4K @ 30 (HEVC)
26x 1080p @ 60 (HEVC)
52x 1080p @ 30 (HEVC)
30x 1080p @ 30 (H.264)
1x 8K30
3x 4K60
6x 4K30
12x 1080p60 
24x 1080p30 (H.265)
Size100.0 mm x 87.0 mm100.0 mm × 87.0 mm

NVDIA Ampere GPU: 3rd Generation Tensor Cores, Sparsity, Streaming Multiprocessor

Jetson AGX Orin contains an integrated Ampere GPU, providing a total of 2048 CUDA cores and 64 Tensor cores with up to 131 Sparse TOPs of INT8 Tensor compute, and up to 4.096 FP32 TFLOPs of CUDA compute. New Tensor Float 32 (TF32) precision provides up to 5X the training throughput over the previous generation to accelerate AI and data science model training without requiring any code changes.

Ampere GPU also brings support for sparsity, a fine-grained compute structure that doubles throughput and reduces memory usage. New Sparsity feature can take advantage of fine-grained structured sparsity in deep learning networks to double the throughput of Tensor Core operations over the prior generation Turing Tensor Cores.

The NVIDIA Ampere GPU introduces a new design for the Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) that can improve performance per watt and performance per area, along with supporting 3rd generation tensor cores and TensorRT cores. Ampere GPUs improve on the previous NVIDIA Turing™ generation; and are software compatible so that the same APIs are used.

? NVIDIA: Orin Ampere GPU Block Diagram

CPU: 1.7x the performance in advance

The biggest change in the CPU in Jetson AGX Orin is replacing the NVIDIA Carmel CPU
clusters with the Arm Cortex-A78AE. Jetson AGX Orin CPU is made up of 12 CPU Cores, enabling 1.7x the performance compared to the 8-core NVIDIA Carmel CPU on Jetson AGX Xavier.

Each core consists of 64KB Instruction L1 Cache and 64KB Data Cache, and 256 KB of L2 Cache. Same as Jetson AGX Xavier, each cluster consists of 2MB L3 Cache. The max frequency supported on the CPU is 2 GHz.

Memory & Storage: 1.4x the memory bandwidth and 2x the storage of the Jetson AGX Xavier

Jetson AGX Orin brings support for 1.4x the memory bandwidth and 2x the storage of the
Jetson AGX Xavier, enabling 32 GB of 256-bit LPDDR5 and 64 GB of eMMC. The DRAM supports a max
clock speed of 3200 MHz, with 6400 Gbps per pin, enabling 204.8 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Multi-Standard Video Encoder & Decoder and a JPEG processing block (NVJPEG)

Jetson AGX Orin contains a Multi-Standard Video Encoder (NVENC), a Multi-Standard Video Decoder
(NVDEC), and a JPEG processing block (NVJPEG). NVENC enables full hardware acceleration for various
encoding standards including H.265, H.264, and AV1. NVDEC enables full hardware acceleration for
various decoding standards including H.265, H.264, AV1, VP9. NVJPG is responsible for JPEG
(de)compression calculations (based on the JPEG still image standard), image scaling, decoding
(YUV420, YUV422H/V, YUV444, YUV400) and color space conversion (RGB to YUV).

Next-generation Vision Accelerator Engine: PVA v2.

The PVA enables support for various computer vision kernels such as filtering, warping, image pyramid, feature detection, and FFT, which is essential for computer vision applications on the detector, tracker, object tracker, stereo disparity, and visual perception.

Jetson AGX Orin is ready embedded into next-gen autonomous machines, robotics or drones working for retail, manufacturing, transportation, agtech, smart city, aerospace, etc.

Coming soon in Q1 2022

According to the NVIDIA website, the Jetson AGX Orin module and developer kit are coming in Q1 2022. Stay tuned with NVIDIA’s notification and updates at Seeed!

Jetson AGX Orin?: NVIDIA

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