It is the final 5 days to participate in the Seeed for Earth 2018 Contest, which is hosted by Seeed and to celebrate Earth Day 2018. The deadline is May 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM PT.

Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to End Plastic Pollution, however, if it’s not your environmental projects’ theme, don’t worry there are a 6 categories to compete in, including climate, energy, water, soil, air, and even food. Take a moment to submit your best work right now!

The winners will be announced on May 25 and selected projects will be featured Seeed’s Blog, and the Contest Page. Top 15 projects will receive 15 grand prizes, including a trip to Shenzhen during Maker Faire Shenzhen 2018, 4 Amazon Echoes, and 10 Seeed Environmental Product Kits.

We’ve got 38 project entries now. To get inspirations or refers for your entries, take a quick look at some great projects submitted (These are not final winners, just Lily’s picks:). Full entries here.

Project 1: Taxi Datalogger

by James Puderer

How much could the air quality vary on a street-by-street level, and how to measure it? To answer these questions, James came up with this amazing idea by using taxis, Android Things and Google Cloud IoT to monitor air quality on a street-by-street level in Lima,Peru. Full story here.


Project 2: SSTV Capsule for High Altitude Balloons

by Luis Antonio Martin Nuez

Luis and his team launched a balloon attached a device on 02/25/2018 in Agon, a town near Zaragoza, Spain, to take images and collect temperature and humidity data, and then the capsule in the device could send images SSTV using analog form through the radio. Full story here.

Project 3: Grow It Yourself | GIY

by dymonxd

Grow something fresh in my apartment in Shenzhen has always been one my dreams. And the project made by dymonxd Grow It Yourself (aka GIY) is a dream-come-true for me. It is an automated, smart, self-contained growing system that cultivates plants from seed to maturity! Full story here.


Project 4: Smart and Safe Outdoor Plant Watering System

by Chip McClelland

If you enjoy sunshine and growing plants outdoor, it is a pretty great idea to upgrade your garden/farmland into a smart one with this Smart and Safe Outdoor Plant Watering System. Monitors soil moisture and weather forecasts to give plants just the water they need. Safe garden hose hookup for season long watering.  Full story here.


Project 5: Plant Monitoring System

by Ryan Gill

Apart from a smart watering system, a real time plant monitoring system will help you grow your plants well too. With Ryan’s project, you could read the real time data of temperature, light exposure and moisture. Full story here.



Project 6: Balloonsonde for City Environment Monitoring

by Team Smart City: Karthick, Sindhu, M. Ramanadha

To use SensorTile to monitor the environmental parameters like temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, direction using on-board temperature sensor, pressure sensor, humidity sensor, accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer. Full story here.


Project 7: Beautifully Finished Humidity and Temperature Sensor

by Wicked Makers

A family of lovely three built a stylish and useful humidity and temperature sensor for our home workshop that uses color to alert us to big swings in humidity. Full story here.


Project 8: Eco – A Smart Garbage Container

by Amol Disale

Aiming to optimize waste collection and ultimately reduce fuel consumption, Amol made Eco, a smart garbage container. Using public Wi-Fi hotspots in India to go for a better waste management based on Internet of Things (IoT). Full story here.


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