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Calling Global Edge AI partners:

Seeed Edge AI Partner Program is free to apply anytime. We are aiming at becoming the most reliable hardware platform and empowering everyone to achieve their digital transformation goals. If you are working on AI products based on NVIDIA Jetson Platform including Jetson Nano/ Xavier NX/ AGX Xavier/Jetson AGX Orin, we are looking for global AI partners to join us as:

  • Enterprise AI software partner
  • AI solution integrator
  • Community co-inventor

?Apply here

?Contact [email protected] for more partnership information.

?Transform Your Business, Delivering Real-World AI Together

Next-Gen AI product = Hardware expertise + Enterprise Software

  • Transforming your business to new models with more than software service focus only. 
  • Integrating your unique AI technique into our current hardware, licensing, reselling, or co-branding at our channels.
  • Delivering ready-to-deploy solutions to the global community and enterprise.
  • Obtaining license fees and sharing profits with each sale, reaching a larger community, and extending your profit margins.

Agile Manufacturing 0.1-∞ 

Build your next-gen AI product powered by the NVIDIA Jetson module and bring your product concept to the market with Seeed’s industrial capabilities from design, manufacturing, testing, certification, distribution, and sales. Learn more about manufacturing at Seeed.  

Get unrivaled speed and efficiency when you innovate with vast resources in Shenzhen China. Learn more at Seeed Fusion. Send us your project plan today for a quotation.

  • $500 off Seeed Fusion PCBA when you have your NVIDIA Jetson carrier board manufactured with Seeed Fusion.
  • From prototype to mass production, accelerate time-to-market with Seeed
  • Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Customization Solutions.

?Co-inventing with Seeed

Combining our partners’ unique skills and Seeed’s hardware expertise, let’s unlock next AI ideas powered by Seeed’s wide selection of hardware for proof-of-concept from Edge devices, Carrier boards, LiDARs, Cameras, and Rich Extension boards compatible with NVIDIA Jetson.

Let’s work on AI applications together and share with global community developers your AI ideas. Enjoy Seeed’s benefit as Edge AI Inventor:

  • Free Jetson powered devices opportunity
  • Early access to the latest hardware
  • Exclusive discount for Seeed hardware 

Work with Seeed Amazing Ecosystem Partners 

Seeed Jetson series is compatible with the entire NVIDIA Jetson software stack, industry-leading AI development, and device management platforms. Welcome developers to join communities with all the coolest AI ideas and get ready for AI production.

  • Edge Impulse: the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises. Try it now for building models in minutes.
  • AlwaysAI: a complete developer platform for Computer Vision applications on IoT devices. Get started today with our tutorial, and quickly deploy CV applications at the edge.
  • YOLOv5 : YOLO is an abbreviation for the term ‘You Only Look Once’. It is an algorithm that detects and recognizes various objects in an image in real-time. YOLOv5 is the latest version of YOLO which performs much better than the previous iterations of YOLO and it is now based on the PyTorch framework.
  • Roboflow: annotate images super fast, right within your browser. Easily train a working computer vision model.
  • Tryolabs: expert team of advisors, strategists, and engineers focused on making an impact with AI-powered solutions. Their Machine Learning consulting shop offered active R&D division, focused on Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP.
  • Deci: empowers deep learning developers to accelerate inference on edge or cloud, reach production faster, and maximize hardware potential. Check out How to Deploy and Boost Inference on NVIDIA Jetson.
  • Nimbus: log on to Nimbus, simply drag and drop to configure your robot application in the cloud.
  • Allxon: Enable Efficient Remote Hardware Management Services for NVIDIA Jetson Platform. Enjoy an exclusive 90-day free trial to unlock all functions with code H4U-NMW-CPK. Read our partnership story here.

NVIDIA Jetson-powered ML application and stories with our ecosystem partner.

Smart City

Traffic Management: Edge AI Helps Build Smart City And Public Safety with Intelligent Transportation System

Open Source Smart Camera to Detect Face Masks, Build MaskCam with Tryolabs and Seeed’s Edge Devices for NVIDIA Jetson


Sentiment analysis in the retail industry becomes more accessible

Smart Retail: Know Your Customer, Drive Agility in Operation

Industry 4.0

Deploy hard hat detection for enforcing workplace safety

Meet PITAKURU, an Autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads in the warehouse

AI robotics:

How to manage the robot development cycle?

Drag and drop robotics development and deployable solutions for NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Medical imaging and healthcare 

Using Seeed Jetson Mate as a 4 x Jetson Xavier NX cluster for machine vision laboratory

AI LAB Notes: Adding symbolic AI programming to NVIDIA Jetson powered deep neural network development systems

Remote edge AI device management

Seeed Partners with Allxon to Enable Efficient Remote Hardware Management Services for NVIDIA Jetson Platform 

Check out the latest new arrivals for Edge AI powered by NVIDIA Embedded System

? Exciting news! NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit is available at Seeed now for pre-order, be the first one get 8x AI performance in hands and experience a giant leap forward for Edge AI.

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