Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit Launches, a Further Step for Global Strategic Cooperation between Microsoft and Seeed

Since the advent of Internet of Things(IoT), developers all feel an urge to build a thing or two to introduce the IoT technologies into their projects. However, as IoT expands, security threats to IoT end devices become more common, which is the reason that a holistic security approach is needed.

Based on the first Microsoft Azure Sphere chip MT3620, developed by MediaTek, Seeed announces Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit, which helps developers to get started prototyping and developing Azure Sphere applications on May 8, 2018.


The development kit features an Azure Sphere compliant MCU, the MT3620 chip, which combines for the first time both real-time and application processors with built-in Microsoft Azure Sphere security technology and connectivity. “This level of security is a must-have for all connected devices in the emerging internet of things,” said Eric Pan, CEO & Founder of Seeed.

The Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit enables software and hardware development in the Azure Sphere ecosystem. Currently, apart from the development board, Seeed is also developing a MT3620 Shield, which enables developers to connect it easily&quickly to Seeed’s most popular modular ready-to-use toolset Grove.

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“We believe this could help the developers get started prototyping and developing Azure Sphere applications, on the basis of enjoying the turnkey, end-to-end security solution from Microsoft Azure.” said Shuyang Zhou, Director of Strategic Partnership at Seeed. The boards will be ready to ship in September, and Seeed is the only Global Sales Channel for MT3620 Development Board for Azure Sphere.

The launch of Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit is not the first IoT hardware Seeed developed for the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Since the Global Strategic Cooperation took place in 2016, Seeed has developed Grove Starter Kit for Azure IoT Edge, Grove Kit for Win10 IoT Core & Azure Platform and Grove IoT Developer Kit – Microsoft Azure Edition. These joint-effort developed kits integrate Azure services and Grove System, aiming at helping developers get started quickly and conveniently with Azure services.

Seeed will continue to work with Microsoft, provide more IoT hardware solutions that integrate with Azure ecosystem and bring them to IoT, AI and Cloud applications.

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About Azure Sphere

Microsoft Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly-secured, connected, MCU-powered devices. Azure Sphere brings together the best of Microsoft’s expertise in cloud, software, and silicon—resulting in a unique approach to security that starts in the silicon and extends to the cloud. Together, Azure Sphere certified MCUs, the Azure Sphere OS, and the Azure Sphere Security Service provide you with the confidence and the power to reimagine your business and create the future.

About Seeed

Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing services that empower makers to realize their projects and products. By partnering with technology providers from hardware to the cloud, Seeed offers a wide array of hardware platforms and sensor modules ready to be integrated with existing IoT platforms. With Shenzhen’s extensive and flexible supply chain, Seeed also offers customization and agile manufacturing services, ranging from a single unit to over 10,000 units. Seeed serves the global market from its headquarter in Shenzhen, China, with branch offices in the US and Japan.

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