Seeed partners with Cogniteam to bring the drag and drop robotics development and deployable solutions for NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Developing a robot is never easy. 

Robotics is a field of integrations, not merely development. You need to choose the correct computing power; you need to choose the right sensors, not develop them. It comes down to software integrations.

By working in the cloud, robotics companies can benefit, improve, and save valuable time, money and other resources. It can reduce problems by utilizing data to gain knowledge, discover market trends, learn usage profiles and optimize robot components, connect with other products for a cohesive ecosystem, and eventually increase business results. Cloud-based robot operations shorten time-to-market and allow continuous deployment of new features, flexible computing architecture such as data sharing, in parallel or on-demand, and improve the overall supportability cycle. 

With Nimbus, Cogniteam’s cloud-based solution for robot developers and operations, all the above becomes simpler. 

Nimbus, Cogniteam’s cloud-based solution

Developing with Nimbus becomes much easier. With Nimbus’s drag-and-drop feature to add existing components such as devices, sensors, and algorithms, all from Nimbus offered a vast library, can expedite developers time to market. Developers can get full cloud connectivity to their robots which also allows simulating and thus testing the chosen hardware (virtually). Manage and control a fleet of robots, from assigning the correct configurations to a specific fleet, getting analytics and data across a wider range of devices.

Seeed & Cogniteam

Seeed is glad to partner with Cogniteam, aiming at delivering the easiest ever robot development process, from prototyping to production, including configuration, testing, deployment, and operations management. Try Nimbus with Seeed’s Jetson Platform carrier boards and Jetson Sub kit, attach sensors such as RPLidar and cameras to build your create your robotic application from scratch. You can also seamlessly connect your existing ROS projects to Nimbus. Based on the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS), Nimbus is truly a ‘plug and play’ solution.

Developers can find everything in one place including computing hardware, sensors, and simply drag and drop what you need.

Using Nimbus software, build robots capable of executing complex missions, in dynamic environments, where it is impossible to foresee all possible decisions.

Developers can monitor robots’ performance in real-time. By communicating with each other directly or through the Cloud, robots can build on their own experience. They can take decisions together collectively, share tasks, and re-plan to tackle changing scenarios in real-time.

Nimbus supports the following hardware you can find at Seeed. 

We will soon release the wiki pages including step by step tutorial, stay tuned with us! More hardware is lined up to be added to the support list!

Explore the Nimbus platform

  • Drag and drop development
  • Full ROS 1/2 Support
  • Choose components from a vast library of codes 
  • Test with built-in simulations
  • Easily deploy configurations to a single robot or to an entire fleet of robots
  • Share robots and manage permissions
  • Fleet management 
  • Monitoring and Teleoperations 

Seeed will continue working combining Nimbus’ unique feature with Seeed’s other hardware for an end-to-end solution. 

Find everything you need for the NVIDIA Jetson Platform at Seeed

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