Accelerate Deploying Computer Vision Applications using alwaysAI and Seeed Edge AI devices

We are glad to share our partnership with alwaysAI on faster and easier Computer Vision Applitions deployed at the edge: the partnership makes computer vision come alive on the edge – where work and life happen. 

We began our cooperation with alwaysAI from NVIDIA® Jetson™ powered devices. At Seeed, you can find everything you need to work with the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Platform – official NVIDIA® Jetson™ Dev Kits, Seeed-designed carrier boards and edge devices, and accessories. alwaysAI has also partnered with NVIDIA® to make it easy to deploy CV models on Jetson™ devices.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is used by professional developers to create breakthrough AI products and by students and enthusiasts to further their hands-on AI learning. NVIDIA® Jetson™ devices, including the Jetson Nano, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier and the latest AGX Orin, offer outstanding AI performance, bringing CV alive. The alwaysAI-Seeed partnership is ideal for real-time applications in retail, robotics, smart city, and manufacturing sectors.

The Seeed Jetson open-source platform helps researchers, developers and enterprises deploy machine learning in the real-world. By combining Seeed’s best-in-class hardware, cutting-edge technology from software partners like alwaysAI, and the developer community, digital transformation is streamlined across all industries. 

As Marty Beard, the CEO of alwaysAI, states, “This partnership allows us to combine the software that enterprise developers need to build computer vision applications and actually deploy them out onto edge devices that Seeed is so expert at bringing together.” 

To learn more about the partnership check out Seeed’s getting started wiki on alwaysAI. The tutorial takes you through an easier way to deploy CV applications on edge devices and introduces you to alwaysAI’s model catalog. The alwaysAI catalog provides pre-trained, deep learning models for object detection, image classification, pose estimation and semantic segmentation. 

This strong collaboration between Seeed’s hardware and alwaysAI’s software allows computer vision to be leveraged by enterprises everywhere.

About alwaysAI 

alwaysAI is a leading computer vision development platform for creating and deploying machine learning applications on edge devices like the NVIDIA® Jetson™. Developing CV applications is simply too complex and time-consuming for everyday developers to tackle head-on. alwaysAI removes these barriers, making creating computer vision apps easier, faster and more effective across all industries. alwaysAI provides developers and enterprises with a comprehensive platform for building, deploying, and managing computer vision applications on IoT devices. 

Work with the Seeed Ecosystem

Deploying AI can be faster, flexible, and scalable for everyone. We aim to cover all kinds of AI scenarios at our open-source platform to accelerate industries’ digital transformations. We are looking for partners to join our ecosystem together to deliver solutions to different industries together.

Please contact [email protected] for more partnership ecosystem information.

Seeed will continue working on the Jetson product line and will be ready to combine our partners’ unique skills with Seeed’s hardware expertise for an end-to-end solution. Read Jetson powered ML application and stories from our ecosystem partner.

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