Seeed Launches “#Tech4Good Bounty Program”: All-Year-Round Open Source Hardware Sponsorship for Carbon Neutrality, Environmental Conservation, and Other SDG Projects

As your New Year’s resolution, Seeed is happy to launch “#Tech4Good Bounty Program”, which is an ALL-YEAR-ROUND open source hardware sponsorship program to support your built-up SDG projects. Thereby, for this blog, we’ve covered A-Z questions you all may have regarding this new initiative.

Hey community,

How have you been in the first months of 2022? Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? 😉 I know, I know, oftentimes, New Year’s resolutions somehow disappear in the midst of hectic moments. Well, how about we make a unique resolution for 2022, that doesn’t have to disappear? In our open tech community, we have noticed that more and more people are using their skills to create good socio-environmental values.

Simultaneously, as you may have noticed, Seeed has been promoting the idea of using open tech communities’ strengths, skill sets, and resources for meaningful causes like the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for some time now: i) avidly posting LinkedIn contents using hashtags like #Makers4SDGs, #OpenTech4SDGs, and #Seeed4SDGs, ii) initiating Earth Day campaigns; iii) sponsoring SDG hackathons and maker projects, and; iv) participating sustainability-focused events/talks.

Why? Because – in the era of globalization and unpredictable socio-economic, environmental, and technological transformations, decentralized innovation has become an indispensable component for sustainable development of the world. In particular, environmental challenges posed by climate change have increasingly become complex and multi-dimensional in nature.

So, what can we do together to contribute our skills for this cause? As your New Year’s resolution, Seeed is happy to launch “#Tech4Good Bounty Program”, which is an ALL-YEAR-ROUND application for open source hardware sponsorships for your built-up SDG projects. Thereby, in this blog, we’ve covered A-Z questions you may all have regarding this initiative. Scroll down to explore! 😀


I. What’s “#Tech4Good Bounty Program” About?

As the name suggests, the 2030 Agenda of SDGs is expected to be achieved by the year of 2030, by means of SDG 17 on global multi-stakeholder partnerships from all sectors, disciplines, and spheres. This implies that we now have less than 9 years to reach the SDGs by 2030. This means that we, as the makers and innovators of open tech communities, should be boldly and proactively involved in addressing these challenges by utilizing open source hardware and software resources. Only by coming together, working together, and taking concerted actions together, can we be able to address the collectively recognized challenges of our time. And this is ‘why’ Seeed Studio is launching the open call for “#Tech4Good Bounty Program” for all open tech communities to contribute to achieving the SDGs. Check out the Bounty Program’s benefits and details below.

(Image source: Pinterest, n.d.)


II. What Can I Get?

By applying for #Tech4Good Bounty Program, you can win various proportional refund coupons (covering up to 100% of the costs at maximum)!!! 🙊🙈🙊🙈 

With these coupons, you can FREELY BUY ANY PRODUCTS you need from Seeed’s online shop, in exchange for the FULL project documentation (tutorial, report, images, videos, interviews). Moreover, we will help your projects to be promoted globally by featuring on Seeed Studio’s official website,  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. What’s more, if it’s an impactful project, then there is also a potential that your project can be scaled up through SDG partnership with us: FREE fusion prototyping, customization services, and distribution efforts! At Seeed, we’re here to serve you better. Need I say more? 😉


III. Which SDGs Are Targeted?

So, for this year, we will focus on project topics such as carbon neutrality, climate change, environmental conservation, wildlife protection, sustainable cities and communities, as well as sustainable food production. By working with you together, Seeed is keen on accelerating 7 SDGs for #Tech4Good Program 2022: 

(Image source: UN, n.d.)


IV. Where Can I Apply?

Apply for #Tech4Good Bounty Program directly via clicking this Google Application Form. This application is valid for all the above-mentioned 7 SDGs-related projects that you’ve built up so far.


V. What’s the Selection Criteria and Procedure?

Now, in order for your application to be highly likely to be selected, you might wanna take a look at the following attractive points:

  1. You know how to use Seeed products
  2. Your expertise, responsible heart, passion for making, and enthusiasm in sharing
  3. Your genuine commitment and vision for SDG projects
  4. Your ability to spread bigger #Tech4Good influence


So, what happens after you submit your applications?

  1. Based on the submitted online applications, most interesting, feasible, and influential SDG projects will be selected.
  2. Selected projects’ applicants will be contacted by email for a virtual meeting, within 2 weeks of application submission date.
  3. After the virtual meeting, final applicants will be chosen for hardware sponsorship, and various proportional refund coupons will be distributed.


For any other inquiries, feel free to leave a comment in the ‘Comment Section’ below, and we’ll come back to you with a reply ASAP. All the best, and looking forward to learning about your ah-mazing SDG projects! 😍


February 2022