Microsoft Reactor March Meetup: Azure IoT Edge and ML with reTerminal, TinyML with the Seeed XIAO BLE

We are pleased to share four Microsoft Reactor Meetups coming up in March! Explore how to train and deploy a machine learning model on XIAO BLE and sync the data collected to Azure IoT Central from your mobile app and how to set up Raspberry Pi devices like reTerminal as a new Azure IoT Edge.

Join the meetups! Head over to the event info below and check out the online event.


The landing page of TinyML with the Seeed XIAO

Happy birthday Raspberry Pi! #RaspberryPi10

This special March, let’s celebrate PiDay and also Raspberry Pi’s 10th birthday!

Let’s set up a Raspberry Pi as an Azure IoT device (Part1)

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
2:00 AM to 3:00 AM CST

In the first session, Bruno will take us with a live setup of a Raspberry Pi as a new Azure IoT Edge. The Azure IoT Edge runtime is what turns a device into an IoT Edge device. Once a device is configured with the IoT Edge runtime, you can start deploying business logic to it from the Azure IoT Hub.

There will be a live demo:

  • Create an IoT Edge device
  • Provision the IoT Edge device
  • Install IoT Edge
  • Provision the device with its cloud identity
  • Deploy and run test modules on the Edge

Azure IoT Edge and Machine Learning ? with Raspberry Pi and reTerminal (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
3:00 AM to 4:00 AM CST

In the second session, Bruno will show how to can set up a Raspberry Pi as an Azure IoT Edge device. We will also use reTerminal as a specific raspberry pi-based device to host and run Machine Learning models on the edge.

There will come with a step-by-step process on how to code and create an Azure IoT Edge module to host a Machine Learning model, how to deploy the Edge Module, and how to analyze module telemetry.

Here are some useful resources for this session:

Speaker: Bruno Capuano (@elbruno)

Bruno currently works as a Sr. Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focused on empowering the Toronto area to build awesome things with Azure. Bruno was a Microsoft MVP for 14 years and has over 20 years of experience as a software developer and loves to tinker with electronics. He lives in a small town near Toronto with his wife and two adorable kids.

Don’t forget also take a look our reTerminal is featured on TheMagPi Magazine (the official Raspberry Pi Foundation magazine) Issue #115 with a verdict: 10/10.

“Smaller than expected but a very cool, solid device for monitoring or controlling larger systems.” — Rob Zwetsloot

TinyML with the Seeed XIAO

In this 2-part show, Jim gonna dive into TinyML, gets his hands dirty with TinyML, building out a fitness tracker that can distinguish between rowing and running using the Seeed XIAO BLE/XIAO BLE SENSE. Training and deploying these models is super complicated, so Jim enlists help from Edge Impulse, an online tool for capturing training data and building TinyML models.

Registration is open on Meetup. This will be a 2 part session.

Part 1- March 23rd at 5 pm PT
Part 2- March 30th at 5 pm PT

Speaker: Jim Bennett(@jimbobbennett)

Jim is a Regional Cloud Advocate focusing on building out and skilling communities in the Pacific North West, with a focus on the Microsoft Reactor in Redmond, Washington. He’s British, so sounds way smarter than he actually is, and is happy he moved to Redmond in time to be locked down at home and not see the office he came to work in, or the places he wanted to visit. In the past he’s lived in 4 continents working as a developer in the mobile, desktop, and scientific space. He’s spoken at conferences and events all around the globe, organized meetup groups and communities, and written a book on mobile development.
He also hates and is allergic to cats, but has a 9-year-old daughter who loves cats, so he has 2 cats.

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