Seeed has been working together & growing with the community since day one,  and we’ve been thinking how we can reward the community members who have actively participated in community events, devoted their time, skills and experience in helping others in the community, and how we can make it more efficient & structural to spread technology, know-how and creativity.Hence we are launching the Seeed Ranger Program.We are looking for 10 Seeed representatives (Rangers) to work with the community to enable hardware development, especially in the IoT industry.

If you are a maker & Seeed user who loves making & sharing, we’d love to invite you to join this program. As a Seeed Ranger, you are expected to have technical expertise; enthusiasm for technology & community; certain influence online or within your local community; and passion for sharing & community building.

We will help Rangers to promote your projects and your skills through Seeed online & offline events. Through this, you, your skills and projects will be able to inspire more people to get into making & innovating. And also, through the exposure, you might come across opportunities for business & community cooperation. 

Welcome to join Seeed Ranger Program by filling in your info here! For more details, please click here.  If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to comment & we’ll post a new blog with Q&As for Seeed Ranger Program.Also, we will be at Maker Faire Bay Area (Booth #3067 in Zone 3) from May 18th to 20th, 2018. If you also attend MFBA, welcome to stop by our booth & chat to learn more about this program!

Last but not the least, we’ll be releasing a new post to introduce an example of Seeed Ranger expedition: A Seeed Ranger will represent Seeed as a tech support in a marine conservation event in Borneo Maylasia this June! Stay tuned!

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