Meet PITAKURU, an Autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads in the warehouse, created by Seeed’s partner KEISUUGIKEN.

Moving businesses online becomes new mainstream trends, making delivery services the new normal. In line with the growth of the online business, the demand for courier services that help deliver the ordered packages has risen significantly. Accordingly, the burden it has on the workers also increased. In face of this new challenge, KEISUUGIKEN and Seeed came together to provide an autonomous towing robot called “PITAKURU”.


“PITAKURU” is an autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads in the warehouse. “PITAKURU” has the ability to track humans while towing heavy objects and can be operated indoors and outdoors. It uses laser tracking, enabling to follow individuals without being affected by external light, and there is no need to install accessories such as tracking beacons. These features enable “PITAKURU” to be used anywhere with easy access, even if the users are unfamiliar with the use of towing technologies.

PITAKURU’s features

There is no need to change the position of the warehouse for full automation, and you can easily adjust the layout according to the different conditions.

PITAKURU built by KEISUUGIKEN and Seeed hardware

Furthermore, “PITAKURU” can be operated manually through joystick remote controller or a smartphone application, or automatically through an autonomous navigation mode. In the latter navigation mode, it is possible to create a map of the warehouse and “PITAKURU” will automatically drive on the route assigned by the user. In addition, it is equipped with excellent safety functions, with a double safety performance that detects and avoid obstacles. It will automatically stop when a person or an object other than the target is detected, enabling safety in the working environment even if the pathways are narrow. In the unlikely event of contact, the bumper sensor around the body frame will automatically lock the tire, ensuring further safety.  

Hardware used for PITAKURU

The features of the “PITAKURU“ are supported by the Jetson SUB Mini PC from Seeed Studio. The carrier board 1/10 of the size of an ordinary computer case, it provides 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with 48 Tensor Cores 21 TOPS AI performance, 6 Carmel ARM CPUs, and two NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerators (NVDLA) engines, with pre-installed Wi-Fi module and heatsink.

In addition, “PITAKURU” is also supported by RPLIDAR S2, a high-performance, compact-size TOF (Time-of-Flight) Lidar. With a ranging distance radius of up to 30 meters, it meets the high requirement of navigation application and its resistance to strong sunlight enabled “PITAKURU” to be used indoors as well as outdoors. RPLIDAR S2 has 32000 times per second sample rate that makes it possible to retrieve more environmental data and has high ranging accuracy that can detect dark-colored objects and mirror reflections, ensuring the safe usage of “PITAKURU” in the warehouse.

By introducing “PITAKURU”, the amount of cargo that can be handled by one worker will increase up to two to three times more, and the time needed to move packages around the warehouse will be shortened. In face of the new normal of delivery services, which has increased the number of packages to be delivered, “PITAKURU” will help the work efficiency in the warehouse, reducing the burden it has on the workers. Moreover, it will also give opportunities for elderly workers or those who have difficulty handling heavy objects to continue working in the warehouse in loading cargo.

Because “PITAKURU” can adapt to the operating environment and be introduced without the need to modify the layout of the warehouse, it can be easily introduced anywhere.     

Robot designs that can be used in various places

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